Speaking of Liberal Loudoun Blogs…

By Loudoun Insider

Why isn’t Stevens Miller’s new blog part of the scintillating Loudoun Progress website, where three liberal bloggers (including Miller’s wife) post and comment (to the virtual exclusion of any other commenters)Β amongst themselves???


  • Leej says:

    Come on LI i am not shy, and post on Millers blog and the other ones. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ ha ha ha

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Maybe because his is a campaign vehicle, instead of an aggregator?

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Wow, sorry LI. Time to retire the cordless mouse as it dies an ugly death!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I deleted the obvious repeat comment, Barbara.

  • Why is that all of the Dem blogs all gravitate towards that horrible Blue Virginia style layout? I’ve got to give Ben at NLS credit – he’s never adopted that ugly layout. It’s just hideous.

  • Matt Letourneau says:

    Not exactly a blog post, but really, this is worth watching. A video of Jeff Barnett “walking for Congress.”

    Watch as Jeff Barnett walks 15 miles and spends and entire day to meet roughly 12 individuals, only one of which we know is an actual voter (and that is because he says he “votes Republican…so we have a little problem there.”

    Compelling stuff. Can’t understand why his campaign hasn’t taken off. In other Barnett-related news, he did have time to stop by Stevens’ wife’s blog to profess his undying support (pun basically intended) for unrestricted abortion, with a special shout out in favor of taxpayer funded abortion. I’m not going to link to that one lest I drive up her numbers…



  • Loudoun Insider says:

    This Barnett campaign is even worse than Feder’s!!! As if anyone could ever think that to be possible!

    Expect to see nice supporting comments from Paradox 13 and Daverunner on that post, Matt.

  • Not Paul Blart says:

    Don’t miss Mrs. Miller’s latest comment over there, where she skewers Tart Lumber as a GOP donor because they dared host the GOP announcment last week. Never mind that according to VPAP the only donation Tart Lumber has made in 10 years is $500 to Mark Herring’s Senate race. Ooops.

  • Ron Gilcourse says:

    I like this new Mainstream Democratic Blog by Supervisor Miller’s wife.

    Where else can we get such probative Democratic Party news such as this?


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Geez, Ron, now I have to go wash my eyes out! Be careful with that stuff around here! What does that have to do with Liz Miller, anyway???

  • Elder Berry says:

    Mr. LeTorneau would you like the feds to be able to tell you you can’t have a kidney stone removed? God put it there so clearly you were meant to carry it.

    If anyone is for small government I can’t see why they feel the feds should make abortion law.

  • Dingleberry compares a kidney stone to an unborn human being.
    #@$#&*#&^*(*&^%$#@%&*^*& fawker. You go too far. I remembered you as sensible. Maybe you’re dealing with dimentia. At least that’d be a viable excuse, SFB.

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