Watch out CPR Members!

By Loudoun Insider

BVBL writes about an absolutely ridiculous official definition of terrorist by the Commonwealth of Virginia, supposedly governed by conservatives opposed to usurpation of property rights.  Property rights activists aren’t just potential terrosrists, they are defined AS terrorists.  While I vehemently disagree with some property rights activists on some issues (primarily zoning) they are absolutely not by definition terrorists.  I am also firmly opposed to Kelo-style governmental takings for private gain, so I guess I am now a terrorist.  Seriously folks, everyone get to writing letters, emails, and calling your representatives.  This is an outrage.

UPDATE:  I also need to tell Sam and Uta Brown and their supporters opposed to the Purcellville SCR condemnation to watch out for special forces raids on them as well, since they are opposed to municipal eminent domain.


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Here’s the explanation of why property rights advocates are now declared terrorists:

    “They were listed as terrorists because they “undermine confidence in the government” and “influence government or social policy.””

    How soon then before critical bloggers such as Greg L. and I are labelled as terrorists?

  • Ryan Cool says:

    “undermine confidence in the government”
    – you can’t have any confidence in these buffoons in Purcellville anyway.

    Lazaro and his posse are the terrorists. The Bob and Tom show are the ones that showed up at Crooked Run and told the Brown’s that they weren’t going to help save their farm. They threaten and abuse the public trust openly and often.

    Lazaro has too many people to pay back at this point, and that includes not only business and developers, but his religious leader too.

  • Purcellvillain says:

    Keep your eyes to the sky – you never know when the Predator strike is coming.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I guess I’ll see you in the internment camp, Ryan!

  • Ryan Cool says:

    Sounds like fun. The alternative to sit quietly as those in power lie, cheat, and steal their way for their own advancement.

  • Black/Delgaudio Fan says:

    You all love anything that hurts CPR and property rights — RINOS!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    That’s bull, BDF – read what I wrote! I think this is absolutely ridiculous, and more people should be ticked off about it. Activists of any sort are not necessarily terrorists, but this manual says otherwise. Why they singled out property rights activists is beyond me.

  • Black/Delgaudio Fan says:

    You’re a PEC loving RINO! You try to look like a Republican, but you’re a RINO!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Whatever, BDF, this terrorist definition is still complete bullshit.

  • Black/Delgaudio Fan says:

    Would you apply it to the PEC and their enviro fanatic friends????

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I wouldn’t apply the terrorist label to anyone who advocates for any position in a legal manner.

  • Ryan Cool says:

    Screw the environment right BDF? Having any position that supports a healthy sustainable environment is “so Liberal.”
    Your comments to LI are elementary.
    That is ridiculous.

  • Ref says:

    Wow… what got BDF’s panties in a twist? What unprovoked nonsense.

    Having worked with some PEC staff in the past, I think it’s hilarious how the Fever Swamp wing of the LCRP (which has vastly expanded their share in the past 15 years) likes to paint them as these out-of-touch “enviro fanatics”. Did you know that their Fauquier County Field Officer is a Libertarian Republican who thinks Obama is a scourge on America? Hell, half or more of their donors are Republicans. Have you ever seen Robert Duvall or his Hunt Country friends support a Democrat? Give me a break.

    Property rights do not solely mean the right to do whatever the hell you want with your property. Much like your right to swing your fist ends at my face, your right to do what you want with your property ends with activities that affect health, livelihoods, and the environment beyond your property boundaries. That is, in my view, a libertarian principle through and through. Should law-abiding property rights activists be labeled as terrorists? Of course not. But to suggest that advocacy for unlimited property rights is a Republican litmus test is a sad statement on what’s become of the GOP “big tent”.

  • looking through says:

    Boy, that delgaudio person sure sounds like Lazaro to me. Brain dead. Let’s never think for ourselves, let’s let the people in power do it for us. This guy will lead us down the primrose path. I believe the last time that happened in spades the gas chambers were the result. Let’s trade our compassion for ideology. It makes life SO simple.

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