Loudoun Sheriff’s Race Starts To Gain Speed

By Loudoun Insider

We already have an announced challenger in Ron Speakman, and quite the comment war going on at the LTM between pro and anti-Simpson forces.  The more challengers the better for Simpson, who has seen his portion of the vote shrink significantly with each passing election, dipping well below 40% last time.  With a strong challenger and a two way race I would have to think that Simpson would be toast,  but from what I’ve seen and heard of Speakman so far I don’t think he is that strong of a candidate.  I’ve heard of one other coming Republican challenger, but he isn’t a household name either.  I don’t expect the Dems to let this slot go unfilled in the next election, although I have not heard of any candidates on the horizon, or if Mike Geroge, the second place finisher last time, will re-enter the fray.  Simpson’s best bet for re-election is to remain an Independent and come out ahead again in a three way race, where his loyal voters and name recognition should give him the edge.


  • Loudoun Lady says:

    I was very interested to hear about the 2 Republican challengers. It’s hard to make a judgement on Mr Speakman from this article – some of the comments form the LTM article are relevant. Law enforcement has changed dramatically in the past 20 years, technology, training, skills, terrorism threats, required education, but most importantly the expectations of our men and women in uniform. Given that Mr Speakman has been out of Law Enforcement for 19 years – I’d have to hear him speak to his knowledge of not only our county but trends in Law Enforcement in general.

    I’d have to look up actual numbers behind the statistics he is quoting – going from 10 to 11 violent crimes from one year to the next is a 10% increase. The 43% increase he speaks of may not be as dramatic as it sounds, or even be true.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Anyone know the full name of the other GOP challenger? I think his last name is Chapman. I haven’t been following this race closely at all.

    This guy has a lot to look into in the last 20 years or so – some interesting leads coming in already. I don’t know how long he’ll last.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Mike Chapman and Mark Davis are the other two Repulicans mentioned for Sheriff. The more I hear abhout Speakman the more convinced I am that he shouldn’t be a candidate.

  • Loudoun Truth Seeker says:

    I don’t believe Mark Davis is running. I would like to read/hear why “Loudoun Insider” is convinced about Speakman’s candidacy. Please share the information with us so we can be as informed as you; unless you’re just stirring up gossip.

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