“Remember Today That You are from Old Virginia”

By Too Conservative
It was a very good day today for Virginia in the United State Senate. Two excellent representatives of the Commonwealth, Sean Connaughton and Charles (“Chip”) Nottingham, appeared before the Senate Commerce Committee for confirmation hearings on their appointments to head the United State Maritime Administration and the Surface Transportation Board, respectively.
Senators Warner and Allen were there to praise both men for their service in federal, state and local govenrment. As it relates to Northern Virginia politics, Senator Allen was particularly effusive in his praise for all that Sean Connaughton had done for Prince William county over the past six years. Congressmen Davis and Wolf joined in support of the two nominees. Davis’s testimony made much of the financial management skills of Connaughton in securing Prince William’s AAA bond rating and navigating the complex gorwth issues that have faced the County. Senator Allen praised Connaughton for “sticking to principle” while at the same time bringing together a very diverse community. Senator Trent Lott commended the President for finding nominees with state and local government experience (Nottingham held an executive position in VDOT before going to the Federal Highway Administration).
Both nominees were described by their supporters in the Congress as practical, “can-do” administrators. My sense as a Virginian was that it was a good day for the profile of the Commonwealth on the national stage.
Chairman Ted Stevens indicated that the Committee would endeavor to move the nominations quickly and that confirmation might occur as early as the end of next week.


  • Bwana says:

    I don’t know that quoting George Pickett (from shortly before his famous charge at Gettysburg)sets the quite the hopeful note you want for Chairman Sean! 😉

  • NoVA Scout says:

    I thought about that, Bwana, but decided the words are too good not to use occasionally. Otherwise they just slip into oblivion. It was pretty impressive to see that Senate Hearing Room dominated by Allen, Warner, Davis and two impressive nominees from the Old Dominion.

  • Dave Richardson says:


    I ment no disrespect or insult with my comment over on Va. Conservative about your choice of words. I apologize if you took offense. Now that I’ve seen your rationale I salute you for keeping the quote active in the vernacular.

    You are quite correct, the words are too good not to use occasionally; and I am heartened to see someone else holds them in the same regard I do.

    Best wishes to you and yours for the weekend.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    No offensse taken, Dave. I thought your comment showed a deft touch about these particular Virginians breaking the federal line.

    To appreciate the words more fully, I recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen it the Pickett’s charge scene of the movie “Gettysburg.” Stephen Lang does a magnificent job of bringing the words to life and depicting that pregnant moment on the afternoon of July 3rd when everything hung in the balance for less than an hour.

  • Bwana says:

    NoVA Scout is absolutely right…while the movie often r-e-a-l-l-y d-r-a-g-s, the entire run-up to Pickett’s Charge, from Pickett’s exhortation to Lew Armistead’s description of his troops to Longstreet’s relucant approval to start the charge rings true.

    I still don’t know about Matin Sheen as Robert E. Lee, though…

  • NoVA Scout says:

    Agreed Bwana: Thank goodness for Scene Selection on DVDs. If you didn’t know anything else about Martin Sheen, it probably would be toted up as an excellent performance. I particularly thought he had a beautiful accent for the part. The resemblance was good also. He needed a different hat and the actor horse who played Traveller was a little on the light side.

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  • Tom says:

    Given that Sean is very stand offish on Confederate Heritage, I find it odd that you would use a quote by George Pickett. A couple of years ago, Sean had the chance to honor Prince Williams’ Confederate heritage, and he turned it down in a very insulting way. He is not a very good Virginian.

  • Virginia Rebel says:

    Long live Virginia!!! Long live the Confederacy!!! George Pickett was a great man and a great Virginian. To put down the Confederacy is to put down Virginia!!!

    (singing) Carry Me Back To Old Virginia (singing)

  • Mike says:

    I agree Long Live Virginia!!! Long Live The Confederacy!!!!

  • Bob says:

    Me too! Long Live Virginia!!! Long Live The Confederacy!!!!

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