Bob Marshall vs. Loudoun GOP

By Loudoun Insider

Delegate Bob Marshall dropped quite a bombshell at the Dulles South CPAM meeting last night, reading the Planning Commission an opinion from the AG’s office that the CPAMs could not be voted on without an official map showing VDOT generated cost estimates for needed road improvements. He was immediately accosted by former Loudoun BOS Chair Dale Polen-Myers and Sterling District Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio in the hallway, ranting that this was ridiculous and that they could then use this reasoning to stop the Route 50 traffic calming initiative.

Does anyone not believe that Bob Marshall is a conservative Republican? Apparently not by LCRC standards. What was Delgaudio doing at this hearing in such a prominent role outside of his district? Could it be the Shockey connection, who owns land in the area and are his biggest campaign supporters?

The audience of commenters was obviously stacked with developer and engineering company employees, most of whom live outside of the affected area. One of the first commenters was from Laurel, Maryland. Anyone against the CPAM is painted as a tea sipping fox hunter from the horse country.Â

Bob Marshall is a good man looking out for his constituents and asking for reasonable analysis of the future traffic impacts of huge scale development (which by the way increased from 28,000 units to 33,000 units almost overnight). The sitting Republican supervisors are pounding the last nail in their electoral coffin with this mess.


  • The Voice says:

    #47 t, I too, am a sinner and have come short of the wishes of my creator. But my actions in this world are a pitiful attempt to reconcile with that maker.
    Unlike Eugene and his ilk.
    They see going to Church on Sunday as a class distinction, no matter what they do when they aren’t in the public eye.
    I can go to the Lord and ask forgiveness , and it will be granted. But how many times do you think he’d grant me for the same sin that keeps getting bolder everytime I committed it?

  • t says:

    t knows nothing of Eugene’s brother, but t does know that Eugene has been a pro-life stalwart and a vigorous proponent of traditional marriage. We all have dirty hands. We are ALL sinners. t does not agree with Eugene on development issues, but t does believe Eugene has a heart that loves God.

  • jaqui says:

    Well that put an end to my speculation: -t is NOT Eugene Del-Gawdy-O. And the thought of that buffoon in higher office (Lt. Gov. and above) is frightening. It won’t happen though–the guy’s outta here in 2007. His political career will come to a grinding halt as did that of his buddy whose name will not be mentioned.

  • t says:

    t said before that he was not Eugene, but t has great admiration for Eugene. t has also said that Eugene should not dawdle in a puny Supervisor position, but should make the leap to the General Assembly or to statewide office. t will lend his considerable political weight to such an effort.

  • BlackOut says:

    -t your defense of Mr. ED is either tarnish on your reputation or insight into your real soul.

    You’d do yourself a favor by dropping support for such a vicious individual.

    As a note, I don’t see anyone else on this board defending Mr. ED. That’s a clue into the future.

  • t says:

    t never goes along with the crowd, and does not side with the majority. What is the factual basis for your claim that Eugene is “vicious”? I have never known Eugene to be vicious.

  • sibyl says says:

    t– I am interested to hear you dont agree with E.D. on development issues. Have you told him that?

    Overall, Im VERY curious to see what the pro-life, pro-family contingency of the local party (led by Dick Black, Eve Barner, et al)decides to do with the likes of Bob Marshall, Lori Waters and now you t and others. Like you t, these are people who have been stalwart supporters of the life-agenda, with years of dedication to the issue, but are now deviating from the pack on growth.

    The developer crowd has already vowed their demise, but will the pro-life faction of the party continue supporting these folks or leave them in the dust?

  • t says:

    The gluttonous development community has left a stench in the nostrils of many Virginians, including pro-lifers. Why else did Kaine sweep NOVA?

    Eugene is wrong on the development issue, and so was Black and Staton, but that does detract from these three men being Godly pro-life heros for the unborn. We need to pray for Wisdom for our elected leaders, including these guys!

  • The Voice says:

    And since such narrow issue decisions are made at a STATE level, throw these bums out, and vote for Representatives and senators to do your bidding at the STATE level. You are smart enough to realize that Del-gotta-go can’t touch STATE laws, right?

    (PS….as of the last election in the 33rd, neither can Staton or Black, dude.)

  • I’m glad you’ve raised the gluttony issue, t. Many of those connected to the development industry are anything but moral and ethical, and certainly not in keeping with your Christian principles. The Voice raises an excellent point in regard to state/local issue divisions.

  • t says:

    Local officials can enact restrictive ordinaces around abortion clinincs. I know this from first-hand experience as an abortion protestor. Therefore, it is critical that we elct pro-lifers at ALL levels. As for Black, he WILL be back.

    t Speaks

  • t says:

    Yes LI, you are correct. t has long maintained that the sooner we throw the development industry overboard, the sooner we start winning elections in NOVA again – BIG TIME.

  • Moderate Republican says:


    1. Are there abortion clinics in Loudoun? I sure haven’t heard of any pro-life protests in the county.

    2. I think he IS back. Did I see a white haired, business suited greeter in Walmart recently?

  • t says:

    The Most Honorable Dick Black is very intelligent courting the WalMart vote this early before the ’97 election.

    Sadly, there are abortion providers in Loudon. t normally protests at the Falls Church and Richmond abortuarys, but t will assist in starting protests in Loudoun as well.

  • moderate 5-19 says:


    First I think that moderate Republican was kidding about Dick Balck at Walmart,(or at least I hope he was.)

    Second I think you mean 07 elections.

    And third, I didn’t know their were abotions clincs in Loudoun. That breaks my heart, I trust at least they do not use tax payer money.

  • AWCheney says:

    Ya gotta love t’s sense of humor!

  • The Voice says:

    From the looks of today, there are 5 bafoons in Loudoun that have never been very good at chess.

    They rejected the VDOT report, they reject Marshall’s logic, and today they ignored the COUNTY ATTORNEY’s recommendation. All this despite the fact that two are party planners (and I don’t mean the Republicans), one operates a funeral home, one is on daddy’s dime and one is on an Army pension…where I do not find evidence of a single hour of law training.

    The zoning is determined to be thrown out and the NEXT board, which will be devoid of these clowns will no doubt readvertise and reinstate AR1 and AR2 .

  • Independent Republican says:


    Your friend Eugene will kick you right in the *ss for not backing the “Republican Builders”. You will be rejected and throw to the Democrats for saying anything negative about Eugene or the LCRC!

    t wake up – it is all a dream……….

  • t says:

    t has woken up and will start a new party: The pro-life slow-growthers. RINOs and Developers BEWARE

  • Wayne chalum says:

    I read this small “part” (and only a part) of the opening dialogue on your site:

    “Delegate Bob Marshall dropped quite a bombshell…. reading the Planning Commission an opinion from the AG’s office that the CPAMs could not be voted on without an official map showing VDOT generated cost estimates for needed road improvements.”…

    …you have got to be kidding?!! VDOT cost estimates for road improvements? Y’all been spending too much time thinking the government and internal improvements system actually is an accurate reflection of getting real work done.

  • Wayne chalum says:

    …and another point: you must downsize Washington central government programs and expenditures in order to put Loudoun growth issues in perspective. Washington’s growth over 100+ yrs(and Virginia’s lack of states right fight)has now dumped Loudoun county with the same problems faced with the closer in counties for decades. So VDOT is Bob’s great compromise? All the while the PEC people think they have the corner on pretty views in the western end, forget they derive most of their income off the same economic pursuits as the people who live in the east end and need their roads to ply their trade.

    Purge the neo-cons from the GOP and stop compromising with the liberals and their special interests.

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  • Loudoun GOP says:

    Let”s win

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