Hatrick Wants ALL Your Money!!!

By Loudoun Insider

Dear Lord this is nauseating!  Watch this video tribute to the greatest school administrator the world has ever seen – who says we must stop worrying about all those pesky little other things in life (you know, family, home, etc.) and devote ALL of our time, energy and money to public schools!  Watch the fawning of School Board Chairman John Stevens, the guy who is supposed to be in charge of Hatrick, as he says we will be paying him a huge salary and benefits to “share Dr. Hatrick with the country” as he jet sets around the world even more so than usual this year!  Watch Supervisor Kelly Burk chat it up with the guy who allows her time off and supplies substitutes for her as she votes on the school budgets that pays her own salary!  Happy days are here for the chosen ones!


  • FedUp says:

    “BLACKOUT will be officially retired and not used after Dick Black’s defeat.”

    Can we have a contest to name your new handle?

  • BlackOut says:

    Sure FedUp, I am sure that would be amusing, no guarantees of acceptance, I am not up to paying royalties.

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