Quick Statement

By Too Conservative

Anonymous commenting is done by all sides of the spectrum.

This does not make my comments right, and for that I apologize.

I hope we all can move past this issue, and continue on.


  • Jean-Charles says:

    Tres bien TC. J’aime toujours votre “blog.” Il y a longtemps que je fais du comments parceque je ne savais is il y avait des problemes avec le securite. Je ne veux que les “fakes” utilizer mes informations personnels, mon address du IP et cetera. Ils sont personals!!!

    Donque, j’espere que tout le monde peut continuer avec les discourses sans beaucoup de “drama.” C’est plus important parler sur les politiques. Je ne crois pas que TC est un “fake.” Il est bonne personne! Et, Nova, il y a beaucoupes de raisons pour celebrer la Bastille, mon vieux!!!

    Very good TC. I still like ze blog. I do not make ze comment in some time because I am scared about ze security. I no want ze fakes to use my informations et my IP address. Zey are personal! Well, I hope we can continue ze discussions wizout ze how you say, controversy…it is much more important to talk about ze politiques. I don’t zink zat TC is ze fake. He is ze good person! And Nova, zere are many raisons to celebrate ze Bastille Day!!!

  • Good job. I’ll change my post as well.

  • James Young says:

    It may be done by “all sides of the spectrum,” but it is not done by everyone, and it is wrong to smear some for what others do, if they disavow such behavior.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    I didn’t understand that last comment.

  • anon says:

    I think James is looking for a little acknowlegment that he’s not part of the spectrum that does “it” (anonymous commenting). I think he feels tarred by the brush that “everybody’s done it”. And thus Vince’s apology doesn’t quite cut it for him.

    ‘Course I could be completely wrong on what he means, but that’s what I thought he was saying.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    No one can “acknowledge” that except James.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    Molleur is having a good day, I see.

  • If I ever take blogging as seriously as Mr. Molleur, someone please come to my apartment and break my fingers.

  • Anonymous says:


    vincent is not living with his mommy. he’s working in texas and at the same time attending classes at Baylor in order to get ahead of the ballgame.

    i know vincent better than you and possibly even better than most people who comment on this blog. he is one of the most conservative people i have ever met, especially on social issues.

    furthermore, NOONE READS WHAT YOU POST ROBERT! it is long and boring and noone cares! normally, i would not even respond to the ignorance that you display, but you have now wasted 5 minutes of my time reading and responding to your garbage, and its really starting to irritate me.

    how many doors have you knocked on to advance the conservative cause? how many calls have you made on behalf of Chris Craddock and Mick Staton?

  • Jean-Charles says:

    How can you attack ze Molleur? He is my compatriot!!! Allez le Molleur. He make les francais proud avec his intelligent commentaire. He is to ze blog what Zidane is to football eehh, sorry…”soccer” as you say here in USA. How can you not love ze insight he make???

  • NoVA Scout says:

    A note of explanation here. Mr. Molleur was red-carded for extreme, serial obscenity. We’ve never developed a hard and fast rule about that here, but whatever the collective standards are of those of us who contribute, Molleur just unequivocally violated them at some high exponential level.

    Again, using the General Store analogy, we want disagreement, spirited debate and even a few sharp elbows (preferably delivered with a bit of humor). But if some guy just strolls in and starts spitting on the floor, spitting on the folks who came into jaw, foaming at the mouth and generally carrying on in a way that gives almost every patron the creeps, we’re going to throw him out.

    I know some of you find him entertaining in a kind of bizarre way, but Molleur is suspended for the duration of this thread. Whether he plays again on this field will be decided on a case-by-case basis. He is free to tell us how wrong we are, but this virtual going Postal stuff has to stop.

  • Jean-Charles says:

    Zut alors!!!! Nova, how can you break my heart comme ca? I feel now like I did ze day Zidane was thrown out of ze championship. Je suis tres triste!!!

  • NoVA Scout says:

    c’est dommage, JC, c’est dommage.

  • anon says:

    Re: Post #6 (I’m post #5) –

    I agree.

  • TCO says:

    Huh? what happened?

  • mosquito says:

    I read Howling latino’s blog so I’m here for my first visit. I”m not a conservative but this looks like a good blog to check in on.

    Sounds like you are learning a tough lesson. I think you’ll find “tough lessons” are the valuable for growth and it will make you a better man when all is said and done.

    Take care….good luck to you…buzz buzz…..mosquito

  • David says:

    NoVA Scout, thank you for setting some boundaries. I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing Robert’s comment, but somehow I’m not feeling cheated.

  • Rharrison says:


    Everyone makes mistakes. Some learn from them, some don’t. It looks like you will, which will make you even more valuable to the Republican Party. As far as mistakes go, this wasn’t that big a mistake. Your work with this blog was impressive and was a very real contribution to civic life in Northern Virginia. That’s more than most of us have done over the past few years.

    Good luck and hurry back.

  • James Young says:

    Well, NoVA Scout (post 4), read it over and over again until you do. It’s quite clear.

    As for Anon’s (post 5) comment, I only agree with the last sentence. This, as an “apology,” doesn’t cut it. I certainly don’t feel tarred by that brush, and absent evidence to the contrary, don’t think that Vince intended to do so.

  • anon says:

    “wrong to smear some for what others do, if they disavow such behavior.”

    Then what, for god’s sakes, does this mean, if it DOESN’T mean that Vince made a sweeping generalization.

  • Willis says:

    Ding-dong the king has been outed.

    Knew it would happen eventually.

    Now back to oblivion.

  • t says:

    Please tell me that Willis has not returned. Willis has inflicted so much heartache and despair on this blog. I sincerely hope that #21 is an impersonator and not the real Willis who once conceded that he was a “political mercenary”.

  • Willis says:

    Who said I ever left??

  • t says:

    Willis, you begged James Young not to sue you, and you represented that, in return for this release, you would retire from blogging. Willis, please tell me that you are not going back on your word. The wounds are still fresh from the pain that you previously inflicted on others.

  • t says:

    I do not believe that #21 is the real willis.

  • AFF says:

    forget it kid- you screwed the pooch this time

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