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By Too Conservative

Sources from Loudoun have informed me that Dick Black may want to run for his old house seat again.



  • CR UVa says:

    While I think that Dick Black has a good character and was good for Loudoun, Loudoun County is not as red as it used to be, and he would have a very difficult time winning back his seat, particularly with the venom that the Democrats there spew towards him. It might be in his best interests to instead get behind a new candidate, stay out of the public spotlight for the time being.

  • James Martin says:

    Score one for the blue team.

  • Kenton Ngo says:

    I hope he does. 750 Volts will NEVER run out of material.

  • Kenton Ngo says:

    On top of that, I’ll probably get many, many google hits for Dick Black. Last year they weren’t neccesarily in that order.

  • ZB says:

    I cannot imagine ANYONE the Democrats would rather have as the Republican against Delegate Poisson than Dick Black. It’d be like getting Callahan, May, and Devolites-Davis to all retire in 2007 and have the Republicans nominate Gail Glenda Crook Parker for all three seats :).

    Bring on Dick!

  • James Young says:

    Funny, Kenton. And wholly inappropriate for a 15-year-old!

  • Tax Man Coming! says:


    You are so mis-informed. Dick Black was and is still behind the scenes in Loudoun County politics. He is one of the individuals in control of the LCRC.

    The bilder board is a direct results of his involvement — his son-in-law is a a board member. Dick Black also funded Staton’s senatorial bid with $30,000 from his campaign funds.

    Wake-up people – he no longer a delelgate but he still is no friend of the taxpayer.

  • Shocker says:


  • -Disappointed LCRCer says:

    This is sad, if true, because Poisson turned out about as I expected, a lightweight who accomplished nothing substantial in Richmond. A decent Republican candidate who can talk sense about transportation and education can definitely beat him, but Black is too busy with gays and fetuses to worry about what his constituents care about.

  • jacqui says:

    It’s a fact, Dick Black is pulling the strings of the LCRC puppets. While in Richmond, he accomplished nothing and was the laughing stock of the House of Delegates. Sure he can run for office, any office, but he will be trounced more than he was in his campaign against Poisson. His son-in-law will be gone from the BOS in the next election. Ditto their buddy Del-gotta-go. Where are the MODERATE Republicans in Loudoun County?

  • -Disappointed LCRCer says:


    It’s not even a moderate/conservative thing…you can do very well in Loudoun as a conservative (George Bush got 55% in 2004) as long as your campaign is about more than being pro-life and anti-gay marriage. Bush won because Loudoun trusted him more than Kerry on the federal issues they find most important – national security and an ownership society environment where people have wide latitude to buy homes and create jobs through lower taxes and smarter regulation.

    There’s nothing wrong with being conservative, but you have to listen to the voting public and address their concerns. Black, Staton, and Delgaudio don’t do that, and that is why they have already lost two elections and are probably headed for two or more losses. Although Staton is showing some signs he learned from his Senate loss.

  • jacqui says:

    …and that was 2004, Disappointed LCRCer. I seriously doubt Bush would get anywhere close to 55% if an election were held today. Kerry was a disaster but with a moderate/acceptable Dem., the world may be better than it is today. Thank God for the two-term limit. Disillusioned GOPer.

  • Independent Republican says:

    Del-Got-A-Go is on his way out. He has even backed away from Staton, but to late to re-invent himself.

    So much is known about him, the people of Sterling are ready and willing to have change.

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