Lazaro Trial Balloon Pops

By Loudoun Insider

Even though everyone knew this was dead, Purcellville Mayor Bob Lazaro makes it official that he won’t be running for Chairman of the Board of Supervisors in an article at the LTM.  The more I learn about official Purcellville business, the more I think Lazaro’s critics are on the money about so many things. 

This is now spilling over to the nascent Janet Clarke campaign, as discussed in the comments on a puff piece post at Nova Common Sense.  Clarke is a nice woman, but I don’t think she’ll be able to escape the Purcellville GOBGN (Good Old Boy and Girl Network) stench.


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I give Janet Clarke a lot of credit for showing up on the blog and answering questions, but that’s a minefield she needs to tread carefully in.

  • Loudoun County Reekpublican Crooks says:

    The LCRC is full of crazy far-out religious nuts on one side and crooked good ole boys on the other. Farris and Lazaro show that they will team up when it benefits them. What a sad state of affairs.

  • Ryan Cool says:

    It does take considerable effort to run without a doubt.
    But the question is, why won’t it be just more of the same from the good ‘ol boys network with this candidate when she loudly carries their endorsements? But she has clearly swayed some.

    Clarke clearly tries to shed any connection to the Lazaro led Town by stating, “Out of the 13 years I have been in Loudoun County I have only spent 2 years on the Purcellville Town Council.”

    Rather than be a stand-out candidate and distance herself from the Lazaro types that the LCRC clearly can’t rally around, she decides to run right along side of them. Money, power, “influence”. It’ll get you going and sustain for a period of time, but they’ll crumble eventually. I fondly remember telling an LCRC member that someone they were pushing was a blatant fake. I was ignored, but it turned out to be absolutley true; and that was admitted to.

    Let them grow us into prosperity and out of debt. It’s worked wonders so far hasn’t it.

  • sally says:

    Ryan, it is easy to make sweeping statements, hard to get things done. Why don’t you run? There are a number of us working hard to make things better.

    Do you have a better candidate? Who? Janet is committing to do things differently, and has broad support. Anyone who wants to win in Blue Ridge must have broad support in Purcellville (which she does) because that is almost 30 percent of the voters in our district. So complain all you want about her support in Pville, but that is a necessary component to win.

    You need to separate the Town’s issues from the County’s issues. The County should not be telling the Town what to do, and that is where a lot of people agree. The County should not be micromanaging the Towns, or strangling their resources – and people in the COUNTY are tired of the COUNTY being such a busy body–tired of being taxed to micromanage the Towns, when they have their own elected leaders, their own taxes, their own jurisdictional lines, their own planning staffs, etc.

    You don’t like some of the Town’s decisions. Then get a slate elected that you support, but quit with the mixing of Town internal decisions that the County has nothing to do with– and should not be involved in…

  • Eric the 1/2 troll says:

    “Ryan, it is easy to make sweeping statements…”

    Spoken with the voice of experience (see two paragraphs below in the quoted comment for example)…

  • sally says:

    Ryan is a lot smarter than you Troll.

    We know you, Troll, just love Burton’s strong arm tactics, scorched earth, fight to the death with OUR money, wasting millions of dollars litigating about Blue Roofs (when the historic district did not even regulate the color of metal roofs) and worrying about the color of grout and fence finials in Waterford, issuing criminal threats and notices of violations for chicken coops that are 5’X7″–claiming they are illegal structures, not agricultural, on my 35 acre lot… with hens, chicks and a rooster inside? and when structures under 150 sf are exempt anyway? Petty bureaucrats, punishing those they do not like, willing to threaten criminally someone who put on a roof with a permit–stopping work on her house for about 18 months when the siding was half off and she had young children, issuing notices of violations for simply replacing rotten floor boards on her front porch with the exact same materials… our county has been completely out of control, power and money abused on so many levels…

    ok, that is what Burton does, and supports.. but the big issues that really affect people, silence. Does he care about the one superfund site we have in Loudoun? NO. Been trying to block the EPA for years on that one too.. the superfund site continues to pollute the ground water there by the Potomac, near wells that people use to drink from…

    And why isn’t Burton DEMANDING the EPA dye trace study NOW, for Raspberry Falls, instead of maneuvering for years with his liberal allies to block that??? and pretending their water is “safe” when just this month there are 40 families–lots of children– with gastro issues, all sick from their water??? not to mention all the other illnesses related. No. Burton and Kurtz just pretend nothing is wrong. Real problems affecting public health are ignored in favor of spending literally millions trying to make Milari Madison cut down the size of her house by FOUR FEET–after staff recommended approval.

    No clean drinking water for Raspberry Falls — no adequate water pressure for Hamilton for even fire flow for the elementary school, hold up well 14 just because you can.. tired of the bully tactics, they take your lunch money just because they can–they are bigger than you, and have all of our money to waste on their agenda…

    Frankly an overwhelming majority are tired of being lied to, tired of having our money wasted– we want real solutions to real problems., real public servants, people who care– not people who will treat us like serfs.

    Burton has burned one too many bridges in Blue Ridge– the only people who like him are the folks like you who pretend they know more than everyone else, talk down to the regular people, think they are special and like to rub elbows with the “elite” — you and your ilk think it is fine for many to suffer without adequate water, for example, just to make sure “development” is stopped (and define development as any construction, including play sets–we are homeowners not “developers”) .. you should be ashamed.

  • Ryan Cool says:

    smarter than 1/2 a troll…..a compliment…LoL

    Sally- Party politics are not allowed due to employment. Is that the same for Lazaro, and is that perhaps a variable that led to his “balloon popping?” And if it was allowed I wouldn’t do it with the LCRC if it meant asking for the support of the Lazaro crew and being included in that “tent.” I wouldn’t get it and I wouldn’t want it.

  • sally says:

    We did not ask Lazaro for his support. Many people in Purcellville really like Janet, not just the Lazaro crowd.

    Also, Lazaro works for Loudoun Inova now, not the PEC and he is free to run. He is not running because he had no support, not from the LCRC or the Independents or the Dems. He joined the LCRC in my opinion to get support, and that did not pan out.

    Despite disagreements with Bob, I do feel that he and the other Towns are right, that they should be allowed to self determine. The County, at the behest of Mr. Burton, has been impossible for ALL of the Towns, not just Purcellville. Look at what happened in Round Hill with the fire station, and a similar thing is playing out in Aldie–where people are very upset with Mr. Burton. The County quietly bought two lots in a subdivision, with existing homes, and wants now to put a firestation there– torture people who own “new” homes so people like Mr. Burton don’t have to deal with the flashing lights, etc. I understand that will be yet one more citizen suit against our County, over decisions approved by Mr. Burton showing the highest level of distain and disrespect for his constituents…

  • sally says:

    Ryan, if you are not a member of the LCRC, you really need to join. There are a lot of good people there, fiscal conservatives, much too conservative for this site’s taste! We are a big tent, and you are free to disagree and to try to persuade: we listen to everyone. You can help craft conservative policy, help pick our candidates. I generally agree with you, and think you have very good ideas, and good energy. WE need people like you to help us move our County and State and Country in the RIGHT direction!

  • nicholas g. says:

    Eric 1/2:

    just epic. cheers.

  • Ryan Cool says:

    I am sure that there are some very good people there; certainly not debating that. But a few (and growing) bad apples will spoil the bunch. The group is letting in RINO’s and people that use the “fiscal conservative” label because it is aligned with the current sentiment and may lead to their own advancement; not that of the party, or the local, county, state, or federal government.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Sally, I demand that you take back your libelous charge! That’s a joke, of course.

    The LCRC isn’t too conservative for my tastes, it’s simply overrun with too many people out for themselves. Most people there are either in it for themselves politically or business wise. There are some true believers in limited government and lower taxes, but that is a silent minority at best. I’m sick of the two competing cliques both trying to maintain that they are the righteous side while they all engage in political skullduggery.

    Just as my passion for good clean above board government is what drives me to write what I write, I wish that were the case on the LCRC as well. Instead we have two groups of people constantly trying to outmaneuver each other, all so the main players can play political boss and hand out favors. I want there to be a true level playing field with fair rules and access for all. Until that is the common perception, myself and many others will stay away.

  • sally says:

    Ryan, you cannot be “sure” of anything until you come and see the group which is quite large and diverse, many new people.

    LI, I have no idea what you are talking about, the “two” sides, scullduggery? we have a few candidates who have announced they would like to run for BoS, like Janet Clarke, Geary Higgens and Ralph Buona– all good people in my mind, not “out for themselves.” Then we have a big group who have announced for sheriff, and three for senate– I know you don’t like Dick Black but he is one person, and just like it is unfair to say that we are all beholden to one person in Pville (Lazaro) it is simply false to say we are all beholden to
    Dick Black or anyone else. You really do not know what is going on, and for the people here to pretend that they can make conclusions about a large group of people they do not even know is just laughable!

    A lot has happened in the last few years, many new people, lots of good ideas and energy. It is not “two cliques” and it does not have the drama you want to pretend is there–

  • Ryan Cool says:

    I said that I was sure that there were some good people there. I’m confident that is the truth.
    Blue Ridge sure did turn on Mr Belrose all for personal political deals, right? That may not be two cliques, but clear division and backstabbing. Sounds like its worth the dues.
    Members do talk openly. Sometimes it sounds like a really bad reality show.

  • sally says:


    No one EVER attacked Mr. Belrose. Someone else announced at the last minute he was running for BR chair, and many “old timers” did not show, many “new comers” did, and Ben was not re-elected.

    Ben is quite valuable and we ALL listen to him, and respect him. I suspect it is one reason the Lazaro trial balloon did not go far.

    You simply do not know what you are talking about, and have no standing to smear people you don’t even know. Maybe if more people would participate they would be happier with the results. Ben is in there working, and doing all he is capable of to make things better, I suggest you do the same.

    Blogging such derogatory remarks on the internet about people and things you have no knowledge of is making me question my initial impression of you as an articulate, intelligent and thoughtful person. Really, think about what you just said about an organization you know nothing about, people you have never even met– all you know is twisted gossip that has gone down the line like a game of telephone… and it ends up with a much different message than it started out with..

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Getting rid of Belrose was all part of the P-ville mafia grand plan. And Sally, I know more than you or those playing you think I know. There are indeed two main camps, and they’re constantly sniping at each other. CONSTANTLY. Both sides, both ways.

  • sally says:

    So, the main camps are? Who? The only one I know sniping is you. And you dropped out of the LCRC.

    Yes Ryan, LI was a member, even though he worked hard to get the likes of Andrea McGimsey, Kelly Burke, Stevens Miller and Susan Buckley elected. We let him in, horrors!
    Dumb enough to even listen to LI’s opinions!

    Yes, I was one of the ones disappointed that Ben was not re-elected chair of our district, but his challenger was a brand new member, and unexpected– and a bunch of people joined the LCRC upset about Obama, etc… and a few from Purcellville were upset with Ben, and did join and voted against him…

    and then other people who had been faithfully helping and working either did not come to the first meeting where the elections took place or did not get their paperwork in on they could not vote…

    LI, you are supporting Burton and Baldwin, so of course you will snipe at the LCRC.

    Everyone else here, unless you actually come to the meetings, work with the committees, volunteer with those who are tirelessly working to expose the tax and spend/big government/land grab BoS who cares little about the actual drinking water of its residents and will let a superfund site sit for years and ignore GUDI community well situations–you just don’t know what you are talking about…

    LI, I would say many many of our members are new, never involved in politics before, working hard because Obama spurred them to be involved, and the antics of this Board, with its energy policy, Ches Bay, and raising our taxes has got people mad as h#ll… it is not the old “factions” that you once knew, I have not seen Dale Myers at all for example, in years… it is new people, energized people, people who want to make a difference, who felt they were asleep, and are telling their neighbors to “Wake UP” and take our country back or we are going to lose the liberty and freedom we cherish…

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Sally, the sniping and griping is constant. The difference with me is that I put it out for everyone to see – most of the rest is whisper campaigns.

    Others currently on the LCRC worked against the last BOS as well. Hell, one of the current Ex. Com. members even ran against the Republican nominee who beat him at the convention. Plenty of LCRC members surreptisiously helped Steve Simpson after he was defeated.

    I have not made up my mind on Burton vs. Clarke, but I am supporting Baldwin over Higgins. That one’s a no-brainer.

    There are a lot of people who are in this for real change for the better, but unfortunately there remain too many people, especially the “leaders” who are in it for their own selfish reasons.

  • sally says:

    I don’t really know what you are talking about, yes, people will always disagree, even family members disagree, but in the end we all come together to do the very best we can.

    This one big reason why so many new people have joined the LCRC: our federal state and local debt exceeds the size of our entire economy. Any candidate who wants our support has got to give more than lip service to these stark facts, and solutions to our spending/taxing issues…

    LI, with all my involvement on the Ches Bay thing, for example, I have met so many people, who did not vote in the last election, did not know who their supervisor is– only knew that Obama frightened them and they felt they wanted to DO something– even in the womens group, it has been amazing how many people have joined, and how many people are motivated to make a difference. Even more amazing, I have met people who voted for Andrea McG and people who considered themselves Democrats all their lives, and now they are voting with us.

    I know you don’t like all the candidates and district chairs, and you hear a lot of out of school griping, but to state the obvious, democracy is not a neat and tidy concept. Honestly the LCRC is basically very united, and Mark Sell, who I did not support for Chairman, has done a really good job at letting people run with their ideas, participate, etc. He has been extremely inclusive– he is not blocking anyone, not playing any petty games, he has built a good team who is respectful of all ideas, not putting anyone down, encouraging everyone to participate and give what they can.

  • sally says:

    Md. Homeowner “shocked” his back yard is No Mow, fined $2500 for mowing, planting flowers, putting in a bball hoop.

    Staff routinely LIES to our Board, and no one calls them on it. Would a college degree help? maybe not, but it IS hundreds and thousands of documents every week that our Board members must read to do their jobs well, and just asking staff in a meeting to give them the “bottom line” is leading us off a cliff.

  • Ravi Oli says:

    Mr. Ryan Cool, Ravi does not know you, but feels compelled to serve as a good samaritan in this particular instance on this particular blog. Read the quote below:

    “Blogging such derogatory remarks on the internet about people and things you have no knowledge of is making me question my initial impression of you as an articulate, intelligent and thoughtful person.”

    Let me assure you Mr. Ryan Cool of one thing and one thing only: You are an articulate, intelligent, and thoughtful person ONLY WHEN YOU AGREE with some people. Otherwise, you are an INarticulate, UNintelligent, and UNthoughtful person. There is an old saying where Ravi is from that goes like this:

    Cheers to you,
    And cheers to me,
    And, should we ever disagree,
    SCREW YOU! Cheers to me.

    Be forewarned, Mr. Ryan Cool, be very forewarned. Do not put out the fire with gasoline. Run from the fire, Mr. Ryan Cool. Run from the fire.

  • sally says:

    Ravi, Ryan Cool asked if Mr. York has a college degree. All the supporters here, including you Ravi and LI, don’t want to highlight that fact…

    One thing I will say about Scott York is he is not tone deaf, and he is hearing the people loud and clear on Ches Bay.

  • sally says:

    But he does not have a college degree.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    I would say 12 years on the LC BOS is probably equivalent or better to some degrees bestowed at some places of higher education.

  • BlackOut says:

    Ravi, I hope you are running out in front of Mr. Cool. Seemsa sheza bout to turn your way. It might be a good idea to throw out curry flares as you depart the scene. That might divert any incoming missiles.

  • Ravi Oli says:

    Written By Ravi Oli’s Conscience:

    Mr. Ravi Oli, this is your conscience speaking to you. You are conflicted. On one hand you would like to say that you could give a rat’s ass about whether or not Scott York has a college degree. You have long known that academic degrees aren’t a measure of on the job competence. Hell, you’ve known people with 2 year degrees, 4 year degrees, and even law degrees who are completely lacking in both common sense and social intelligence. On the other hand you are reluctant to respond at all, as responding would mean directly engaging Ms. Sally. In the deepest recesses of your heart, you know that no good can come from this. Ravi Oli, you must resist the siren’s call by hitting yourself repeatedly on the forehead with a ball-peen hammer, all the while embracing the pain, until the urge to respond has been completely vanquished. Remember, as they say where you are from: “No pain, no gain.”

  • Ravi Oli says:

    Oh holy, sacred and all-knowing conscience of mine, blessed art thou for imparting such profoundly sensible advice unto me. Ravi will try to resist the call of the siren. Ravi will also try to not eat chocolate bars during the daytime.

  • tony says:

    JAnet Clarke has an extensive record when she served on the Purcellville Town Council after she was appointed to fill Lazaro’s seat. She voted to sue the County six or seven lawsuits to stop the building of Woodgrove High School. Then she negotiated to withdraw any additional frivolous lawsuits, if the County of Loudoun would pay 5.78 million to Purcellville. She knew the County would have to pay the money because the delay in building the needed high school could not continue. Oh yes, then there was her brilliant vote to buy the Baptist Church Building (for a new town hall), assessed at 700,000-800,000 for $2 million. As a member of the church ( I am told), she did not recuse herself from the vote. There were a lot of tax increase votes as well.

  • Karl Phillips says:

    Tony, you beet me to the punch. All true. I used to be Janet Clarke’s neighbor and thought she was a decent person. When she was appointed to the Town Council I was opptomistic about her qualifications and interest in serving. She turned out to be a nightmare. Yes she voted consitantly to sue the county to obstruct Woodgrove High School. No one in Loudoun County should make the mistake of down playing that move. It cost the taxpayers huge sums of money to play that game. Worst of all it had a terrible impact in all the students of western Loudoun who had to put up with years of unnecessary overcrowding. Several classes were denied the opportunity to attend Loudoun Valley as Freshmen and instead had to spend that time at Harmony. They missed many schoolastic opportunities because of Janet Clarke and the other members of the Town Council, including Bob Lazaro. Here is the worst part of that whole mess. The entire Council always knew they would never win those lawsuites. No matter what Clarke, Lazaro and the others may say, it was all a delaying tactic. I can’t think of a more aggregious misuse of a public position. Janet Clarke cost us all hundreds of thousands of tax dollars in wasteful legal fees. Then she helped to broker the deal to extort 6 million dollars from the county treasury. This woman now wants to serve on the BOS of that very same county? As fiscal conservative you should all be outraged. I truly hope some day that each and every member of the Purcellville Town Council that played a role in this enormous theft of public funds is prosecuted and forced to repay the taxpayers for what they did.

    Karl Phillips

  • sally says:

    Montgomery homeowner learns backyard is a No Mow Zone”

    “Listen, we wouldn’t have bought the place if we knew we couldn’t use the back yard.”

    From the Washington Post 2-18-2011

    Many lots in the County are 100 percent no disturb “buffers” with this CBPO. The rest of the County is a “resource management area.” Burton does not even want playsets in the County, and grumpily abstains from straw vote to exempt “playsets ” from the CBPO — Stevens Miller does not know what a “playset” is…. Janet Clarke has pledged to repeal the CBPO, and to work on the budget…

    Your statements that they “knew” they would lose, Mr. Phillips, is simply a weak stab. I may not agree with everything Janet did, but defending the Town’s joint say in the PUGAMP was appropriate, just like Sam Brown defending his joint ownership of his farm… it was wrong of the County to shove the new high school on the town unilaterally, and the Town had veto power that was ignored.

  • sally says:

    Mr. Phillips, you conveniently ignore the fact that the Virginia Supreme Court upheld the Town’s position on the PUGAMP, and found that no high school was planned where the County proposed to put it (Fields Farm.) Unfortunately, the high court sent the case back to the circuit court for a new trial, which would have been another lengthy round of disagreement, and Janet wisely worked on a solution, some sort of compromise, on the annexation of Fields Farm, the utilities, and then $$s for infrastructure improvements.

    If you think that everyone should just defer to the entity that has the most money, power and lawyers, whether they are right or wrong–to “save” taxpayers money, then you would agree that Mr. Brown should just give up and stop wasting taxpayer money defending his suits over his farm? We should all just defer to the more powerful, even if they are bullies and tyrants? is that what you are saying? I don’t think so. I just don’t think you understand how hypocritical you sound in your criticism of Janet Clarke working on behalf of the Town, acting on professional advice from their attorneys and town planners, etc.

    What happens in the next election is a lot bigger than Purcellville’s personality squabbles, it is the future of our County because we are at a breaking point with our taxes and over regulation that has ground our economy and economic development to a halt. Loudoun is rapidly getting a reputation for an obstructionist government, anti everything.

    AS far as the Towns go, the County needs to stop micromanaging the Town’s use of their own land and resources, and defer to the Town’s rights to self determine. If the Towns make mistakes, it is THEIR mistake, THEIR jurisdiction, and then that is up to the residents of the Towns to do something in the next election– the County needs to stay out of the Towns’ business… I think Janet understands that, as Mr. Burton will never stop meddling with everyone’s use of their land in the County and the Towns…he is in the extreme stop everything camp, and make it as difficult as possible to even place a play set in your yard. If you read the article about Montgomery county (you can find it at the site) you will see that the homeowners were fined $2500 for planting flowers and mowing, and putting a basketball hoop in their yard… is this what you want for Loudoun?

    Burton is the one to blame for the travesty of the high school litigation, his arrogance, his inability to TALK about anything, his cold blooded and hard hearted vindictiveness to make people SUFFER. He cares nothing about suffering.

    Do you know ANYTHING about the issues in the County? Have you listened to the plight of Raspberry Falls? You completely discredit yourself by making the silly claims that Purcellville “knew” it would lose when it actually got a very good ruling– but the litigation was too lengthy and draining… I have been an outspoken critic of the Town’s Attorney, but there is no way they filed the suit just to “delay” and an attorney who did that (they had excellent outside counsel) could be seriously sanctioned by the Courts… that is a simply untrue and libelous charge. I would expect more thoughtfulness from you.

  • Eric the 1/2 Troll says:

    “If you think that everyone should just defer to the entity that has the most money, power and lawyers, whether they are right or wrong–to “save” taxpayers money, then you would agree that Mr. Brown should just give up and stop wasting taxpayer money defending his suits over his farm?”

    Where is Janet on this issue again?

  • sally says:

    It is a TOWN issue Eric, not a County issue, and she is running for BOS. The BOS should stay out of it— to get into it, would truly be a waste and an abuse…

    I brought it up though as an example– since I know Mr. Phillips supports Sam Brown’s litigation against everyone, I thought it was appropriate as an example of his blindly hypocritical analysis– it is ok for some to stand on their rights, but not others???

    Does Mr. Phillips understand that the CBPO will harm farming in the county and that Mr. Brown may very well be very lucky to be in the Town, exempt from the CBPO regs??? You realize that the State Farm Bureau is suing the EPA over this Ches Bay stuff, and that the local farm bureau is questioning WHY Loudoun County would volunteer for something that is not required of it…

  • Eric the 1/2 Troll says:

    Nice non-answer, spokesperson. I think you’ve found a new carreer.

  • Karl Phillips says:


    Yes I am very aware and informed about county issues. I’ve lived in the county for 12 years and have been a political activist for ten of those. I served on the Purcellville Town Council for four years and was a candidate for mayor twice. I continue to stay informed about the issues of the county in which I live. It is a fact that the members of the Town Council knew they were going to lose those lawsuits. They lost every one of them. They were warned by many people including myself that they could not win. Case in point: when they sued the county to condemn Fields Farm to acquire the water resources there. That was a no brainer. But they went ahead and wasted valuable treasury anyway. You are correct Sally that the litigation was wasteful and draining, but whose fault was that? Bob Lazaro and the Town Council made the decision to litigate. They did so in numerous closed sessions. They ignored citizen after citizen who critized them for their actions. It is not the fault of the courts who ruled against them, it is their own fault for litigating in the first place. They were in the wrong. The battle to stop Woodgrove High School had nothing to do with the Town’s rights. It had everything to do with Mayor Lazaro promising to provide enough water and sewer resources for 1600 Patrick Henry Colloge students. That is a fact because Bob Lazaro told me that himself in 2004 when he was a Councilman. He could not provide utilities to both the high school and PHC. That is what the fight was really about, not PUGAMP, not traffic nor the so called county bully. Janet Clarke knew it and was a willing participant in this fraud against the people of Purcellville and the rest of the county. Her role in all this speaks volumes about her character and judgement. Her record on the Town Council is a valid issue if she wants to be a candidate for Supervisor. She has never, to my knowledge, served in any other public office and her recent record on the Council should be examined closely. I use terms like fraud, theft and prosecution because the actions Bob Lazaro and his minions on the Council have taken are criminal as far as I’m concerned.

  • sally says:

    Mr. Phillips, I know who you are, but what you are saying makes absolutely no sense.

    1. You claim they could not provide water/sewer to both the school and PHC, but they are doing that just now.

    2. The County was going to do Woodgrove without the Town’s utilities– with a haul and pump and wells, the County did not need to hook up to the Town water/sewer.

    3. You need to read the Virginia Supreme Court decision, where the Court found the Town had valid concerns about the location of the high school, and where that Court found Judge Horne was wrong to find the Town had agreed to the high school at the location where it is currently. The Town did not “loose” as you claim, it won a large victory over its rights in the PUGAMP.

    4. Janet Clarke made a terrible situation better in negotiating to finally end the stand off, with Mr. Burton’s continued attitude that the Town would obey him. The County agreed to allow the Town to annex the school, that the town would provide the utilities, that the County would contribute $$ towards infrastructure. She was one of the few people who had the grace to talk to everyone without being offensive, to persist to try to resolve the controversy.

    5. Maybe they were confronted with people who said you will lose, you can’t win, but I am sure they did not ever say to anyone that they were sure they could not win, they were doing it for delay only– you must have misunderstood whatever was said, because that is not rational talk, and as I said, an attorney would be sanctioned for filing a suit like that.

    6. My understanding is that there was no suit to condemn Fields Farm, just the Town attorney had suggested that as some sort of legal remedy. If the Town Atty did suggest that, then she should be fired, and I have had a lot of issues with her, and some of her “advice.”

    7. Again, if so many citizens were against it, then why weren’t others elected?

    8. If you support Burton, and what he did in forcing Fields Farm as the location for the High School, then I guess you would be upset with the Town. If you support Burton’s agenda to make the simplest improvement to homeowner property in the county difficult (like adding a swing set) then I can see how you would not want Janet Clarke. If you support Burton’s initiative to make farming and rural economy uses more difficult to maintain and establish in our recently down zoned western Loudoun which was downzoned supposedly to preserve farming, then you won’t like Janet. If you agree it is proper to obstruct any and all new roads, or expansion of any infrastructure (even to provide clean water to existing residents who need it) and take the PECs marching orders, then by all means vote for Jim Burton, who talks to no one but a few special elite. If you want someone who always wants to raise taxes, and has let our budget balloon, then you want Burton. That is your choice.

  • Tom P says:

    While I am sure the following statements will be decried as fabrications by quite a few on this site…

    (1) I won’t speak for anyone but myself on this one but it was never intimated/implied/asserted, stated, etc…by any attorney representing the Town in the Pugamp matters that the Town’s position would not be upheld in any particular case. Quite the opposite. Nor did I believe that the Town’s position was not the proper one to follow for the residents of the Town, the people I was elected to represent.
    (2) The most recent Patrick Henry College Annexation actually includes a requirement for the college to provide either their own water source for the number of users they will have or provide a monetary contribution to the Town to offset the Town’s cost to acquire the water resources it has already purchased over the past several years.
    (3) Only three people were in all of the meetings/negotiations/discussions regarding possible settlement of the Pugamp issues – Scott York, Janet Clarke and myself. The Town and County attorneys were in most, but not all. So I believe I can speak from a unique perspective. While not all of us agreed at all times on the one and only way to settle the variety of issues, each and every participant was diligently searching to find common ground which ended up, as Sally aptly noted, in a mutually agreeable settlement. Janet worked tirelessly to to that end. Folks who did not participate in that process can offer only uninformed opinions and biased speculations.

  • Karl Phillips says:


    What I stated makes complete sense. You want to paint Janet Clarke as this wonderful person who somehow resolved the standoff between the Town and County. It’s not true. You are buying into these lies and you are now becoming a mouthpiece for them. Janet Clarke contributed significantly to the problem in the first place by voting to sue the County. The end result was that the County eventually agreed to pay $6 million in extortion money so that a sorely needed high school could be built on land the county purchased way back in 2000.

    The only thing the Supreme Court did was uphold the legality of PUGAMP, something the Town is now violating in its effort to condemn part of Crooked Run Orchard. The promise Lazaro made in 2004 to PHC involved utilities for 1600 students in dorms that have not yet been constructed. Right now the town is only providing utilities for a couple hundred. Why do you think Lazaro has barrowed $32 million to expand the sewage plant? There was no mandate from the state to build it. That is a huge lie that Lazaro continues to tell. I don’t care if you beleive me or not about the deal Lazaro struck, it happened. Yes the County was planning to use pump and haul and wells, but only because Lazaro, Clarke and the others refused to cooperate with them. They only relented once the County agreed to pay the $6 million in extortion.

    I did not misunderstand what was said about the chances of the Town’s success in the lawsuits, or why they were initiated. I was well aware of the true reasons for Lazaro’s opposition. It was all based on the need for him to fulfill his end of the deal he made with PHS to provide them with utilities. Lazaro is from Nassau County, NY, the land of litigation. I also grew up on Long Island and understand the mindset there. People up there have an attitude that if you don’t get what you want through peruasion you sue. You sue until the other side can’t afford to fight you any more. Look at Lazaro’s record. Since becoming mayor he has led a Council that has initiated one lawsuit after another against the county and now Sam Brown. In the case of the Browns they have had to sue the Town in order to defend their rights. I will predict that the Town will eventually lose those suits as well. Maureen Gilmore is highly paid by the Town and will do what ever she is told to do. She did file numerous suits and the town lost them all. If she was worth her salt she should have advised them against the suits. She may have but obviously she did their bidding and her losing streak speaks for itself.

    There certainly was a lawsuit iniated by the Town to condemn Fields Farm. The Town lost that suit and was in the process of apealling to the State Supreme Court. The County knew that the appeal would delay the Woodgrove project for another year. The BOS decided that they could not afford to delay the project any longer, so they caved into the Town and paid the $6 Million in extortion.

    It is now very difficult for any opponents of Lazaro to get elected. He has established a powerful political machine in Purcellville modeled after Nassau County politics. Most of the local news media is biased and won’t report what is really going on in Western Loudoun. That is beginning to change. The Blue Ridge Leader is back in print and telling all. People are starting to pay attention now. Things could be very different in the next election.

    I will end this post by reiterating that the entire Town Council knew they could not win those lawsuits. The fact that they lost them all makes that obvious. How do I know they lost? They appealed each ruling to the Supreme Court or were in the process of doing so when the County settled. You don’t appeal when you win Sally. Many of Lazaro’s critics knew the Town would lose and said so publicly. The Council was warned and persisted anyway. You didn’t have to be an attorney to figure this out. The Council would have to be incredibly stupid people to really believe they could prevail in court. They are not stupid. Though they must think the citizens are.

  • sally says:

    Mr. Phillips, respectfully, you say so many contradictory things it is hard to keep up, and perhaps you should call me on the phone because typing may not convey everything I mean to say.

    I am absolutely not Janet Clarke’s “mouthpiece.” I simply support her candidacy, and I blog often on Too Conservative.

    Both the Town and the County appealed circuit court decisions, and the Virginia Supreme Court sent the case back for a new trial because it found some of Judge Horne’s findings of fact were not based on appropriate legal underpinnings, like the location of the High School, and the validity of the PUGAMP. The Virginia Supreme Court decision was basically a decision for the Town.

    The Town won on appeal, in a major way. That is winning, not losing. They got the Supreme Court of Virginia to agree with them, that is no small feat, and that Court is not going to go with some frivolous assertions as you suggest.

    You obviously are upset about the Brown farm/Harris Teeter, and I understand why you might be upset, but blaming Janet Clarke the way you are doing is like coming home after a bad day at work and kicking the dog. You don’t like Lazaro, I get that. I would not support Lazaro as a candidate for BoS member or for Chairman. He is not Janet Clarke, who has a special set of gifts, can work with all kinds of people, and I think is authentic and cares to make a difference. I just don’t think attacking her this way is fair, and I don’t find anything you have said to be persuasive. I am willing to consider reasonable statements, but some of the things you apparently believe are just irrational, in my opinion, like your statement that they lost, that’s why they appealed. Both the County and Town appealed, so in your book they both lost. The Town WON on appeal, in a big way, and that WIN is what finally forced the settlement and convinced Burton to bend– the Town was always willing to work with the county and Scott York was always willing to work with the Town, but Burton managed to block all reasonable efforts to work things out… Janet did a great job in my opinion.

    I don’t agree with everything she has done on the Town Council, but I do think she is bright, energetic, and will continue to do the best she can– and her heart is in the right place, as well as her core values… again, I blame Mr. Burton for the prolonged litigation. Whenever there is litigation it is because the parties cannot talk, and that is always a shame– litigation is a waste, however sometimes it is necessary, and I do think the Town was right to defend its PUGAMP. Just like you think Sam Brown is right to defend/protect his partial interest in his land…

  • Cathy says:

    Janet Clarke is awesome. She represents the voice of many moms like me who dedicate their time as volunteers to better our community. Look at her record of support in so many organizations, especially working with our youth, over the years. Some people just don’t get it. Cathy

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