Protic Returns

By Loudoun Insider

Paul Protic just popped out of the proverbial woodwork recently to read a personal letter from RPV Chairman Pat Mullins to the last LCRC meeting announcing Mullins’ endorsement of Dick Black.  Paul Protic is a nice man.  But woefully out of touch with a majority of Loudoun voters, as evidenced by his disastrous term as LCRC Chairman, where Loudoun County went from six Republican supervisors to two, with one of those eventual winners targeted by Protic’s team for elimination.  That election also spawned the Protic Principle, where he was quoted in the weeks before the election as saying “we may not win, but at least we’ll be pure”.  Brilliant political philosophy!  Where you can’t do squat to further ANY of your political goals IF YOU DO NOT GET ELECTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!

So what has he been up to before popping back into the Loudoun spotlight to read the Pat Mullins Dick Black endorsement?  He was campaign manager for the disastrous Congressional campaign of Glen Urquhart in Delaware.  Urquhart was a Rehobeth Beach developer (which is where failed Loudoun BOS Chairman candidate and developer Mike Firetti moved after losing!) who ran as a fellow Tea Party candidate with the horrendous Christine O’Donnell.  Urquhart became nationally known for his mind boggling comparison of liberals to Nazis.  His campaign also utilized some of the tried and true push poll dirty tricks with a heavy abortion emphasis that we have seen here in Loudoun County.   Urquhart ended up with a whopping 41% of the vote.  They didn’t win, but at least they were pure, and Delaware went from being assured of one Republican Senator and sole Representative to two Democratic Senators and a Democratic representative.  Looks like the Protic Principle is coming back strong in Loudoun County.  Nice.

UPDATE:  For all those offended by this because of Protic’s son’s accident, see my comment.  The push poll link above is now dead for some reason (interesting), here’s another one.


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Thinking more about this, I wonder if this was Protic’s debut as campaign manager for Dick Black, since he is probably looking for a job.

  • Loudoun Outsider says:

    Sounds like the listings at the Leadership Institute’s job bank are sparse.

  • Gotta Be Anon says:

    Saw Dick Black at the advance, and he didn’t look very good. His hands were shaking like he unfortunately is suffering from one of those disheartening diseases that attacks the nervous system. While I like Dick Black a lot and don’t find any of his more colorful efforts to advance the sanctity of life troubling in any way (give ’em hell, Dick!), I am concerned that if someone may not be physically able to perform his duties and that medical issues may impact judgment and reason, they just shouldn’t be running.

    The same of course applies doubly to Toddy Puller. No one should subject themselves to the demands of elected office when they’re clearly struggling with difficult issues and inviting legitimate questions about their fitness for office.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I’ve been informed all sorts of people are ticked at me for this post because of recent hardships Paul Protic has endured. As stated in the post I think Paul is a very nice man and I have sympathy for his situation regarding his son’s accident. However, that does not give him a free pass forever, and it was obviously by design that he was chosen to read the RPV Chairman’s “personal” endorsement.

    Protic’s recent camapaign experience is absolutely relevant to the upcoming Loudoun GOP campaigns, especially if he will be taking an active role. I absolutely expect to see lots of “we may not win but at least we’ll be pure” at work in 2011 with the LCRC. My opinion and I will state it freely.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    I am sorry for Mr. Protic’s family situation and awfully glad his son is doing better, but I don’t think LI had any personal ill intent. Usually I am one of the first to say something when I think a post is out of line, but this was background for LI’s (sometimes yawn-inducing) never ending tale of “purity”.

  • G. Stone says:

    Making Paul Protic an issue for reading a letter at a meeting is a bit
    much. He is allied with the candidate in question and someone whom that campaign felt should read the letter. So what ? Oh and who cares ? Lets go actually connect some dots that need connecting.

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