Black is Back?

By Loudoun Insider

An interested reader sent me the link to this article in the Loudoun Connection newspaper. Dick Black’s camapign war chest of over 100k is impressive, but I don’t think that any amount will get him re-elected. His re-entry onto the Loudoun political scene would put the final nail in the LCRC coffin in my opinion.

After months of rumors and actions that suggested the current Republican supervisors were working with the LCRC leadership to oust Lori Waters, the latest buzz is that the LCRC is looking for candidates to replace all supervisors except Lori Waters in an acknowldegement that the growth issue is killing the local party. A recent poll conducted by the LCRC suggested that development and traffic are hot button issues with the electorate. A Black is Back (cue the AC/DC soundtrack) effort would point towards the former strategy still holding sway.

Update: After writing this post I checked my TC email account and found an interesting email from a reader suggesting that the 32nd and 33rd Districts are winnable with a centrist Republican candidate. I agree wholeheartedly, but I am not certain that the local Republican leadership agrees. To anyone with private thoughts or leads on new stories, feel free to email me at You can be assured that your privacy will be maintained.


  • James Martin says:

    OHHHHHH NO!!! “The Return of Dick Black”…

  • The Voice says:

    Trying to elect Republicans in all sets except the “four horsemen of the apocolypse” is not only a useless drain on the Party funds, but just the ticket that Loudoun Voters needed to oust the famous four, and end ALL Republican office domination in Loudoun County.

    These LCRC dumbarses might as well have handed the keys to moderate Democrats and have been done with it.
    Catoctin would be ESPECIALLY interesting, because if they pull Geary Higgins out and dust him off, they’re as sure to lose as a three legged horse in a top breeder’s race lineup.

    Add to this, that their strongest competition in at least three of those seats was kicked out of the party back before May. If the LCRC were chess players, they be defeated everytime they sat down. They lack any realistic grasp of the electorate and this is only getting worse.

  • TNTnLoudoun says:

    So. H2 is “contributing” to Black, and Black is paying Mrs. Staton, whose husband is a county board member, where H2 has projects going on. Ok, I get it.

  • Loudoun Conservative says:

    so which is it? is the LCRC leadership trying to oust their own incumbents or not? rumors are just that and you are doing more harm than good by spreading contradictory ones.

  • The Voice says:

    John Andrews II will be going head to head with Lori, who is already a conservative Republican who does not lean towards development initiated tax increases. Call that a rumor.

    Jim Clem’s seat may not be a battle for the pro-development, because I’ve not heard if he plans on running it. If he runs, he’ll also get a challenge from the pro-builders because of his endorsement and co-authoring position of the Burton-Clem plan.

  • Please get a grip, Loudoun Conservative. “Contradictory rumors” are just that – differing winds in the political storm, there is certainly no harm done in throwing them out for discussion. Both positions have been talked about by many in Loudoun County in the last several weeks.

  • The Voice says:

    Some in the Party still think that Denial is a river in Egypt. I’m all for cool, collected and REALISTIC Republicans to hold the offices, because I agree on the fiscal conservative side and a score of other issues.

    But pro-growth candidates are going nowhere in ’07, and trying to remove sitting Republicans because they won’t help your developer friends is just a sickness.

    To further another contributor’s logic on another Blog, removing the stranglehold that Patrick Henry College has on the Party will pull in many more voters, who right now feel like they are having someone else’s religious beliefs forced down their throats. Enough to vote it out and minimize it’s impact on their daily lives.

  • sibyl says says:

    Let me vouch for the fact that BOTH rumors are true! You talk as if the LCRC is a cohesive unit, with members acting in concert. FYI: The party is a mess and infighting abounds. I would estimate at least 60% (of the LCRC members) want mostly new BOS candidates and a very vocal and better funded 40% want the status quo, sans Waters.

    The problem is that the 60% doesnt have a “leader” to rally the troops and bring about the change in the party. And no one seems inclined to step up for fear of being “black-balled.”

    As a side note: the joke among LCRC members in both camps is watching Tulloch decide which team he is on, as he continues to talk out of both side of his mouth.

  • White Trash Observer says:

    I watched in amusement as he dances from one side to the other to try to cover himself.
    He berated and abused Larry Beerman in the joint meeting, yet they were seen walking into a restuarant together later accompanied by White Trash with Money.

    “I’m going to drive you hard like a stolen car, there, Larry. But I’ll buy you a beer afterward.Suck it up, and take one for the team, bud.”

  • David says:

    “White Trash with Money”? Let me guess…

  • I think ‘White Trash Observor’ is my new favorite commenter! Sibyl, I certainly know that the LCRC is far from cohesive, but the Delgaudio wing still holds sway – I’d probably reverse your percentages.

    Tulloch is really engendering serious emnity out there in the public realm. His hanging out at the bar with Teresa Whitmore, Larry Beerman, and Dale Polen Myers says it all. Even though I am squarely in the slow growth camp, I have much more respect for someone like Staton who at least has strong convictions, even if I don’t agree with them.

  • Dean Settle says:

    I talked to Mick in person at the meeting. I get the same feeling. I think he’s dead wrong, but he honestly believes he’s actually right. It’s commendable that he stands for his belief in the matter, and flat-out announced that he’d vote against any attempt to thwart grandfathering, but at least he was ready to vote.

    Tulloch is just a typical politician who changes his colors dependent upon who’s going to vote, and who’s palm is greener. He there strictly to serve his own interest… DAMN the voter and taxpayer.

  • White Trash Observer says:

    Dale Polen (I won the lottery and bought me a county) Myers.

  • Independent Republican says:

    Staton does what ever “Father-in-law” Dick Black tells him to do. Dick Black is a de facto BOS member and everone in the LCRC and eastern Loudoun is aware of it.

    Staton finally did realize he did not make the Virginia Senate because of his affiliation and common knowledge of Dick Black backing him.

  • sibyl says says:

    Insider (#11)- You are correct if you base your numbers on “open voting” sessions (the “stand to be counted” method used for difficult votes is very intimidating for a reason). My percentages on the LCRC are ‘trying’ to take into account vote counts in “closed ballot voting” sessions.

    My theory is that there is a whole “swing group” in the LCRC of individuals that are seriously fearful of the current leadership and wont cross them in public, BUT in a secret ballot will vote for change in a heartbeat. (This is why both rumors that TC refers to in the intro have merit). Id be interested in what you/others think?

    Dean- as you observe, Tulloch knows this (probably bcs Dale told him) and thats why he is having such a diffuclt time formulating his positions and posturing for the next election, he cant figure out just how its going to come down and is fearful of even winning a party nomination (and should be).

  • Sibyl, I would say that you are correct! The intimidation factor is huge.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    What’s there to be afraid of? It’s not like they can throw you in Lubianka Prison. I thought Americans were supposed to be impervious to political intimidation, particularly at the local level.

  • NoVA Scout, the LCRC is a unique organization with some interesting characters. Sibyl’s point is that there are quite a few on both sides that are not swayed by intimidation, but that there is a silent majority in the middle that is. I’d have to say that political intimidation is probably the worst at the local level due to the close proximity of those involved and the fact that many of the local issues hit closer to home, so to speak.

  • White Trash Observer says:

    Not to mention some who are perfectly willing to go too far, contact the employers of the most outspoken in order to silence them, and then play up their relationship with God so they can show you how much more morally superior they are than you.
    Hypocrites…every one of them.

  • jacqui says: where are you now that we need you?

  • BlackOut says:

    We’re staying vigilant and keeping the powder dry.

    At this point, the thought of a Black phoenix is nothing more than dog day August amusement.

    At least that is what we prefer Mr. Black to think.

  • Independent Republican says:

    What about

  • Tax Man Coming! says:

    I heard George HIdy of Sterling is going to announce very soon that he plans to run for the Sterling District Supervisor.

  • Dean Settle says:

    I may have misquoted Mick’s stance on grandfathering.
    It was reported to me today (by someone who should know)that he is against the downzoning, but also against the granfathering.

  • BlackOut says:

    22 – Of Course! He’s got to go.

  • Perfect Timing says:

    24. I bet Staton is against the grandfathering because he wants the case to be lost in court. Without grandfathering of some sort, the Loudoun County new proposals would be thrown out.

  • The Voice says:

    Doubtful. Most of the wrangling you’ve seen in the past two months is to keep the move above board. Every “i” has been dotted, and every “t” has been painstakingly crossed.
    The County Attorney has blessed and reblessed this one. The advertising has been addressed and readdressed on several occasions. THAT is the only mistake that was made on the first version that the Court overthrew.
    It was ALL BASED on alledged “faulty” advertising.

    EVERYTHING else in it was sound as a dollar….er…. tank proof.

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