AFP on Net Neutrality

By Too Conservative

FP VP Policy Phil Kerpen issued the following statement on the FCC’s adopted network neutrality order:

“The FCC has fittingly chosen the darkest day in 372 years to impose potentially devastating regulations on the up-to-now free-market Internet. As the moon was eclipsed earlier today, Congress and the American people will be eclipsed by this regulatory coup d’état — orchestrated by the White House — that will substitute the judgment of three Democrats at the FCC for the legitimate democratic process.

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  • Let's Be Free says:

    Economic and content regulation did so much to spur economic growth and maintain low prices for consumers in the 60’s and 70’s and to bring diversity and competition into broadcast media, it is only fitting that we go that route now, so a new generation can learn from the errors of its ways.

  • Debbie says:

    Since the regulatory authority to do this is very weak, it will likely be challenged in the courts and the new congress can consider legislative remedies.
    Innovation in new consumer products and services will suffer when businesses do not have the option to purchase premium internet services. It isn’t a question of Internet traffic being relegated to the slow lane, rather, it is preserving the free market option for businesses to offer better services for their customers.

  • The Bulletproof Monk says:

    Similarly, when you cannot get the most liberal Congress in our history to pass Cap and Trade, just move the EPA forward to regulate and regulate more bullshit until you get the desired effect via an alternative means.
    Luckily, Virginia’s (and other states) Attorney General is preparing to go to town on the EPA as well.

  • Charles says:

    Vince — since you are this web guru now, maybe you could figure out why your blog won’t let people go to the “next” page of a month of posts. I tried to figure it out for a bit, but it isn’t anything obvious, like missing a character.

    I mean, it probably IS something obvious, just not to me — since I’m not trained in running web sites.

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