Weber Tries To Re-write History

By Loudoun Insider

I really like Ben Weber personally – he’s a fun guy, but his announcement that he will be running yet again for the Blue Ridge supervisor seat is a big yawn inducer.  It’s also quite curious that both the Leesburg Today and Loudoun Times Mirror articles mention his run against Burton in 2003, yet make it appear that he sat out 2007.  I see no way that both papers make this mistake without it being pushed by Weber in interviews. 

Weber ran again in 2007 but was beat by Mark Albright for the LCRC nomination, who was then spanked hard by Burton in the general election.  I don’t think Weber would have fared much better in 2007 general against Burton, but I bet he would have done better than right wing idealogue Albright.  With Janet Clarke already lining up support and being a fresh new face, this makes no sense at all other than to help deliver the nomination to some as yet unannounced wingnut.  I also have never been a fan of a newspaper owner running for public office, and if he thinks that having his wife run the editorial side will make anyone think the paper is not playing favorites, he’s really lost his rational thought processing ability.  Weber should save himself the trouble and sit this one out.


  • Barbara Munsey says:

    LI, it reamins to be seen how many seats there will be west of 15.

    If it ends up one (as rational numbers tend), the overall pie fight on BOTH sides will be amazing.

    Dulles HAS to divide, and they’re keeing 8 districts plus at-large.

    Does Leesburg become the Ashburn Farm of the county, and get divided between Catoctin, Blue Ridge and Broad Run? Has anyone asked them how they’d like that?

    Will Sterling and Sugarland fold together? How will that work with Justice Department oversight and minorities?

    The BoS is playing it pretty close to the vest in terms of public discussion (i.e. none yet, while they posture on CBPO, grants, strategery, and travel to Europe and the Homestead).

    This should be the primary issue on the plate, because it needs to be submitted within a few months.

    Perhaps they’re counting on what has become their usual MO? Sort it out behind closed doors, with bulletins to strategic groups to provide “public support” when they put something on the table for a vote at the last minute?

    Can’t wait to see the action when we get actual districts!

  • G. Stone says:

    Now this is garnering some interest!

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