Loudoun County Becomes Ground Zero For Gays In The Military Battle

By Loudoun Insider

I happen to personally believe that the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will cause some readiness and morale issues initially.  However, the military is adaptable, and they will adapt to this change as well as they have many others in the past.  Besides, each successive younger generation is more and more accepting of gays in every walk of life.  This is a losing battle for Republicans who wish to ride this issue into oblivion.

But Bob Marshall is taking it off the deep end with his proposal to ban gays from the Virginia National Guard (Brian S. did a great job in his post on this issue).  And we can only imagine how Loudoun’s infamous anti-gay warriors Eugene Delgaudio and Dick Black will react. 

The LTM has a new story up on this, quoting Tag Greason as opposing Marshall, which will probably send the Black Brigade into a tizzy looking to primary him out of existence.  Let’s hope not, since Greason has shown (even though it may not have sunk in fully) Loudoun Republicans what kind of candidate can win easily for Republicans in Loudoun County.  Mark Herring has also come out strongly against Marshall on this, which will surely send the Black Brigade robo-posters into another spat of frothing comments at the LTM.  I guess we may also get to look forward to some kind of big rally at Patrick Henry College as well.

Enough!  This issue is over, and public opinion is firnly behind the end of DADT.  Give it up, it’s over, or keep at it full-bore until the voters get sick of it.


  • leesburger says:

    If a soldier cannot handle a gay or lesbian soldier serving along side them how can they handle combat? And as for the showering argument, are gym showers segregated by orientation in the civilian world?

  • Eric the 1/2 troll says:

    “Their will be violence, and it will occur after some giddy new soldier forgets who he’s mingled amongst and makes a very unforgetable mistake….one that now has no consequences or warnings to stop him before he gets to that point.”

    Sounds like he will almost have it coming to him, eh BPM?

  • The Bulletproof Monk says:

    Congress just removed the safeguards on that highway. Does a driver who runs off a highway in foul weather “have it coming?” I doubt that…but there are guardrails that minimize the damage. Going out and digging them all up is a losing strategy.
    Eric- you ran right up to the idiocy that I’m a gay basher. Like to flesh that out a little? You’re going to look like an idiot if you search some of the archives of this blog. Because buried somewhere in the countless pages is a story about one of my mentors — who was gay…and conservative, and among the very best business men I’ve ever known.
    Go read about it and get back to me with that stupid direction of a comment..

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