What Will Wolf’s Margin of Victory Be?

By Loudoun Insider

This is so funny at NLS:

10th Congressional
Safe Republican

Earlier this year, Jeff Barnett’s campaign manager bragged to some people about his “strategy” of hoping blogs like this one ignored his race to avoid any critiques of his candidate or their performance.  When I heard, I decided to give them what they wanted.  I’m sure the biggest fan of their “strategy” is Frank Wolf.


I haven’t paid much attention to this race here at TC because I think Barnett is basically invisible anyway and Wolf will cruise to an easy victory.  It sounds like Barnett’s campaign manager is an imbecile of the first degree, and maybe he’s the one who came up with those ridiculous Halloweeny  (orange with blue lettering!) campaign signs that are so difficult to read, especially at night.  This looks to be a stealth campaign that is indeed working as advertised – Barnett remains nearly invisible and will be nearly invisible in the results.  I predict Wolf 62, Barnett 37, Redpath 1.


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