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By Loudoun Insider

First off, a public service announcement:  All Loudoun County candidates for any elected office in 2011 – please contact Virginia Regional Transit (VRT) for your share of gas tax funding for your political campaign.  If they can donate freely to Bob Gordon and Steve Simpson as a 501(c)3 non-profit funded by our federal, state, and local tax dollars, then any and all candidates should work to get their equal fair share.  Hurry before the money’s all gone!

A few other tidbits rolled in on the tip line:

VRT is quite cozy with Loudoun Youth, Inc. both as a vendor to LYI and a recipient of LYI funds.  VRT CEO Mark McGregor is also on the LYI Board of Directors.  Simpson’s political Svengali, Dale Polen Myers, was very influential in LYI for a number of years.

VRT Board member and 2007 Loudoun BOS candidate Ken Mikeman is the recipient of the biggest cumulative single source in-kind contribution to a local campaign I have ever seen – $23,631 from GAM Printing, run by the son of VRT Chairman Emeritus Charlie Grant.  As I recall, this started out as a loan to the Mikeman campaign, and was later converted to an in-kind contribution.  Do you think Mikeman is a reliable vote on the VRT Board?  Is this post to help him continue to build a political resume?

Speaking of GAM Printing, their website is full of samples of work for VRT.  Was this work competitively bid, or was GAM sole-sourced?  And GAM is still getting free advertising on the non-profit VRT website as of today.


  • Mom says:

    VRT is nothing more than a parasite sucking at the transportation teat. They have an incestuous relationship with DRPT as one of its “favored” vendors and typically engage in a tag team affair when “selling” trolley systems to local jurisdictions. Most jurisdictions, and certainly almost all of the smaller ones, can not afford these “transit systems” and are typically not given the true long-term costs of the program, the onerous contractual obligations ie: parking, maintenance, driver benefits, etc. or the cost of dropping the program (see experiences and alternatives in Blacksburg and Bluefield).

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Mom, if you have any more detailed info on this, send me an email.

  • skeptic says:

    Yeah, and the $67,000 for printing from their annual report went straight to GAM. And what little not for profit transportation company spends #127,000 of taxpayer money for travel and conferences? It’s all okay if you have the state DRPT and local supervisors in your pocket, entertaining them at taxpayer funded cocktail lunches at the country club. And the newest incestuous relationship is rumored to be with the county admin.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Skeptic, this whole kit and kaboodle is about to blow wide open. Send me an email as well with more details. I’d love to see the 990’s if anyone has them. And where’s the press on this??? We know Simpson’s in their pocket, but I’m sure Jim Plowman will get right on looking into this. Right???

  • skeptic says:

    The annual report is on their website and is distributed far and wide.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I’ve seen that but didn’t look at it in detail. I was hoping you had some better inside scoop. The travel budget is absolutely ridiculous.

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