Supervisor Molleur?

By Loudoun Insider

Oh my God, there are rumors flying around the blogosphere that frequent internet firebomber Robert Molleur is considering a run for the PWC Board of Supervisors, with strong property rights backing. Check out NLS and BVBL, where Greg makes hilarious reference to insects and windshields. Jean-Charles, where are you when we need you?


  • Jean-Charles says:

    Ooo la la! Allez le Molleur. Actualment, je prefere qu’il sa present comme un candidat pour gobernour! Le Board du PWC c’est trop petit pour une personne super-inteligent comme le Molleur. Mais, s’il va a faire la campaign, sera tres interesant, n’est ce pas?

    Ooo la la. Go Molleur. Actually, I prefer him run for ze governour. Ze PW Board c’est too small for someone wiz such intelligence. But, if he run, it will be very interesting, no? O, mon dieu, I am very excited for ziz development–“t” are you also excited for le Molleur? Let’s work togezer for him!!! Allez le Molleur!!!

  • I can only hope that this is true. Oh, the fun we’d have!

  • West-Pac Marine 69-73 says:

    Lets get a grip here folks. Molleur can’t run because he is a federal employee. Unless the law has been changed and I don’t think it has, the Hatch Act prohibits a federal employee from participating in partisan political activities. And even if he could run, he’s not going to win with three votes – his, his wife and “+”s.

  • White Trash Observer says:

    Sure, spoil it for us. We can still imagine the beating he’d take….

  • buddy holly says:

    Yes, he could run as an Independent.

  • Jean-Charles says:

    Don’t forget ze vote from Jean-Charles!!!
    He can run comme Independent. Ca n’est pas “partisan” et comme ca, he won’t violate ze Hatch Act. Allez le Molleur!!!!!!!!!

  • Jean-Charles says:

    Exactament Msr. Holly!

  • Had to Say says:

    There are exceptions to the Hatch act, and if he qualifies he can run as an independent. That really is a scary thought. I don’t know him but some of his ranting and ravings on these blogs are scary!!
    But you are right, we could have some fun

  • The Voice says:

    If he runs as an independent, would that make him a fake republican?

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