Stevens Miller Nails John Stevens Cold

By Loudoun Insider

Hey, I’ve had plenty of issues with Stevens Miller, but he totally gets it in regard to LCPS and does a great job debunking John Stevens plea for more, more, more money.  Even the most partisan Republicans out there should admit that he is totally right on this one.  And for all those die-hard Steve Snow partisans out there, please enlighten me as to anything he ever did to try to control the out of control LCPS spending machine.


  • TruthSeekerVA says:

    LI, what are your thoughts on middle school teacher Janet Clarke running against Jim Burton? I know many people had concerns with Kelly Burke being on the board since she is a teacher as well. Ben Weber is another possible contender for Burton according to the Leesburg Today.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I’ve heard she is only a substitute, but I am still not keen on any Hatrick employee trying to get elected to the BOS. One is enough.

    And I’ve been a Burton supporter in the past, but his last minute flip flop on the energy plan nonsense after assuring me he wasn’t voting for it has soured me on his re-election.

  • Local says:


    You may want to read the entire article regarding Janet Clarke; you’ll find she is and has been much more than a middle school teacher. By defining her in limited terms, you create an impression that leaves out important information. I would use other terms to describe Janet Clarke, the first being community leader. Judge for yourself after reading this Leesburg Today article found on-line.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    First he put up Tom Priscilla as a possible BOS candidate (oh, I mean he let Brent Campbell carry his water to the LCRC for him), not such a good idea with Tom’s “baggage”. So now his real pick that he has been pushing all around western loudoun for month’s…Bob Lazaro’s personal pick for BOS…Janet Clarke. (a former “appointed” member of the Town Council) Did anyone read as to why she did not run for Council after her 2 years? Just wondering. Nothing against Janet, I just do not want anyone Bob Lazaro has groomed, and will endorse and support, and deliver the vote for (oh, Bob just submitted his application to the LCRC…mmmm? what timing? Use Brent Campbell to push Janet Clarke…just like he used him to get rid of Ben Belrose) Look out LCRC he is coming for you, going to control all that you do, for his own polical agenda. NO more RINO’s, NO more DINO’s! I have never been able to figure which party Bob best fits into, he is quite a chameleon. Both parties would do well to run from anything and anyone he suggests. He is unable to tell the truth, but he does a great job of twisting it to his advantage. Good Luck, Ben Weber, your are going to need it. Such a shame, after all you have done for Lazaro that he will NOT be supporting you. He has been gathering Blue Ridge Republican votes for Janet Clarke for a number of months…all a part of the master plan. Hang on true conservatives, you are about to be taken for a ride.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Maybe I need to put up a Blue Ridge post – let’s stick to this topic here.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Blue Ridge post is up above this one.

  • The Bulletproof Monk says:

    phew!!….Local Glad you didn’t say community organizer! 🙂

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