Bob Wertz v. The Zombie

By Lloyd the Idiot

Boy, do the Dems have a poor lineup this year.  Across the board.

McGimsey. Bellanca. Roeder. But no one is worse, in my opinion, than zombie used car salesman Josh Actor running for Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue.  First, let me just point to the observations previously offered by NVTH a few weeks back.  What’s more, though, is that even the Dems won’t touch him.  He’s apparently been disowned by the LCDC (not even listed as a candidate), and Loudoun Progress has tried to do him a favor by NOT linking to his “website.”

Contrast that with incumbent commissioner Bob Wertz.  In short, an all around great guy.  Calm and unassuming, Bob has delivered meaningful results in his eight years in office that have made Loudoun a better place for all of us.  His campaign officially kicks off this Thursday, April 27.  

 Be there or risk being eaten by zombies.


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Josh Actor, why even bother?

  • DC Beltway Bandit says:

    Wetz has served our Loudoun well and has nothing to worry about.

    Josh “Actor” on the other hand is another example of Mike Turner’s poor leadership skills as Chair of the LCDC. Epic Fail on behalf of the LCDC, they continue to make huge mis-steps in the 2011 election.

  • G.Stone says:

    Go Bob !

  • RWN says:

    Bob and the rest of our Constitutional Officers have done a superb job in representing us. Bob’s commitment to fiscal stewardship is evidenced by how he manages his department. While the county budget has grown enormously, Bob’s department has not grown with the budget. He is doing more with less. A lesson the Democratic majority on the BoS has yet to learn.

  • I guess Dems have spent so many years registering dead voters they decided to give them a candidate.

  • G.Stone says:

    Has Bob won yet ? Bob is a most excellent dude. Go with Bob !

  • BlackOut says:

    Bob Wertz has done a fantastic job with his office. Great service, innovative, and creative. I can’t see even a credible challenge to him beating him.

    Bob let me know when you want me to put up a yard sign again.

  • Mary Gail Swenson says:

    Bob Wertz not only does a terrific job, he is a man of integrity. He has a deep-seated belief in what’s right and wrong. It might not surprise anyone to learn that he is a dedicated Boy Scout leader.

    It would be hard to find someone more qualified or committed to the job of Commissioner of the Revenue than Bob Wertz.

  • G.Stone says:

    Bob is such a good influence and a dowright rightous dude, I am going to refrain from saying anything bad about Blackout for the duration of this thread. Blackout, don’t thank me, thank Bob. Go with Bob !

  • G.Stone says:


    I ran into another rightous dude you know today at the range. Thats right your hero and hubby, Gordon. We have all boycotted that other range which shall remain nameless.

    Sorry for the sidebar folks, now back to praising that most rightous dude, the Hon. Bob Wertz. Go with Bob!

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Will Josh Actor break 25%???

  • If Josh gets a jingle, anything could happen.

  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    LI, I’d put it closer to 2.5%. And make that .25% if he comes out with a Roeder-like jingle.

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