The Demise of the Eastern Loudoun GOP

By Lloyd the Idiot

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The disgusting 2011 redistricting of Senate and House of Delegates districts has had this effect on the Republican base in eastern Loudoun County: (a) orphaned it; (b) castrated it; or (c) killed it altogether.


Answer:  any one or all is correct.

In the senate plan, conservative Cascades precincts are now combined with most of the Arlington precincts, precincts with more than four times the population of the Loudoun precincts and which voted for Creigh Deeds (yes, Deeds) 2-1 over McDonnell in the last gubernatorial election.  No Republican could ever win this district so you may as well set out the welcome mat for Democratic Arlington supervisor Barbara Favola as the next state senator for the 31st district.  As much as I dislike politicians for moving around, in a way, I almost can’t blame Dick Black for high-tailing it to Ashburn.

Things aren’t much better on the House side where Republicans had the pen. The addition of few Republican eastern Loudoun precincts to Barbara Comstock’s district significantly betters her chances for reelection, but it does so at the expense of Loudoun self rule.  With twice the number of voters, Fairfax influence in the 34th HOD will reign supreme.  In other words, the district is better for a Republican candidate, just not a Loudoun Republican candidate.

Bottom line:  Republicans in the sacrificed eastern Loudoun precincts now have about as much relevance and influence Republicans in DC.


  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    Good article on Bearing Drift about Bolling’s opposition to the Senate plan, his support for the bi-partisan plan (which I support, too) and the prospect of a veto.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Neither redistricting plan is very kind to Loudoun, and they’re both atrocious messes when it comes to compactness. Let the college students do this.

  • NotJohnSMosby says:

    But Bolling is just fine with the House Republican plan, and it doesn’t need to be bi-partisan? Lovely hypocrisy there.

    Here’s the Republican translation: when we’re drawing the lines, we get to do whatever. When Democrats do it, it’s unconstitutional/illegal/unamerican/communist/marxist/whatever and we need a bi-partisan commission to do it.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I absolutely agree with you, NJSM, and have said it all over the blogosphere, although maybe not here in a post. Bolling’s recent statement on redistricting was ridiculously partisan.

  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    I haven’t seen where he was fine with the House plan.

  • NotJohnSMosby says:

    Have you seen where he’s against it? He’s spoken several times now about how bad the Senate plan is, how the governor is going to fix it, blah blah. He’s said dick about the House plan, which is just as partisan in gerrymandering as the Senate side is.

  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    Why would he? He’sthe president of the senate after all.

  • NoVa Guy says:


    You seem to have little faith in both Patricia Phillips and Caren Merrick the two candidates representing Eastern Loudoun County. I am no optimist but would say quite the opposite. Both are Impressive and we need to unite our support around them now and get active now. Start knocking on doors now. Make phone calls for these candidates now. Get involved!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Patricia Phillips is never going to beat Mark Herring. Sorry. Merrick is a better package, but she has no real chance the way that district is drawn.

  • Riley says:

    NJSM, the difference is that the House plan was approved overwhelmingly by members of both parties with the strong support of House Democrat African Americans.

  • Let's Be Free says:

    Let me quote Barbara Favola,

    “The County Board opposes Mr. Wolf’s proposal [to widen I66} not only on process grounds but also on substance. The Arlington County Board will resist the widening of I-66 because it is wrong.”

    Favola is a hater of people outside Arlington — she cares not a whit about citizens outside the enclave.

    She can be shellacked in McLean and Great Falls, all the way out to and including eastern Loudoun County by a good campaign and a good candidate.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    That’s purely because of politics, Riley, let’s be real here. The HOD Dems wanted to save their own hide, and the gerrymandered HOD redistricting plan does that for pretty much all incumbents. The Republicans knew they could take a stand in the Senate since the votes are close and Bolling is their tie breaker, and they have McDonnell as Governor with the veto pen.

  • Rob Iola says:

    But then by definition doesn’t that make the House plan “bipartisan”? Crappy perhaps, but still bipartisan…

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    They both suck – I am sick of playing semantics with the issue!

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