Loudoun Dems in Disarray

By Loudoun Insider

For as bad as the LCRC is at times, the best thing they have going for them is the equally sorry state of the LCDC.  Here’s just a few of their problems:

Chairman Mike Turner has been invisible, and with all of the issues listed below, cannot be said to be doing a good job as Chairman. 

With all of the wackiness coming out of the LCRC from Eugene Delgaudio and Dick Black the Dems have done absolutely nothing to capitalize on it.

Two of their prime movers and shakers, Stevens and Liz Miller, engage in odd public conversations, lamenting how not enough people share their very liberal Democratic values in a very purple county.

The semi-official LCDC blog, run by three LCDC officers, is an absolute dud, where the three officers/bloggers basically talk amongst themselves (and their spouses, ah, well, one spouse).

Their most sensible, respected, and popular incumbent, Susan Buckley, is not returning, leaving behind the most inept and liberal members to carry the dim torch forward.  Most of them don’t like Buckley anyway, and are thrilled that she isn’t returning.

Their Dulles District Chairman, Larry Roeder, is an announced candidate for supervisor in a contested field, but no one seems to think that this is a conflict.

I thought she had resigned her party positions, but the LCDC website still lists current Loudoun Electoral Board member Ellen Heald as a party officer.

In their never-ending quest to only try to take out Eugene Delgaudio with an approved Dem minority group, the Dems are so far fielding a Hispanic and a Muslim, after losing in the past with a gay guy and a woman.  Affirmative action is not exactly a great way to select candidates, Dems.


For all of my complaints about the LCRC and some of the candidates they are putting forward, it looks like the Dems just may snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with brash ineptitude and atrocious strategic planning and candidate selection.  Surely a county like Loudoun can do better than these two extremes!

UPDATE:  More Loudoun Dem ridiculousness:

In yet another example of how odd Stevens Miller is, just look at HOW SMART he is!!!  I can’t believe he graces us by serving on the Board!!!  Can he spell narcissist?

You would think that maybe Bob Marshall would be vulnerable after his latest far-right escapades, but the best local Dems can come up with to challenge him is this skinhead/skater/singer from Midnight Oil looking dude:


Bob Marshall is surely not worried!


  • nicholas g. says:

    LI: of all the things you state above in a well-informed (and well-formed) flow – the coming absence of Susan Klimek Buckley will be most felt, not just by the Dems, but by the County writ-large. The LCDC should never have let her star be dimmed by either disillusionment, or by a silly and peurile intra-party fracas. I am not sure anyone could have been able to convince SKB to remain in the political arena anyway, based on my many conversations with her. Politicians may celebrate her departure; policymaking will be the lesser for it.

    As for the LCRC and LCDC, all I can say is its a right (ok, “left” too) shame that they have become a cypher to the body politic of Loudoun…I never see them, I never hear from them; they have become the true ghost of elections-past. I believe they only cater to the 200-300 stalwart party activists who shovel over $20 or so to be a member and knock on 50 doors and stuff 100 envelopes. They are not proactive to the larger community, aren’t offering tangible and sensical solutions, and seem wholly disinterested in problem solving. Wow, sounds like Capitol Hill. Drat.

    What’s a radical centrist – count that as, like, 50%-plus of the county and national population – to do?

  • The Bulletproof Monk says:

    nicholas… I
    d say you best get out more. You are far from seeing the big picture. Sure, the core of the group is 200 folks, and the membership is actually $15 a year.
    We are the activists…but we represent and mobilize around another group of somewhere around 160,000 folks who are actually pretty conservative, but do not have the time to attend meetings and rallies. We’ve met almost all of them in one capacity or another …but mostly from going door to door and speaking with them about their concerns.

    When we drop the social agendas, and concentrate on fiscal accountability, that number actually swells.

  • nicholas g. says:

    BM, good to see you here man! Merry Christmas to you.

    I promise I’ll get out more if you follow thru on your last line re: drop the social wedge, dog-whistle politics stuff and get to where people live their lives day to day – fiscal security and education accountability. 🙂

  • The Bulletproof Monk says:

    Those are my strong points, Nicholas.
    Those are the ones that almost everyone should agree on!!
    They are the driving force behind the “true” intent of the TEA Party….not the social wedges.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • Omar says:

    BPM, let’s be real. Your strong points are demonstrated by your bench role as CatoctinDistrict Vice Chair and your willingness to capitulate and be a mouth piece to anyone who will stomach listening to you babble.

  • The Bulletproof Monk says:

    Boy, there sure are some whining little spineless pricks in here.
    You want to attack me personally? Toss your name on it, wimp.
    LI says that I don’t have a role, and here you whine about too much role. You guys need to streamline your attacks….oh, and in your case— you need to man up and actually sign it!

  • just a thought says:

    Ellen Heald is about the best thing going on at the LCDC, she is smart, articulate and sensible. She is nothing but fair and objective in her role on the BOE even when dealing with Republicans. Her dual role isn’t a conflict (trust me, I’ve looked it up). Although there are some petulant wanna-be’s that don’t like her, the dems ought to be smart and put their best people out front!

  • They should have at least have the common sense to spell “LCDC” with a lightning bolt.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    BPM, I never said you have no role, just that your title is non-existent in the bylaws.

    JAT, I understand that it is only considered by the rules to be a conflict if one is the Chair of a political party, but I still think anyone on the BOE should have NO official role in a party. That’s just my personal opinion. I believe Brandy Brookhouse resigned as a District Chair when she went on to the BOE. I think that’s the proper way to serve on the BOE. I do not like someone ostensibly serving two masters at once. Ellen Heald may be just fine and dandy, but she should resign any official leadership position on the LCDC.

    Donny, I’m waiting for them to adopt the crazy eyeless demon donkey of DPVA as an official mascot.

  • Enough with the Millers says:

    I’ve had numerous interactions with Ellen Heald and if she’s the best things the Dems have to offer, well that’s good for the Republicans.

  • vacliff says:

    Oh yeah….well miss Buckley. Votes against the budget because she wants our taxes to be higher. Glad you all will miss that.
    Wonder how much of a “popular incumbant” she would be defending that record!

  • LCDC Member says:

    Amazing, cockroaches never die.

    Seems the Operative(s) are back. Up to the old trick of moving ahead by destroying the LCDC from within. Even heard 1 may run for LCDC chair. We love spirited arguments/disagreements and even fights from Reps but childish tomfoolery from its own is despicable.

    Do you want the resume of the one behind this? Maybe later……

  • Mike Kondratick says:

    A bald joke as my intro on TC?

    Looking forward to more coverage/discussion in 2011, Insider!

  • Omar says:

    Bulletproof, I’m not sure why you think pointing out your role as VC is a personal attack, whether its spelled out in the party plan or not.

  • Eric the 1/2 troll says:

    Really, LI, pretty lame critique of Mike Kondratick. But if you want to draw the parallel, you might want to research where Peter Garrett is these days…

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Dear God, lighten up! The first thought that popped into my mind when I saw a photo of this guy was – you gotta be kidding me, this is the guy they think will beat Bob Marshall. He looks way too young, and looks like he shaves his head by choice. I know that is some kind of new fashion trend, but it seems a bit odd to me.

    I know Peter Garrett is Australia’s environment minister now. Good for him, but Marshall’s district is very far from Australia politically. As with Delgaudio, it seems as if the Dems can only try to beat Marshall with uber-libs to teach Marshall a lesson. Keep at it, it will never work. Marshall could be vulnerable to the right candidate, but from what I’ve heard about Kondratick, he isn’t that candidate.

  • The Bulletproof Monk says:

    Omar –you glazed right over “your willingness to capitulate and be a mouth piece to anyone who will stomach listening to you babble.”

    I speak my mind, have no masters, and will go toe to toe with anyone over my heartfelt beliefs. Saying any less is personal attack territory. You might want to learn the difference in policy dispute and dragging down the person who holds the opinion.

  • Matt Letourneau says:

    I would doubt that Bob Marshall will have any of Loudoun after redistricting–his district has grown by leaps and bounds and there are more than enough Prince Williamers for him to represent as it is. But we’ll see.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    That’s a good point and a likely outcome of redistricting, Matt. Which would then probably put Kondratick in Greason’s district, and he has even less chance of beating Greason than Marshall.

  • Larry Roeder says:

    Dear neighbors:

    When campaigning, what I prefer is reaching out to people, sticking my hand out door to door or in religious and community centers and shops, saying hi and exchanging ideas, regardless of party, earning folks their respect that way.

    Seems at times that blogs cater mostly to the converted talking to each other. That can just feed the fire. So when I teach diplomacy, I say not to think of the other guy as the enemy. Everyone has an opinion that must be considered, especially neighbors. But blogs are also an essential part of Democracy, and what I do like and respect about your blog and others is that they are public forums, not a dark room.

    So here I am, a democratic candidate sticking my hand out. I am running to be Supervisor in what remains of the Dulles District. I am also interested in your points of view, want to know what you care about and why, and what might be your recommendations. All suggestions will be taken seriously. It’s a sincere gesture because a Supervisor must serve all of his or her constituents, not just those of a single party or philosophy. Go to http://www.roederfordulles.com, leave a comment.

    Some background. I know politicians who feel that unless a voter comes to them, they can’t be helpful. “Those are the only voters that count.” That’s the polar opposite of my attitude. Many people are shy, busy and don’t know how to approach a supervisor or the government in general. While voters must take responsibility, I believe in going directly to the voters, not warming a seat in Leesburg.

    With this in mind, as Supervisor I plan to spend two or more days a week at least in the District, walking into shops, knocking on doors, sitting in restaurants, etc., asking people what they need, and asking if I’m doing a good job — never asking anyone what their party is. We are neighbors. That’s all that matters. I’ll also hold regular town hall meetings, not simply rely on Leesburg hearings. This is one reason I intend to be a “full-time” supervisor. In these times, I don’t see how in Dulles District anyway, (and I only speak for my District) it is possible to effectively balance being a Supervisor and holding another job. Keep that in mind when choosing a candidate for your vote.

    In the early 1980’s the deficit debate was as hot as health care is today. Many from congress held regular meetings in their states, some 15 a year. The meetings could be very emotional; but as Admiral and then Senator Jeremiah Denton remarked, “If you can’t kick a politician, who can you kick?”

    Ronald Reagan was a friend of my mother’s from Hollywood days and in the 80’s remarked to me that he learned as Governor of California the value of surprising people outside his orbit for an opinion. What he got was fresh, unvarnished and often helpful. He and many democratic politicians like Senator Lautenberg felt it was also helpful to the constituents. I agree. Political philosophy aside, the voters deserve no less.

    So I am honestly reaching out to my neighbors to have an honest conversation about anything, roads, schools, taxes, preserving our heritage. Come to my website http://www.roederfordulles.com and say hello. I am a Democrat and proud of it; but over the year, let’s get to know each other and find common ground and mutual respect. Together we take Loudoun to the next level.

    Warm regards,

    Larry Roeder
    Candidate for Supervisor, the Dulles District
    larry at roederfordulles.com

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    That’s a great attitude, Larry! We may not agree on all issues, but more of that approach is exactly what is needed in Leesburg, Richmond, and DC.

  • Larry Roeder says:

    Thanks. Much appreciated. Have a great New Year’s.

    Larry Roeder, Candidate for Dulles District.

  • greybees says:

    Well, at least Bob Marshall provides the nation with someone to laugh at.

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