Oh Dear God!

By Loudoun Insider

Stevens Miller has a blog.  I don’t have time to examine it in detail yet, and am out the door soon for a meeting, but at first glance it is really full of liberal angst.  Have at it!


  • MR, this wasn’t a town hall. It was just a press conference. That Miller doesn’t recognize the difference, or at least, isn’t willing to admit that he recognizes the difference, is unfortunate.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Personally, I think he used the barbed wire just SO Jonathan could make his usual Nazi reference.

    LL is rihgt–security fence on a modest small business, and Mr. Progressive and choir belabor the “symbolism” and yell (mispelled) WW II German anathema.

    What is he running FOR?

    he’s obviously begun to run, and the (non)content looks disturbingly national.

  • Leej says:

    This makes sense the barbed wire, because this guy wanted police escorts at times, and I don’t recall Snow ever asking for that. What is Miller afraid of???? He is a political nobody even now just living off our tax dollars in his own political fantasy of his own making.

  • BlackOut, a comments function is the defining feature of “Web 2.0” – interactive Web media. “Blog” simply means a “Web log,” where individual authors or groups of authors post their thoughts on an ongoing basis.

    Plenty of blogs do not allow comments, including prominent ones like Powerline and Instapundit, while plenty of Web 2.0 enabled information sites do allow comments, such as many newspapers and non-profits. Some of these latter use blogging software to add 2.0 functionality to their sites. I admit the landscape and terminology can be confusing.

    Eugene’s Public Advocate site is an informational Web site built using a Web 1.0 content management system, like probably the majority of sites on the Internet. It is what is known as brochure-ware and it does not have the capability to allow comments.

    I imagine if someone was willing to re-do Eugene’s site using WordPress or Drupal to make it 2.0, he would likely jump at the opportunity, but it is not easy or cheap to port all the data from a proprietary CMS system to another CMS. As you note, keeping a blog going with even a modicum of quality is a big commitment and anyone who knows Eugene knows he works very long hours already, so I would doubt we will see him starting a blog any time soon.

  • The fact that he’s keying in on the barbed wire makes me think he’s never seen a lumber yard before. They all have barbed wire. Wood is valuable and people like to steal it.

    I always find it funny when folks freak out about things that anyone who is familiar with them would take for granted as normal.

  • BlackOut says:

    Joe, not that you would have anyway to know, but I am aware of the differences in blog technology. To those not familiar with it, I agree, it can be complicated. With that said, I am sure you’ll also agree it continues to become less daunting as time goes on, for the average user.

    As for Delgaudio. I really don’t care what he does with his day job Public Advocate site. Although I do admit I have visited from time to time for the amusement value. My comments here have been related to his BOS related site. http://www.joineugene.com

    I do give Eugene a lot of credit for his joineugene site. It certainly can’t be called static. He updates it regularly, to include photos, videos, and multiple formats of document attachments. My guess is you aren’t giving him enough credit for the technical resources he has at his disposal. My major issue is that he censors who gets on his email list offered from the website. Not that he has to, but I think it shows how paranoid he is about his views. From what I’ve heard he gets obsessive about it. I’ve had to resort to using an alias to get my email updates from him. Also, as I said, I don’t think he has any interest in opening his site up to comments and that’s why he hasn’t offered it. I don’t think it’s a resource issue.

    While I am on the topic Joe, you should give Vince lessons on how to make this site more up to date. I think novatownhall’s format is very inviting. Amongst the look and feel, I especially like the running comment log.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Oh man, this guy really is too much! Here is is whipping out his overblown barbed wire theme again and patting himself on the back more:


    Matt LeTourneau really hit the nail on the head in another comment thread, lumber yards are always encircled by fencing and barbed wire, but apparently the high and mighty Stevens has never been to a lumber yard. More signs of the disconnect between the elites and the average working man (that goes for the elites of both parties). Although I think Miller believes himself to be more of an elite than anyone else does!

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    LI, quoted by The Hill?

    Time quote?

    Spot on NPR?

    This is McG method credentialing.

    I bet both of them are using that K Street hit factory again.

    Somebody is pumping the bucks and pulling strings to create “national” visibility for him.

  • AFF says:

    I went over and visited Miller’s blog. I’d say he summed up the event pretty well. The unveiling was closed to the public and the document itself seemed more focussed on presenting old Colonial era font than on substance.

    The GOP leadership is way too easy to mock and ridicule

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    AFF, I actually agree with you in some aspects, I can’t stand Boehner, and I think the pledge is quite gimmicky, but Miller’s take was way over the top, especially the now infamous barbed wire BS.

  • Cato the Elder says:

    An assclown making fun of other assclowns.


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Miller and his people are ecstatic about his newfound barbed wire fame. I think it simply makes him look like …, well, Cato said it best, an assclown.

  • enviroman says:

    You’re all idiots jabbering meaninglessly to one another just to hear the reassuring sounds of yourself. After reading things here for a while, it’s oh so clear that there’s little information here, rather mostly just a reinforcement of your prejudices. Do you have so little belief in your ideas that you can’t even listen to others? At least Mr. Miller, and many conservative sites (but not you), are serious and have something to say, but you’d rather just pat each other on the back and make fun of more serious people.

  • Leej says:

    this the blog that Miller elected and the people here are extremely disappointed in his performance as BOS
    I for one thought Miller became a power hungry and a ego trip when he ran for the congressional office less then a year after elected to the BOS. Further he would not resign his position on the BOS while running.
    What has Miller done since in office substantially??? It is obvious you are just a Miller crony coming over here because you are scared about Miller getting re-elected. And further on most of the neighborhood blogs in the Dulles District what you hear is people are disappointed in his performance. Miller and McGimsey should spend more time running this county for the majority of the people instead of their own special interest.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    enviro, you think Miller actually has anything to say?

    The site exists so choir members can drop press names for his next campaign (talk about people reassuring themselves in cyberworld!).

    “Loved you in Time” *simper*

    *gasp* “Can’t wait to hear you on NPR!”

    *tut tut tut* “Well I was HONORED to be quoted in The Hill…”

    By all means, be a good little netroot and defend it.

    He’s a suit with a vote, who ran for office one year after getting the one he has, and lost.

    His first week in office he cried about the low pay and hard work, and whined that someone should have told him about that before he ran. Shortly thereafter, he denied matching funds to restore a statue on the courthouse lawn because it was a loser pointing a gun at him.

    One year later he announced he would take a 10% cut in pay, then moved out of his house to rent in the only precinct in his district that would let him try for the GA, where he campaigned by lying about autism legislation.

    This year he moved for a pay raise again, and in opposing displays on the courthouse lawn, said inappropriate ones would be disrespectful to the memorials to our brave heroes–you know, the loser pointing a gun at him?–and now he has a pompous blog visited mainly by the local progressive echo chamber, who carefull namedrop the many soundbyte credentials someone is lining up for him.

    Some big money needs a suit with a vote somewhere higher.


    It doesn’t make him, or his blog, the latest incarnation of hope and change.

    Never will, either.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Yeah, enviroman, that whole barbed wire meme is so serious!

    And I really cannot believe this comment from Liz Miller that someone referenced earlier, where she shouts out her intention to only do business with Dem-leaning merchants! What a way to galvanize business support for whoever runs against her husband in the future!

    Here it is (good luck finding a Dem leaning business anywhere these days!):

    liz says:
    September 28, 2010 at 10:03 am
    You know I’ve always enjoyed our visits to Tart, getting materials for the furniture you’ve built for us, and getting keys made and what not. I’ve always felt good about supporting a local, independent business. So I’m doubly disappointed that the Republicans held their announcement there. First, because it shows that the Republicans are moving away from their openness and accountability stances that they held in 1994 when they made an almost identical announcement on the Capitol steps.

    And second (less importantly), because I now suspect we’ve been giving our business to a Republican donor. Alas.

    Does anyone know of a local, independent, Dem-leaning lumber yard?

  • Leej says:

    First Tart lumber I believe is McG’s district.

    Does not matter because once elected you represent everybody.

    This is the Miller’s Amateur hour.

    On a good note Miller and Smith in a fabulous business move bought back One Loudoun through foreclosure. For far less. This is another problem banks say they will work with you then at the last moment don’t. Good for Miller and Smith a fabulous and well run development company. Shows how stupid are banking has become from extreme to the other.


  • Loudoun Lady says:

    I suspect Tart will more than make up for Liz Miller’s purchases with business from additional like minded individual from Loudoun County. We’ve bought lumber from Tart before, not caring one way or another if it was right or left leaning – only trying to support a small business.

    Of course, people like Liz Miller don’t really support small businesses if they support President Obama’s tax hikes – so she is just speaking her truth!

  • G. Stone says:

    Joe Knows Blogs.

  • G. Stone says:

    “The fact that he’s keying in on the barbed wire makes me think he’s never seen a lumber yard before. They all have barbed wire. Wood is valuable and people like to steal it.”

    Bingo ! Someone finally gets it.

    Go find a lumber yard with piles of inventory worth Thousands of dollars that does not have a 6 or 8 foot chain link fence with barb wire. pretty straight forward. Can you imagine Republican leadership instructing staff- Go find us a lumber yard for a photo op, but makes sure it is in an open field with no fences or obstructions. They would still be scanning the countryside.

    Miller’s lack of common sense rivals his own ignorance of economics, or maybe he simply just disingenuous. I am going with both.

  • Elder Berry says:

    LI there are plenty of Dem leaning businesses. Running a business for profit and being a Dem are not mutually exclusive. In fact, lots of the moderate Republicans that the tea party progenitors shoved out of the party are making the Dems more business friendly than ever.

    In the old days, the days of Eisenhower and George Schultz and Ed Brooke and Everett Dirksen, Mark Warner would have been a Republican. Jim Webb WAS a Republican.

    But that’s OK, the Tullochs and the Grigsbys and the Christine O’Donnells are now the Republican party’s public face. Good luck with that.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    elderberry, you’re a trip. Suit yourself, oh peevish one.

    Supporting “Dem leaning” businesses (particularly when the one she’s mad at contributed to…a Dem: http://www.vpap.org/donors/profile/index/145530 )
    sounds to me like those individuals who only patronize businesses of the same religion.

    Certainly anyone’s privilege to ONLY go to a Christian dentist, or Democratic lumberyard, or Green restaurant.

    But it looks a bit silly to worry about whether or not your wood is properly Dem without checking on VPAP first! lol

  • Leej says:

    Barbara you are too funny, I never thought about the wood (lumber) we have bought over the years was Republican or Democratic 😉 Well the Millers who are turning into the clown people have now made me think about that ha ha ha

  • Snow campaign/Lamborghini photo = Miller/barbed wire photo. Both are outright liars ….and neither deserves the office. With one huge observation. Snow aimed his ad at Miller…..so Miller is now the bigger hypocrite for doing EXACTLY the same thing.

  • DingleBerry – you have officially become irrelevant.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    “Jim Webb WAS a Republican”

    Jim Webb is out for no one but Jim Webb. I suspect as the political winds shift towards the GOP in 2010, he will announce his re-election as an Independent.

  • BlackOut says:

    Monk, as discussed way above, the Lamborghini photo was photo shopped, the Miller picture was not. Big difference, and this whole thing is getting absolutely ridiculous. Miller found a readily available backdrop that was very appropriate for his message and he used it. Disagree with his message, but he definitely gets props for the use of the image. Sounds like everyone is jealous that he thought of it, including Stoner. Before you call someone officially irrelevant you should check your own comments.

  • Leej says:

    And BO just what was his message he got over to the average citizen? He just pissed off a long standing big business in Loudoun and many voters. A place I go to for great service and stocking items you can’t find elsewhere like the old fashion hardwood store. And the Clown people just like you the Millers lost more votes then gained. You people are out of touch with the average Loudoun resident. I will just watch this from afar in 2011 from Texas where the majority of the people don’t live off the government and actually build and make real things.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Colleague, the only problem with Miller’s “message” is that it is stupid and irrelevant.

    AND it provided the opportunity for the obligatory angry “tolerant” progressive (misspelled) Nazi comment, which would seem to be in contradiction of his “bylaws”, but it’s his right on his blog to practice a double standard if he wishes.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    I agree with BO – Miller has every right to take silly pictures, look like a complete dufus and attempt to advocate for something (what it is, no one knows) while he is really just agitating against small businesses. Go Miller!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    BO, I must now officially declare that I am not jealous of Stevens Miller in any way shape or form!

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    I am making an official declaration as well that I am NOT jealous of Miller, except that if he went by Steve Miller he would have a very cool name (C’mon, take the money and run, hoo-hoo-hoo….)

  • I cannot be jealous of a pathetic attempt at misidentification by an elected individual. In discussing what the two operations had in common— they both tried to imply something that they knew was complete horseshit in every effort to influence the less informed. That’s wrong ….and it should taint BOTH of them…only Miller had it done to him, and now he readily employs it. That’s much worse, and a large portion of why I’m dismissing him as an opportunistic has-been…..ala Snow (who actually would have lost against an ax-murderer that year.) We expected better….we got zilch.

  • Enigmatics says:

    Has anyone seen Miller’s new post? He called Jim Plowman, our blundering county attorney who stupidly tried to prosecute a principal for kids taking naked pictures of themselves, a “compassionate conservative.”

  • FedUp says:

    Enigmatic, I would expect our CA to prosecute any school employee carrying a picture of nude student on their cell phone.

    I have to admit I like a lot about Miller’s blog posts. He really is quite a funny guy.

  • Elder Berry says:

    Funny to see you so down on Snow Monk when did you tell Barbara Munsey that you thought he was such a loser.

    Luckily for me you don’t get to decide who is relevant to this site.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    elderberry, Dean has hated Snow for years.

    That’s why he worked so hard for “change”.

    He tells me about an average of once a week, by my count.


  • sally says:

    Elderberry just showed us how new she is. How little she knows about Loudoun. She was not here for the 2007 elections.

  • Oh, they were here for those, Sally. We aligned on a number of “developer issues”. Beyond that, I had actually hoped that the relacements on the Board would not hop on the partisan train. And they actually fought off the urge for a good 6 months. But , eventaully, the Dem leadership from Richmond inserted itself into their lives, and coaxed them (not very far, in hindsight) to the darkside. They abandoned every good thing they’ve ever done for their fellow citizens and embraced the power and the money chase. Proving in the end, that their “good will” was pretty thinly disguised greed on the backs of those they were elected to serve.
    I’m embarassed for them. I was somewhat instrumental (as were a good number of others) in getting them elected…and at the end of that day, their own arrogance told them that t was all their own doing.
    Sadly, democrats only believe in bipartisanship when it benefits their own interest. You’ll never see a democrat buck their own in order to attempt to help their neighbors.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    “You’ll never see a democrat buck their own in order to attempt to help their neighbors.”

    I hate to ask this, but why would you help them then?

  • LL, you’d never understand, because you weren’t engaged at the time.
    When certain developers/Supervisors were strangling the county — and they never stopped to listen to the concerns of the county residents….nor would the local party do anything to stand against them….so we did. And we employed the dems in that effort in exchange for the belief that they truly wanted to improve the county’s standard of living. It became obvious that they looked us right in the eyes and promised the best….when they knew right there that they were going to screw us. Our friend BO was all to accomodating back then.
    As we live and learn, I can never trust a liberal “citizen” again. Truth is, they’re all political hacks that will lie to you to get what they want(because ut’s for the right reaons.) I used to believe that there was at least a little good in everyone. That year, my outlook sobered, and I realized that they are just hankering for a different handout —and the citizens of Loudoun are still screwed.
    For the life of me, I cannot figure out how the current party mechanism hasn’t seen that the development gig is going to be a no-go and that if they doubled their efforts to simply represent the citizens and leave the social crap and the developers alone — they could win huge.

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