Loudoun Dodgers?

By Lloyd the Idiot

Official Hounds Home JerseyAs troubled as the Los Angeles Dodgers are with MLB having taken over the team, things aren’t looking much better for our local team.

The Loudoun Hounds, who originally promised to throw out the first pitch in May 2011, now say it won’t happen until the 2012 season.  However, since construction apparently has not yet even begun on the stadium, much less the surrounding Kincora development, even that date is in question.  There’s this photograph of a pretty little backhoe on the Hounds’ website, but there are none of the promised construction cameras nor any reference to the stadium’s ground breaking.   Add to all that the issues about the club’s financing, and it’s highly questionable whether they’ll be ready next year.  If ever.  Has the project gone to the dogs?

Don’t get me wrong – I very much hope they can pull it off.  It’ll be a great addition to Loudoun, and, in my excitement, I’ve even bought some Hounds gear.

I just hope I’ll have a game to wear it to someday.


  • Leej says:

    This will happen, although it may not happen with the hounds. Their are other minor league teams that if need be fill the void if the hounds don’t come through. Hopefully the Hounds put it all together. Money is tight to borrow for anything. Ands if this gas crisis is not gotten under control soon the economy is going to tank big time. But the in the big picture Kincora is a fabulous project as it’s stadium. Even if the current developers of Kincora fail in the short term the development as proposed is so wonderful some one will come in and pick up the pieces. Not out of the realm the lerners of the dulles town center and the nationals baseball come in and make it happen. One way or another this will happen. 🙂

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Is Nine Iron still a sponsor?

  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    As a matter of fact, Nine Iron is still a sponsor.


  • G.Stone says:

    They have some good sponsers. All BS aside has anyone ever tried this 9 Iron drink ? Is it any good ? What is it Gatorade or soda ?

  • Blaze N. Saddles says:

    In Animal House, the pinnacle of American cinematic accomplishment, there is a prescient line. “look, you f ‘Ed up. You trusted us”

    Queue D-day with the welder.

    If you believed the promises, you either haven’t been around here long enough or are simply Naive. You should hold a contest for the worst land use deals passed with greatest expectations. MCI Worldcom anyone? That campus was going to generate so much revenue we would see our taxes plummet.

    Send your Hounds shirt to some orphanage in Sudan.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I stopped in a few places where I was told they sold Nine Iron but couldn’t find it. I guess their distribution system fell apart. I have no idea how it tastes, but it does look like antifreeze. it’s supposed to be a sports drink with some fizz. One of these days I’ll get a souvenir can.

  • Debbie Rose says:

    As a life-long Dodger fan, I was relieved to have MLB take over the team ops. The McCourt conned their way into the owner’s box and then pillaged the team assets to pay for their lavish lifestyle and now a very messy divorce. Now maybe the Dodgers can get back on track.

  • Craig Colgan says:

    What EXACTLY makes this “a great addition” to Loudoun? This league is not an affiliated league with MLB. And: The media have completely fallen over themselves in promoting this. Do some journalism, guys! Your post here is one of the rare questioning voices to be found. Kudos. This baseball thing in Loudoun works for me if a Nationals-affiliated team moves here sometime soon. There were rumblings in recent years of potential interest in just that. But of course, no follow-up from the local media.

  • Mark W says:

    Can anyone local out there swing by the site and see if construction is happening? I live in Alexandria and would go to games, but it’s too far to swing by and see if the construction is starting. The article references the lack of construction cams and a formal groundbreaking. OK. But has the construction visibly started? The way that the article I’m not really sure if it has or hasn’t.

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