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By Too Conservative

Mitch is on vacation at the beach . Vincent is hunkering down for the full force of first semester in Texas. The Scouts are vacationing in Canada with the Youngs (actually, it’s fun to say that, but Canada is a very, very big country). Loudoun Insider – I’m not sure what he/she’s up to at the moment. But we’re all recharging our batteries before Labor Day and what looks like a very interesting political season. The Allen/Webb contest has, if polls are to be believed, tightened up, at least momentarily. The Middle East continues to be a spewing cess-pool of violence and strife that has political implications for Senate and Congressional candidates around the country, including Virginia. We now have interestingly contrasting candidates, if not a scheduled election, for Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors. We could use some rain and a break in the heat and humidity (although reports indicate that it’s a little better than it has been). The Blog Conference in Martinsville is scheduled for this coming weekend. It seems unlikely that I will be back in time, but if I were, I would try to convince Jaded JD that he and I should attend disguised in a Vaudeville horse’s costume. You would easily know who we are (unless some other pseudonymous bloggers try the same thing) but you wouldn’t necessarily know which end is which – we may take turns to fool those of you who assume that I am always a horse’s ass). JD is a fine gentleman of great personal dignity, so I must make the skeptical observation that it is unlikely he will go for this clever ruse that I have proposed. I tried to arrange a carpool to the event with James Young and James Martin (I strongly feel you can’t have too many Jameses in one car), but that plan also died aborning. Of course, there are severe practical problems in driving a car wearing a Vaudeville Horse costume.

Enjoy the remainder of August. If something really earth-shaking occurs, I may bestir myself to post.  Â


  • I can at least confirm that I am male. I have been way too busy between work (to finance my lifestyle and ever increasing tax burden)and chores about the house to post much. I am hoping to see Mitch’s take on the PWC convention soon, even if it does interupt his vacation a bit!

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