President Bush and George Allen in Mt. Vernon Wednesday

By Too Conservative

Eric Lundberg, Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee has sent around information reminding us that the President will be making a joint appearance in the Mt. Vernon area late this afternoon as part of a fundraising event.Â

Eric reports that “ground zero” (I would have used a different term) will be at the intersection of Mt. Vernon Memorial Highway and Ferry Landing Road. The President is expected to arrive between 1645 and 1730 this afternoon.  Eric also reports that Democrats are planning a counter-demonstration (not clear whether it’s against Bush, Allen, both of them, or all of us).Â

If you can get away, try to be there.

UPDATE: apparently this was a bi-partisan event, with almost as many Ds as Rs out to show their support for Senator Allen and the President (that IS what the D’s were there for, isn’t it?). The blog world was well represented with such luminaries as NLS and Kenton Ngo (Kenton videotaping furiously – Kenton, lightning won’t strike twice). The Post apparently will run a story tomorrow. Apparently a good time was had by all, especially the lovely Dem lady who invited one of our stalwarts to “Go to Hell, “ sophisticated political discourse that until recently, apparently, was the sole property of our commenter MOM. The Dems seem to be trying to beat us at our own crass game. I say keep them out of such longshoreman talk and leave it for us to use on each other.


  • Allen Supporter says:

    Raising Kaine was there too.

  • Tokyo Rose says:

    The Post article is up. Even they’ve acknowledged that there the number of Allen and Webb supporters were equal.

  • Is the post ever going to give up on that Siddarth comment?

  • Chances are, StaunchfromDC, the answer is “No”

  • NoVA Scout says:

    Staunch: The Post also had an editorial today observing that Allen has apologized directly but that the Allen campaign continues to minimize the incident. One thing I’ve noticed about this brouhaha is that the Senator himself has consistently handled the issue far better than has his campaign, which has flopped around a great deal trying to find a formula to make the thing go away. A straightforward apology and then dropping it was the only smart course. Allen seems to have figured that out almost from the beginning but Wadhams keeps undercutting him.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    BTW: hats off to Norm Atkins and Juanita Balenger who come across in the Post article as responsible Allen supporters who offer a balanced view of things. Those kinds of thoughtful comments genuinely help Allen at a tough time. A blind defense would just feed the prejudices of the opposing camp. By putting these things in some sort of human perspective, both Norm and Juanita managed to return the discussion to the larger record, where Allen definitely has strengths, without seeming to be excusing the content of the remarks.

  • NoVA Scout is exactly right on this issue. Allen himself has been great about it. But his staff needs to cut the crap and just admit that Allen was wrong. None of these office memo’s and things like that.
    I’m a dyed in the wool Republican myself. At this point, I’m voting for Frank Wolf and I intend to leave the Senate part of my ballot blank. If Allen wants supporters like myself and many others in this region to vote for him, he should tell his staff to stop trying to spin this. The media is biased, no question. There is a double standard between Republicans and Dems when it comes to race issues. However, unlike Trent Lott’s comments, Allen’s comments were insensitive. I am glad he has apologized for them. But to truly move on from this incident, his staff ought to stop sending memo’s to supporters that tell people that the comments were no big deal. They were very much a big deal.
    Memo to staff: Quit being a “blind” apologist for your candidate. In the “real world”, Americans of every race and ideology found what your boss did to be offensive and mean spirited. It’s that simple. As long as we all understand that, we can put this incident behind us and work together towards a great Republican victory this fall.

  • FCRC lacky says:

    Great job Norm and Juanita. You did us Allen supporters proud!

  • NoVA Scout says:

    TF4L: I thought Lott’s statements were about as far “out there” as one could get in American politics today. Maybe that’s what you meant. I just about fell off my chair when I heard Lott make that statement at Strom’s 100th birthday. I guess I’m old enough to almost remember the Dixiecrats, so it rang my chimes pretty resoundingly (in a bad way).

  • t says:

    t just returned from Snakes on a Plane with Loquesha. A wonderful movie for racial reconciliation.

  • Loquesha says:

    Indeed, the most important Civil Rights movie since Gettysburg. And I got to see it with t. Every girl’s dream date.

  • Cornelius says:

    I say, old boy, perhaps you two should get a room.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    An e-conversation with Eric makes clear that “ground zero” was not his phrase.

  • Amicus says:

    Allen has another ad out touting his fight against online predators.

    I wonder when Allen will put out an ad about his position on spousal abuse?

    Why don’t you ask Senator Allen about his position on domestic violence? I think his answer may surprise you.

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