Where Does Ron Speakman Really Live?

By Lloyd the Idiot

In a recent comment on Too Conservative, Amy Kelly, a paid campaign advisor for Ron Speakman said in defending Ron Speakman’s claimed residence in Leesburg, “Ron has a Leesburg residence that he has owned for over 25 years, and from which he files both Federal and Virginia taxes.”  Mr. Speakman’s website similarly states he is a “26 year resident of Loudoun County.”

The statements, at best, are misleading.  Their clear implication is that he’s a long time Loudouner, but note that neither statement actually says he’s lived here continuously for that period.  In fact, Mr. Speakman owns a residence in Potomac, Maryland, and it is that Maryland address he used in reporting political contributions made in 2000.

Although I don’t expect a candidate’s family to have lived in his district since the Revolution, I do expect unquestionable honesty from any candidate, especially when he’s seeking the position of the county’s top law enforcement officer.  Frankly, after what we’ve already seen with Sheriff Simpson, we simply cannot risk a sheriff who is anything but a “straight shooter” (pardon the pun).  From what I’ve seen so far, we don’t have that in Mr. Speakman.


  • Loudoun Outsider says:

    Ask him where filed state income tax returns for the the last three tax years?

  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    His camp says he filed VA state tax returns. Is there a reason not to believe that?

  • RWN says:

    LI, since attacking Republicans nevers seems to never cease with you , please enlighten who the not too conservative posse is endorsing for sheriff.

  • LI didn’t post this. I did. Speaking for myself, I’m not endorsing anyone as yet, though I like what I’ve seen of Chapman

  • BlackOut says:

    RWN, when are you going to stop drinking?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    RWN, did you support Ahlemann last time or Simpson, like Jack Ryan? Ask Ahlemann how much I did for him, I was much more helpful than you were, I’m sure.

    Chapman is the slear front runner now, and both he and Dickerson really have no major flaws. I like the fact that they’re both former feds, since we obviously need more coordination with the feds here in Loudoun County. All of this big high profile cases like el-Atari and this new tribby case are being handled by the feds, with zero cooperation with the locals, probably because they don’t trust them.

    Speakman has way too many negatives, as evidenced by this post and other stuff out there yet to get a bigger platform. Davis is simply a horrible campaigner who was just too late to the game, besdies being a former fourth place finisher as an Independent. Either of those guys getting the nomination will throw it to Simpson. The Simpson backers would love to see Speakman especially as the nominee.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I’m waiting for Amy to come back on and tell us he really doesn’t live in that big house in Potomac, Maryland.

  • cop4ever says:

    Wow,is this really true that Speakman doesn’t really live in LC ? Amy please come back and report on this-better come up with a good story. Maybe you will report back that the MD home is a vacation pad. Your words were so heartwarming that I thought you were endorsing Mother Theresa for sheriff, not some slick mortgage broker who does not want to live in our fine county

  • Loudoun Hunter says:

    Mr. Speakman claims he is a 25 year resident of Loudoun County. If you click on the links in the original post by Lloyd the Idiot you will see those claims are refuted by the facts. If you do further research on Mr. Speakmans claims you find some other interesting facts about them. If you search the Loudoun County land records for his address of 214 Mason Lane, Leesburg, VA. You will find the following:

    The property was bought by his long-time friend Scott A. Warner and has a recordation date of 06/06/2005. That is the only name that appears in the land book. If you check the tax records on the property, only Scott A. Warner’s name appears each year up until 10/05/2010. Then there is a new recordation date of 10/05/2010 in which Mr. Speakmans name is added to the deed. It now shows Scott A. Warner and Ronald D. Speakman as owners. During a period of 5 years only Scott A. Warner’s name appears. It reflects there was no sales price on the 10/05/2010 recordation date.

    Land Book Owner As of Jan 1, 2010
    214 MASONS LN SE
    LEESBURG VA 20175-8749

    Land Book Owner As of Jan 1, 2011
    214 MASONS LN SE
    LEESBURG VA 20175-8749

    The combined information raises several questions:

    Why is he living with his best friend instead of his wife?

    Why did he make his prior political contributions in Montgomery County, Maryland and not Loudoun County, VA if he were a 25 year resident?

    Why did he use the address on his campaign filing before he was on the deed?

    He had a business in Leesburg and was employed with the Leesburg Police Department. Is that what he is using for his 25 year residency?

    During his illness earlier this year, he left Fairfax Hospital to go home to recuperate. Which home did he go to recover?

    Look at his web site and newspaper interviews – are there other discrepancies?

    Mr. Speakmans home in Maryland is not his vacation pad that is located in the Carolina’s.

    We have had a slick Willie and now I guess we have a rascal Ron.

  • One other biggie: where was he registered to vote from 2000-2010?

  • Loudoun Hunter says:

    I have two quick follow up points;

    When you click on the tax information link provided for Montgomery County, Maryland
    it shows some very interesting information. The tax record on file shows from 1999 to current that it is owned by Ronald A. Speakman. Mr. Speakman actually bought the home in 1997. But the most interesting thing is under the section titled occupancy it that it is listed as his primary residence.

    The question raised by Loudoun Outsider about asking Speakman where he filed his taxes for the last 3 years is kind of vague and allows some wiggle room. The response given also has some wiggle room. The more direct question might be: What state(s) did you file your personal income taxes in for the last 3 years?

    LEVY YEAR 2010
    TAX PERIOD 07/01/2010-06/30/2011


    7400 MASTERS DR POTOMAC, MD 20854-3852

  • Loudoun Hunter says:

    Sorry, I tried to cut and paste from The Montgomery County web-site but it didnt line up on the transfer to this site. I think people can figure it out.

  • Loudoun Outsider says:

    On another post I hinted Speakman lived in a trailer on Evergreen Mill Road. As pointed out here, the property in question is on Mason’s Lane. I drive that road sometimes at night and the trailer is always dark.

    The house recently co-titled in Speakman’s name is not exactly Beacon Hill. It is a perfectly respectable small one story red brick rambler. The house is probably 1200 square feet sitting on about a 1/2 acre lot. Kind of cozy for someone like Ron, his wife and his buddy.

    The deed will say what Ron paid for his interest in the house. My guess is that figure will be an interesting number?

    Until this issue is settled, Speakman cannot be considered a viable candidate. Whatever his qualifications or positions, the LCRC cannot risk nominating a candidate whose residency status may be ticking time bomb although they have done it before.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Where’s Amy???

    And what do you think of all this, RWN? Is this the kind of candidate you want as the Loudoun Republican nominee? Speakman just wants to parachute in to Loudoun County after his business goes belly up and run for Sheriff? This should infuriate anyone interested in beating Simpson (if you really are, RWN).

    Interesting stuff, looks like some savvy people are doing some serious research. I’ve been very busy the last few days, thanks to others for stepping up to the plate on this. Loudoun Hunter, if you want to just write up a guest post with what you’ve uncovered, please send it on.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    And I have to ask again, where’s Plowman on this??? And/Or the Electoral Board??? Is Speakman trying to claim a false residency to run for Sheriff?

  • A couple things on this.

    1. As I said in my original post, I don’t expect someone to have lived here forever to be qualified to hold office. Lord knows we’ve seen our share of carpetbaggers moving to a jurisdiction just for a perceived political opportunity (cough, cough, Dick Black). However, no one should tolerate misrepresentations of residency or manipulations of the process.

    2. Last night, I sent Amy an email with a link to this thread. Let’s see how the Speakman camp responds. I certainly hope the response includes evidence of the state of his voter registration (and drivers license) for the past ten years.

  • [crickets chirping]

    It’s been a full 24 hours since the post, but no reply from Speakman.

  • Black/Delgaudio Fan says:

    Do you really think candidates and anyone else really gives a crap about this blog??? I only post here to give you all a reality check!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    BDF, everyone in the know reads and cares about what is said on this blog, whether you or others like it or not. We constantly break real stories that the mainstream media either ignores or doesn’t have the time to look into. This is a p[rime example – the MSM simply regurgitated Speakman’s PR BS without verifying any of it. Are you backing Speakman?

  • Jack Ryan says:

    Did Ahlemann return his campaign contributions from El-Atari? After all the ticket fixer was Mr. Integrity. For the record – I did not support any candidate for Sheriff in 2007. Just trying to keep the facts straight LI.

  • Black/Delgaudio Fan says:

    No Simpson!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Good for you, BDF, but here we have Broad Run LCRC District Chairman Jack Ryan defending Steve Simpson again. Ahlemann wasn’t the sitting Sheriff at the time. Neither was Mike George – both got contributions from el-Atari, and that makes both look bad, but not nearly as bad as it makes Simpson look, especially when you eventually get the rest of the el-Atari story that has yet to be made public.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    And who will you be supporting this time around, Jack, the Republican nominee? And how do we know we can trust what you say, since you were so deceitful in 2007? How about the rest of your Loudoun Independent Party cohorts?

  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    BDF, whether you care or not, others do. The funny thing is that Speakman hasn’t responded which brings to mind a saying, “It takes longer to manufacture a lie than to tell the truth because the factory is always backlogged.”

  • BlackOut says:

    Amy, what you wanna do
    I thought I would hear from you
    For a while, maybe longer if I do

    Now it’s come to what you want, you’ve had your way
    And all the things you thought before just faded into gray
    And can you see, that I don’t know if it’s you or if it’s me
    If it’s one of us I’m sure we both will see, won’t you look at me and tell me

  • Broadlands Guy says:

    Hi All,

    I wanted to rekindle this thread on Speakman due to the great facts that are posted and the recent occurrences in the Sheriff’s race 4 months later and see if there was any further information besides that which we likely all know, but I will post, to light up this thread again.

    Speakman was erroneously gaining support for his BS immigration “plan” during speeches and chatting with potential supporters and began integrating that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli supported his “plan”; a plan to place illegals on a plan at Dulles and circumvent the whole ICE/INS process and magically give Jim Plowman and Loudoun judges the authority to do so. While this sounds fine, Speakman, as Sheriff would have neither jurisdiction nor authority to act in this manner, cannot bootstrap Plowman’s office into this, etc., and unlike on his website where he says he will “recommend” this, which is not a “plan” per se, he attempts to bolster support as if he will actually have this authority when speaking to supporters. Erroneously claiming that Cuccinelli supported his plan, Speakman was spanked by Cuccinelli’s office and forced to email a retraction to everyone on his email list. I also hear that Cuccinelli was still pissed because Speakman twisted the retraction to simply say Cuccinelli did not “publically” support this plan, insinuating that he did so privately.

    The other seemingly major turn is that Chapman has now received the full backing and endorsement of the Commonwealth’s Attorney, which, in such a contested race between three individuals and an incumbent, is key support and seems to tell a tale of who is really qualified or should be placed in that position.

    Also, most of the endorsements on Speakman’s website are from those in what used to be, 20 years ago when Speakman was a patrol officer, a very tiny, perhaps 10 to 12 person department in the then tiny town of Leesburg… maybe 20 with administrative staff. And all of those folks are either his current drinkin’ buddies or in the case of one, has been kicked off the department for being a drunk and an injury that resulted. Then the strongest endorsement he has, and only written endorsement, is from Fauquier County where he was simply on the auxiliary squad at the same time he was involved in the mortgage business. No LCRC members, no folks in any law-enforcement supervisory positions over him when he was full time, no one with any sort of name or title in Loudoun County supports him for Sheriff… just those he can sham.

    Speaking of the mortgage business, Speakman’s primary residence, as reported above, is in a 1.1M home in Potomac, MD (Zillow.com numbers which run low), but what most don’t know is that Speakman made most of his money selling sub-prime mortgages… part of the current mortgage problem. In fact, I believe an old video is currently being resurrected showing Speakman advertising that it did not matter what your credit was, he could get you a no-doc loan and into your dream house. LOL

    I recently heard this analogy; Speakman becoming Sheriff is like a Petty Officer on a Service Type Craft (smallest they have), leaving to sell mortgages, and then coming back 15 or 20 years later and asking to be an Admiral. LOL Absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful to the 600+ who work for LCSO and the 300K+ residence of Loudoun.

    And, where was that recent video made on his site… I wish my home had beautiful wooden walls like that. Could it be that this was made in his primary residence in Potomac, MD?

    Finally, I hear that AG Cuccinelli, now that Speakman has formally pissed them off and still attempted to insinuate that Cuccinelli privately endorsed, will be requesting an investigation of Speakman’s eligibility as a candidate to both the electoral board and Commonwealth Attorney’s office due to his sham residency claims; from what I understand, there are specific requirements which the electoral board has yet often overlook and any formal investigation actually has to come from outside authority; and this may include voter fraud if he voted in Virginia due to his business being here, yet resided in MD.

    Thoughts? More info?

  • Broadlands Guy says:

    Sorry, on a plane* at Dulles–typing too fast above, pardon my errors.

  • JAG says:

    The fact that he has a residence in Maryland at all is bad enough. You could have ended it there. Only lemmings and socialists live there.

  • e.michelle says:

    Ron Speakman lives at 7400 Masters Dr. in Potomac, MD. If you check the tax records you will see that is his principal residence. He quit claimed himself on to his best friend’s deed in October 2010 so he could claim that he is a Loudoun County Resident. He also committed a misdemeanor by claiming the Leesburg address as his legal residence on his 2010 annual report for Mortgage and Equity Funding Corporation. Prior to 2010, his address was listed as 7400 Masters Dr. on each of the annual reports since he purchased the business in 1995, at which time he really was a Leesburg resident with then wife, Maureen. He was shot in 1996 by a girlfriend who caught him cheating with current wife, Katy, whom he was cheating on his wife with. Got that? Cheating on his wife with Katy, cheating on Katy with the girl who shot him. He is a master manipulator of address schemes which is why he was so good at subprime lending. Just ask all the folks who lost their homes because he convinced them to state their income higher than it was, had them put a family member on the mortgage, and all the other ways he could get around the federal lending guidelines. I personally have witnessed him purjor himself, make racial slurs, commit sexual harrassment, among other things. So have many Loudoun residents that will not speak up for fear of backlash from him and his “friends.”

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