John Stirrup Announces!

By Loudoun Insider

For those looking to an alternative to the two crazy far right wing candidates already in the race for the Virginia 13th Senate District, your prayers have been answered as John Stirrup today makes it official. 


Today I am excited to announce that I am seeking the Republican nomination for the 13th State Senate district.

I am running for the Virginia State Senate because I strongly believe that in order to create a more prosperous Commonwealth, we must regain control of the State Senate this November by electing a majority of fiscally conservative Republicans. The current Democrat-controlled State Senate has continuously stood in the way of prosperity and progress.   Whether they are voting to raise taxes, threatening Virginia’s right-to-work laws or standing in the way of crucial immigration reform, the Democrat-controlled State Senate has been a continuous obstacle to progress.

Over the past eight years as a Prince William County Supervisor, I fought for lower taxes, tougher immigration laws and led the charge to promote responsible growth in our community. My record demonstrates that I am a proven conservative that can get results without compromising my principles. It’s this kind of leadership that is needed in the Virginia State Senate.

When I first ran for elective office, eight years ago, I ran on a few very simple principles:

  1. Increase transparency in local government by communicating better and involving constituents
  2. Find common sense solutions to the problems facing our community
  3. Work to reduce taxes and the size of government and promote pro-business economic policies

I’m proud to say that over the past eight years I have not wavered from these principles. Without sacrificing my conservative principles, I have shown an ability to build partnerships between competing interests in order to achieve the common good. On the most important issues facing my constituents I have delivered real results:

Promoting tax relief and pro-business policies: This past year, I was one of only two Supervisors who voted against the FY 2012 county budget because it included a tax increase.  I remain steadfast in opposition to tax increases and favor reduced spending and controlled budgets.

We must work to promote tax relief and pro-business policies that create jobs and get Virginia’s economy moving forward.  During my tenure on the Board of Supervisors, we worked to reduce real spending by $143 million out of a $900 million dollar budget.  In addition, because of implementing sound principles of financial management, the County was rewarded with AAA bond rating, a level attained by only 1% of all counties nationwide.  By securing the AAA bond rating, the taxpayers save considerably on interest rates when bonds are sold on the open market.

Illegal Immigration: The most important responsibility of any elected official is to protect the health and safety of their constituents. That is why I led the charge in Prince William County to crack down on criminal illegal aliens who commit crimes in our neighborhoods. I introduced and obtained three bipartisan, unanimous votes on the “Rule of Law Resolution”, the toughest, most comprehensive anti-illegal immigration ordinance in the nation.  It has been emulated by jurisdictions across the United States. As a result, in Prince William County, we have seen a significant reduction in illegal aliens in the community and a 46% drop in crimes against persons as well as a 41% drop in hit-and-run accidents.  Indeed, crime is at a 16-year low.  Immigration and Customs Enforcements (ICE) issued detainers for deportation to over 3,000 individuals who were incarcerated in the County’s Adult Detention Center.

Promoting Responsible Growth: For the ten years prior to my election to the Board of Supervisors, residential growth was simply out of control.  This is one of the reasons I decided to run for Gainesville Supervisor.  Thousands of new housing units were approved without inclusion of adequate infrastructure.  During my time on the Board I worked to promote responsible growth. For example, with my help, the Board changed the County’s proffer process.  Developers now pay their transportation or road improvement proffer dollars up front, not at the issuance of the 500th building permit or completion of the 1000th house. This commons sense change allowed road improvements to be in place prior to families moving in.  In addition to road improvements, we have added schools to relieve chronic overcrowding, hundreds of acres of park land to increase league playing fields and green space, new police and fire stations, all to improve the quality of life.         

Protecting Life: I am 100% pro-life. Earlier in my career, I was a founding member of a pro-life Political Action Committee during the several years I worked for Representative (now U.S. Senator) Dr. Tom Coburn.  While the Board of Supervisors rarely has abortion-related issues before it, I recently initiated a letter to Governor McDonnell supporting the regulation of abortion clinics in Virginia, which was unanimously supported by the Board’s Republicans.

Electibility: The final and perhaps most important issue in this race is electability. It is paramount that we nominate a candidate who can win this seat in November and help Republicans regain control of the State Senate. The 13th District may very well determine whether Republicans or Democrats control the Senate for the next four years.  My Republican opponents and I agree on nearly every issue.  In fact I am proud to call both of them friends.  However, I am the candidate who can win in November.

In 2003, I challenged an eight-year incumbent for the Republican nomination. On the last day of filing, he dropped out of the Republican Party and filed as an Independent.  That November I beat him two-to-one, despite being outspent 4 to 1, and I defeated the Democrat nominee as well.

In 2007, I was re-elected in the general election with 63% of the vote. I’m the only candidate in this race who can say they have never lost an election.

In 2011, I faced no opposition for Supervisor, yet decided to give up a safe seat in order to run for the State Senate because so much is at stake. 

Now, more than ever, we need leaders in Richmond with a positive vision, proven experience, and unwavering principles. This is why I am running for the Virginia State Senate. I look forward to sharing my optimistic message with people throughout Loudoun and Prince William Counties and the Commonwealth.  I am excited about the bright future for Virginia.

For more information about me and my campaign please visit As the campaign moves forward, I look forward to meeting with you and sharing my vision for improving our quality of life in the Commonwealth and making it a better place to live, work and raise a family.

All the best, 

John T. Stirrup


  • Kevin says:

    I like all three candidates and will happily support which ever candidate wins the primary. Reading John’s email doesn’t sound like a candidate you would normally support. Your endorsement of John makes me wonder what you know about him that I don’t.


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Why is that, Kevin? Are you buying the whole ‘LI is a Democrat’ speil from the LI-Haters? Stirrup is a good guy, and is exactly my kind of Republican – strong on fiscal issues and slow on growth and its associated burdens on government and the tax rate. He is socially conservative (as am I on many issues) but he doesn’t define himself by those issues and wear them on his sleeve. He also comes off as sane, a big plus in this race.

    John Stirrup or Dick Black or Bob FitzSimmonds? There is no contest there – Stirrup wins big, especially with the two wingnuts splitting the wingnut vote.

  • Kevin says:

    I can’t think of any seriously contested GOP primary or party office that we backed the same candidate including when Heidi Stirrup ran for 10th District Chairman. I don’t remember you ever claiming to be pro-life before but certainly remembering you trashing many social conservatives. John goes out of his way to point out his strong point out his strong pro-life views and why it hasn’t been an issue he can work on as a supervisor.


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Notice I did not lay the same accolades on Heidi. I am not a big fan of hers. But John is a strong consistent conservative who is easily electable in a general, and level headed and sane enough to be in office for as long as he wants once he wins. If either of the other guys somehow win the nomination and get elected, they will be one or two termers at best.

  • Cato the Elder says:

    Well, I can’t say I’m too happy about losing my favorite PWC Sup. but am in total agreement that he’s exactly my kind of candidate.

  • James Young says:

    John is a fine candidate, but so are Bob Fitzsimmonds and Dick Black (I have endorsed Bob). And endorsement from the cowardly “Loudmouthed Inciter” when there are very few differences among the three is NOT a positive.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    James, this is no “endorsement”. Once again, blogger endorsements are worthless and always more about self aggrandizement than anything else. Vote your conscience and for who you think will best wear the title “State Senator” with honor and respect.

  • Even though I’m a Black fan, I have to say, LI continues to prove he’s not the evil democratic blogger some clowns have made him out to be (a voice of reason, I dare say?). Best of luck to Mr. Stirrup.

  • G.Stone says:

    John Stirrup is an excellent elected official. I have known John for years and can tell you he does what is right and in the best interest of PWC. It was John Stirrup that crafted the Rule Of Law legislation implemented with great success in PWC. It was John Stirrup who made sure that legislative package was vetted by DOJ and other legal venues to insure PWC residents were not mired in lawsuits. John is a staunch conservative with a no nonsense, low key work ethic that gets things done. I could not be happier that my friend John Stirrup, has decided to enter this race.

    For those who want a Conservative who can win and after that be effective in Richmond, John Stirrup is your candidate. More to come from me on this issue in the very near future.

  • James Young says:

    Sorry, “Loudmouthed Inciter”: I inferred from your slander of two honorably, mainstream Republicans (Bob Fitzsimmonds and Dick Black) as “the two crazy far right wing candidates already in the race for the Virginia 13th Senate District” that you WERE endorsing Stirrup.

    That you’re not is good news for him.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Dick Black and Bob FitzSimmonds are only mainstream Republicans in your little world, Jimmy. Again, blogger endorsements are worthless drivel, more about the need of the person making them to feel important than doing any good for the candidate.

  • Not Clint Eastwood says:

    John Stirrup is the right choice for the Va Senate race. He has a demonstrated record of leadership and a willingness to take on difficult issues such as illegal immigration,when others would rather remain silent.This is an indication of strong leadership skills.
    John Stirrup will do the right thing even when no one is looking. He always has the backs of his constituents covered.

    Bob Fitzsimmonds has a electability problem. He has run multiple races that he has lost. His emails are unprofessional and indicate weak leadership skills with all the whining that goes on in them.

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