Dick Black Campaign Steals My “Black Is Back” Slogan

By Loudoun Insider

I first whipped this out in 2006, with another repeat this month.  The Black Brigade was passing out bumper stickers and lapel pins with this slogan at this week’s LCRC meeting (please someone send me a scan of a bumper sticker!).  Of course they would think this sounds great, but boy oh boy does this open up so many avenues of derision and parody – feel free to use it, good soldiers of the Black Brigade.  Most disturbing of all, I heard that the Black is Back announcement was met by spontaneous near-orgasmic cries from female Black fans.  Yeesh – I’m so glad I missed it!


  • BlackOut says:

    Oh my gosh, this is too funny! The BlackOut organization was thinking of using the same slogan. (And of course we would have found someway to reward or credit LI for the creation) What better way to connect Dick Black to his past. Please let me know where to get some!

    What a clueless campaign this is going to be.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I don’t disallow many comments, but just had to zap one that named someone and described their reaction to the announcement in quite racy terms. That person isn’t exactly a public figure, so that comment will stay gone – try to comment without naming names on this one, people!

  • Elder Berry says:

    Black and his devotees are creepy, creepier and creepiest. The creepy factor is way, way up.

  • I was there!! says:

    Well, it was true. If that person wanted to gush in a public meeting where everybody saw it, why not allow an eyewitness account of it??

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