What A Joke

By Loudoun Insider

There was no reconsideration of redistricting tonight, and things only got worse when it came to naming the districts.  Leesburg, Catoctin, and Blue Ridge all stay the same, even though Blue Ridge stretches all the way to Brambleton.  Lori Waters made a motion to name it Brambleton Ridge, which of course went nowhere.  Sterling is still Sterling, but the former Sugarland Run/Potomac district north of Rt. 7 is now Algonkian, named for the park there.  The red blob district created to try to save McGimsey is now the Broad Run district, while they actually named the district to the west of that Ashdowne, a hokey combination of Ashburn and Lansdowne. 

Worst of all was the pandering of the Dems in naming what by any stretch should be called Dulles district the Dean district after a Loudoun slave.  This was proposed by the Dem candidate for that district, Larry Roeder, so he can tout this in his electioneering.  LTM article here.  This is a political fiasco of the worst kind.  They should be ashamed of themselves for this monstrosity.  Politics at its worst.

UPDATE:  More detailed article up at Leesburg Today.


  • sally says:

    I was at both rallies, and I would estimate there were between 50-60 people (I tried to count) last night, and there were more than 150 people at the CBPO rally..

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Sally, are you being paid by anyone to lobby against CBPO, since you throw it in just about every single comment?

  • sally says:

    I was responding to the statement earlier that the rally last night was bigger than the CBPo rally and did not get the same attention. I was at the rally last night and it was about 1/3 of the size of the CBPO rally.

  • sally says:

    And, LI, not getting paid a dime! spending my own money ;( to try to stop this junk science from getting adopted… and another huge program, oh I mean “enhancement” in government speak, from getting adopted…

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    I do agree with her about the ordinance, eb, but that still doesn’t answer my question as to why you are using a one-note post to chide Sally for being a one-note.

    If you don’t like one-note posters, is the answer that in the case of yourself, you agree with YOU? tee hee

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Thanks for clarifying, Sally. Others are being paid to lobby against it, so it’s good to know you’re not one of them.

    With all that said, let’s keep CBPO out of the rest of this discussion about redistricting. I’m sure there will be plenty of other opportunities to talk about CBPO.

  • RWN says:

    CPBO must be defeated.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    My comment was at least a chord, Barbara, and importantly, to the tune of the thread. Please set aside your spinning light and badge.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Just as you wish, Mr. Eb, sir.

    (tugs forelock, curtseys, scuttles away)

    Are you serious? “Brambleton area should be Ryan Homes District” is a “chord”?

    Put aside the hookah, and maybe you won’t see so many spinning lights.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    OT, but Mayor Walker has had a heart attack.

    Stories at both papers

  • Loudounite says:

    This was a post on Miller’s blog — more politicking from Mr. Dean himself!!!

    March 24, 2011

    I am pleased to tell you that District 4 is now the Jennie Dean District. The vote by the Board of Supervisors stimulated much discussion; but in the end, the supervisors decided to go along by a wide margin. As a result, for the first time in the history of Virginia, a district has been named after an African-American! Loudoun leads the way, again!

    Just returned from the victory party. It feels great being part of creating something not only all African-Americans can be proud of, but also all Virginians. But the real praise rests with the Baptist Prosperity Church, its Pastor and the children and mothers who came tonight, one of whom was the oldest living descendant of Jennie Dean, a woman in her nineties who felt it important to lobby for an historical vote. They set up their own rally in District 4, created home-made signs, sent emails, and called around the county and the region to build support. They were the true victors, making this a grass-roots effort, and that’s the way it should have been. I have no idea of what party any of them are and never asked. This was about the people, about doing the right thing, not about party.

    To get to this point of course required a lot of preparation by a lot of people, as well as discussions with the Library of Virginia in Richmond, the Virginia Historical Society, and the Black History Committee at the Balch Library, all coordinated and led by the members and friends of the Prosperity Baptist Church, especially Reverand Lawson, and true progressives around the county and region. Kelly Burk of Leesburg led off this evening on a very positive tone with a discussion of the historical facts and significance related to the vote. One of the things I am particularly proud of was how bi-partisan the effort was. In my case, I contacted all of the Supervisors, including Republicans and Independents. Though the financial well-being of the church was a campaign project (which did very well), I worked as a private citizen, not as a candidate, to advance the name change for District 4. Of course, anything a candidate does is considered “political” by someone (see Stevens’s remarks which implied candidates and politicians can’t be honorable citizens), so it was also wonderful to hear Sally Kurtz in a loud, strong voice of reason, with beauty, intelligence and passion, remind all who might doubt, that this effort by so many people was the best kind of politics, something to be proud of. She also rightly reminded us that it was the kind of politics one runs to, not from. Only someone very shallow of character could think otherwise. Jim Burton, Andrea McGimsey and Kelly Burk were also brilliant in their support. Even Eugene Delgaudio rose to provide a wonderful, warm tribute.

    Success was indeed bi-partisan and in the best tradition of what politics is supposed to be about — helping people and doing the right thing. That’s our Loudoun, our Virginia, and now our Jennie Dean District.

    Have a great evening.

    Larry Roeder

  • Black/Delgaudio Fan says:

    Just heard that Bruce Tulloch might be running for chairman. I hope he is not running against Suzanne Volpe, a fine Black and Delgaudio supporter. I still think Dale Meyers should try it again.

  • Mr. Wormer says:

    I will not live in the Dean Wormer district, zero-point-zero chance of that

  • sally says:

    I have been going to all the public input sessions and involved very deeply in CBPO and I know NO ONE who is being paid. If you are going to throw out those kinds of remarks, then I will respond. All I have seen is citizens, and all citizens volunteering their time and talents.

    Who is being paid to lobby against the CBPO? Another made up fact by LI. Don’t tell me that I cannot respond to such silly remarks, no one is being paid to lobby against the CBPO–it is a true grass roots kind of group– a large grass roots group.

  • Lady M says:

    But there are NO TROUT in the Loudoun streams!

  • Not Bobby O says:

    There are trout in the stream north of Leesburg.It was an issue in building the new HS. Also I think we have clown fish now. Love the editorial cartoon in L2D

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Sally, I just deleted your long winded rant against the CBPO. We all know you hate it. Keep your comments on topic as you were instructed. Get your other blogger pals to write about it once a week if you want more coverage.

  • sally says:

    OK got it, others can say things like there are no trout in Loudoun, but I am not allowed to respond to other remarks, which must stand, like yours making up facts that people are being paid to lobby against it, when it is purely grass roots… ok, got it LI. Hypocrite.

    Funny you don’t want the truth about WHO will profit out there, you who HATES self serving public officials, but it’s ok for self serving water resource folks? who happen to be county employees with outside consulting businesses, and 501 c 3s (Loudoun Watershed Watch) to lobby for passage of things like the CBPO that they profit from?

    CBPO is a huge issue for the next election, and the way the redistricting was done, it puts a lot of pressure on Mr. Burton…. ignore it if you (and Mr. Baldwin) think you can, but it is huge, and we will be exposing it all…

  • BlackOut says:

    sally in admiration you are not like any other poster here. Just speaking for myself you do care a significant history with each word you write. It ain’t like others who may get the benefit of the trout.

    For my two cents I wish LI had left you in the corner for some more lernin’, before he let you go.

    Just an observation. Just after you were told why LI dumped another one of your cut and paste diatribes and asked you to cease you follow with a post mentioning the referenced subject. Not only for three paragraphs but also by name twice. I don’t know how LI has the patience to deal with your obstinateness.

  • Lovettsville Lady says:

    Sorry for the interruption, but I just had to stop by to thank Blackout for his help tonight. I would never have found my way to the Ashburn Farm Community Center, for Ralph Buona’s kickoff, if you hadn’t been nice enough to give me directions. And I meant what I said, your little dogs are adorable. Are they Havenese or Bichons or something else?
    Thanks again for your help!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Sally, I’ll let that last one stand just to show you once again that I allow all kinds of dissenting opinions here. I let you respond to my statement that someone is working against CBPO (there are strong elements of an astroturf campaign there – I haven’t seen a contract yet but someone is working it). You made your point.

    Then you come back with another long winded rant against CBPO that was totally off topic. That comment was zapped because once again you went off on your particular tangent of interest to the detriment of the topic at hand. An occasional side foray is fine, but not your usual long winded off-topic rants.

    Do you understand now? I’ll let you stay out of moderation for now, but one more off topic screed and you’re right back in.

  • Ravi Oli says:

    Ravi is in awe of Ms. Sally’s return to the TC Blog! She reminds Ravi of the Lazaro rising from the dead!

    Ms. Sally is like the palm reader or soothsayer or fortune teller or carnival barker or tonic salesman or magician or ventriloquist or bookie who teases all who will listen with opinions and predictions and prognostications and theories and concepts that are to some both confounding, and unfounded, and to others, much the same…IN MY OPINION.

    Ms. Sally is like the good cop and the bad cop all rolled into one, with many missions, and quests, and expeditions, and pilgrimages, and crusades, and tribunals.

    Ravi would like to see a statue of Ms. Sally erected near the county office building, perhaps by the elevator in the parking garage, so that all who pass through might see and recognize and experience the energy, the zest, the zeal, but most especially the love of a good fight, or a bad fight, or any fight. The statue would hold a sign that could be changed…….daily, if necessary, to feature the issue of the moment such as CBPO, or property rights, or Raspberry flavored water, or Klingon invaders. It would be a marvel.

    Ravi is in awe of Ms. Sally and is reminded of these words, often spoken, in the place where I am from: “To be ignorant of one’s ignorance is the malady of the ignorant.” Undoubtedly.

  • Eric the 1/2 troll says:

    A letter from Burton posted to Brambletonian:

    Thank you for your email regarding the Board’s redistricting vote and your suggestion that we revisit the question tomorrow night.

    As it was in 2001, this redistricting effort has been one of the more divisive issues facing this Board. There are multiple ways of moving the puzzle pieces around, but it is nearly impossible to synchronize the legal goal of “one-person-one-vote” with the desirable goal of keeping communities of interest in a single election district. Not a single eight-district plan could do it — and, believe me, countless people tried to make it work: Board members, their aides, County staff, individual residents, political party committees, HOA representatives, and local business associations. In every single eight-district plan some community’s ox was gored. This recognition led me to submit proposals that changed the total number of districts from eight to either six or ten. Of the two, I preferred the ten-district proposal, posted on-line. I believed it offered the greatest flexibility for keeping “communities of interest” together or at least ensure that no portion of a community found itself without sufficient numbers to command their representative’s attention. I received positive comments from both constituents and colleagues. Several colleagues privately expressed that they would support it as a second option if no other plan could claim a majority or be tweaked to do so. That support was not forthcoming and my ten-district plan was eliminated by a majority of the Board to force a vote between the Miller 5 plan and the HOA plan.

    While the various HOA plans achieved their goal of keeping the large communities of Central Loudoun together, the plans’ handling of Leesburg and the Route 15 North Corridor troubled me. The proposals effectively split this rural corridor from its own community of interest and split the Town residents, another significant (and perhaps the County’s oldest) community of interest, into two or three different election districts. Both my aide and I relayed this concern to supporters of the HOA Plan. Unfortunately, the constraints of an eight-district paradigm proscribed any changes that would address my concern. The Miller 5 plan made a valiant, but not fully successful, effort to retain neighborhoods together wherever possible — in both east, west and central Loudoun.

    The proposed Miller plan creates two districts which stretch from the Blue Ridge Mountains through the Transition Policy Area and into the Suburban Policy Area. Will it result in a Western Supervisor representing Eastern residents? It depends on the candidates – it is just as likely that an Eastern Supervisor could end up representing Western residents. This has already occurred on the School Board, when a suburban resident ran for and won the Catoctin District seat in 2003 and then lost to a Lovettsville resident in 2007. Can a Supervisor who lives in Western Loudoun represent the needs of suburban residents? The evidence exists that they can. Since the last redistricting in 2001, Sally Kurtz has ably represented a district that stretched from Lansdowne to Lovettsville and encompassed constituents in rural, town, and suburban precincts.

    When I began my political career, I represented the Mercer district that ran eastwards from the Clarke County line through Middleburg through South Riding to the Fairfax County line and then northwards through Brambleton to include the southeastern suburbs of Leesburg. During the two terms I represented this area (and I am the only Supervisor the South Riding community has ever re-elected), I championed the construction and staffing of the South Riding Public Safety Center (the first County financed, non-volunteer station) and convinced a majority of the Board to build and open Freedom and Briar Woods High Schools concurrently. I believed — and was proven right — that the student growth rate and construction cost savings justified such a significant change in the capital construction plan.

    During 2001, I fought hard to keep my district intact, but it was eliminated so that the Potomac District could be created in the east. Consequently, my residence was placed in a newly configured Blue Ridge District and I became a Western Supervisor in a Western district. Despite objections from citizens that Middleburg and Purcellville had nothing in common and should be represented by separate supervisors, I reached out to residents in my new communities, got to know them, worked hard to understand their concerns, and won a third and then a fourth term in office. I believe this is because the key issues for County residents — schools, taxes, public safety, and transportation — cross community boundaries.

    In conclusion, I am certainly giving thought as to whether a vote to reconsider one eight-district plan for another eight-district plan – neither of which I particularly like — would serve the County’s best interests. I wish that a majority of the Board had been willing to give greater consideration to my ten-district plan or that the HOA leadership had been willing to explore its own ten-district version. I truly believe that such a plan could have alleviated many of the complaints addressed to the two eight-district plans left on the table. Certainly, it would have made my vote easier and my wife happier.

    Best regards,

    Jim Burton

  • sally says:

    Eric, that same email went out BEFORE the session when they picked the names. He sent that email to me as well because I had written Burton about redistricting. He could have reconsidered on Thursday night, and he did not.

    He wants ten districts, not the HOA4 plan– even though the HOA4 plan is MUCH better for him, because Brambleton will not vote for him, especially with all the things he has said about eastern Loudoun, subdivision housing, and oh no, mentioning the CBPO, but he is on tape saying Last May getting angry at his fellow board members saying he was ready to vote for the CBPO that it needed to be done, asap, and he liked the original ordinance (that he believed was the right thing to do… because the PEC told him so…?)

    He will not survive the next election with Miller 5. And Malcolm Baldwin will have a real hard time too, even in neighborhoods like Beacon Hill… Goose Creek West is very upset about CBPO, Raspberry Falls has been disparaged by Kurtz (those people in “tony” houses, “mcmansions” who do not understand the rural ways…)

    Just saying, this plan is terrible and will not work for the chosen candidates, except Kelly Burke.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Actually, he doesn’t REALLY WANT 10 districts.

    There were some rumblings that he was one who might reconsider, but that being willing to discuss 10 was the dealmaker.

    Supposedly that was agreed to, and then he said no.

    He’s got what he wants here–a chance at two seats focused on one area of the county and seeing everything through that lens, control of both the E/W and N/S corrdiors in the southern half of the county, and all the unbuilt commercial/office/etc all the way to the airport.

    McG has the entire rail line, Moorefield, One Loudoun, Kincora and just about every other big unbuilt approved that Burton doesn’t.

    The airport district isn’t named after the airport anymore, and the craziest and wiliest have control of everything that would feed it in the way of transportation, and every major project on the books. Apparently our “economic engine” can take a flying leap under this plan–the world is “safe” for ten years.

  • sally says:

    The Millers Tale, or Have You been GerryMillered?


    BOSWatchdog curtesy of LECVA.org

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Oh man, this gets even wackier. I’m heading out for the day to get away from this for a while. Now the LEC is all into redistricting and Miller obsession. No attention on McGimsey or Burk who benefited most from this redistricting mess.

  • sally says:

    The CBPO and the Redistricting mess have a lot of parallels. The HOAs were left out in the politically appointed original stakeholder meetings for the CBPO. When the HOAs were included, they almost unanimously (there was one HOA for CBPO, Leisure World, whose rep was Ed Burrell, a Dem apptmt to Loudoun Water).

    Miller supports the HOAs in redistricting, but is against them in the CBPO?

    In both cases the HOAs have been dissed and ignored.

  • sally says:

    Since you disparage those fighting the CBPO above, LI, accusing us of being “paid” when you know it is not true, how about all those paid PEC employees lobbying for the CBPO? How about all those county employees that will have nothing to do if this ordinance is not adopted, and may lose their jobs? They have financial incentive to see this passed… and oh, what about the senior water resource person at the County who is privately consulting? I am sure he wants this to pass… $$$$s, lots of them? Green Greed. A “free” grant of $350,000 to study our streams is nothing but an opportunity for them to manipulate data and set up a 38 million dollar/year new program that THEY profit from… empire building, control.

    Our county has many many awards for conservation and environmental stewardship– we are nationally recognized for our quality of conservation, with 50,000 acres under conservation easements. Twenty percent of our streams are as pristine as streams in the national forests where there are no people, no development, no cows/horses. Almost 95% of our streams are “good” or “excellent.” We should be patting ourselves on the back, but instead we have the corrupt grant getters, program builders, control freaks, spendaholics, how can I profit on this mentality pushing a 38 million dollar a year program on us we do not need and almost unanimously do not want.

    The people spoke about CBPO and were ignored completely, called liars.

    Same with the redistricting, the people spoke but were simply ignored. Many parallels, and that is why this board will have a hard time electing democrats this time around.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I will leave these last two rants up to show that I deal with plenty of dissension and allow lots of negative comments towards me on this site. What I will not tolerate are constant long winded off topic rants, and this has now earned Sally blacklist status at TC. See ya, Sally, go play with your other blog friends and pester them to write about CBPO on a non-stop basis. This site and its discussions are better off without you.

  • Ravi Oli says:

    Mr. Loudoun Insider, much in the way that the United States asks 3rd world nations to show restraint with regard to pummeling citizen displays of dissent, Ravi pleads with you to consider giving Ms. Sally yet another chance to show that she can conduct herself within the rules.

    You must understand that she possesses a child-like wonderment with all things CBPO, and this leads to periodic and prolonged diatribes that are self-induced and for which there is evidently no such thing as self-restraint.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    The Great Ravi Oli has spoken! I love Sally and she can bring her good sense and knowledge over to VV anytime.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Sorry, Ravi, I just can’t take it anymore!

    LL, you could certainly use the comments over there. Just do a post on CBPO and she’ll keep the thread going all by herself for days.

  • I’m still relatively new to the tC family, but I think Sally is the only one ever expelled.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    I’m a big fan of that line in The Ten Commandments: “Let him (or her) rave on, that men will know him (or her) mad.”

    I must join with Ravi in his appeal to provide Sally a stay.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I’ve had too many complaints, ed, she turns off too many people. Sally has found a new home at Virginia Virtucon, where Bulletproof Monk, Lovettsville Lady, and Loudoun Lady all comment on each other’s posts. They may as well just add her a a contributor there so she can be an official member of the club. Now you know where to go if you want the view of that group.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    Ehh… that sounds like a foul brew at VV.

  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    I’ll defend Loudoun Lady on that one. I’ve always enjoyed her comments. We’ll see, though, whether her patience is worn thin by Sally’s incessant, and I do mean that literally, references to the CFBO.

  • BlackOut says:

    It’s very comforting to know that crew seems to be boxed up nicely over at VV. Funny how that works.

  • BlackOut says:

    Lloyd, if I recall correctly she’s been banned on numerous occasions over the years. It was especially annoying when she posted under something like 3 or 4 different names. Not sure if she still does that but she sure thought it was effective.

  • Happy to stand corrected on that, BO. By the way, she’s already lighting up the place over there with crazy CFBO chatter. It seems a little unfair to bad mouth her here when she can’t defend herself, but that’s what you get.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    Should I title a post “OHHHH, I think I’m gonna CRY”…..on VV?

    ***You know that’s a joke, right?***

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