50,000th Comment!

By Lloyd the Idiot


Earlier today, Too Conservative reached a milestone – its 50,000th comment (and that’s not including the 41,643 spam comments) – with a comment from Sara B. Smith in reply to the post “Debbie Rose Announces Run for School Board.”

Although I have been writing here only six months, I have seen several good years of spirited debate on a wide variety of issues that have driven public policy in Loudoun County, Virginia and even the nation.  Your participation really does make a difference.

TC is one of the most active political blogs in Virginia, and seems to be as popular as ever, particularly with some other bloggers who comment here or elsewhere on Loudoun Insider’s every movement or thought.  There is even one blogger who cares so much for Loudoun Insider that he tracks his  health on a daily basis.

Thanks for participating, and here’s to the next 50,000 comments.


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