Jim Gilmore For President..?.

By Too Conservative

Check it out here(www.draftgilmore.org)

Would Gilmore’s entrance ruin Allen’s chances?


  • Craig says:

    I don’t really think that George Allen needs any help right now to ruin his chances at the Presidency in ’08. He seems to be doing fine all on his own.

  • Joe says:

    haha … yea this has no baring on Allen’s chances …

  • I think Craig is right. It won’t be Gilmore who ruins Allen’s chances.

  • Bwana says:

    The only chances that Gilmore will ruin by running are Gilmore’s chances.

  • NotLarrySabato'sLawnboy says:

    yo holmes i really think that gilmore couldnt beat Davis for senate how is he going to beat anyone for president….

  • Gilmore seems like he would be a more successful candidate than Allen- but I don’t think his resume has him in the national spotlight nearly as much as Frist or McCain.

  • Staunch,

    That might be a real appeal for Gilmore, or a candidate like him. With the exception of Mark Warner, both sides have nothing but profession DCers, senators and vice-presidents and what not.

    The American people have routinely elected that don’t have “the resume,” W, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, and even FDR. So who knows, right?

  • GOPHokie says:

    It would be a battle royale for sure.

  • BDM says:

    I sense an early betting pool beginning already as to who will be the candidates in 08.

  • t says:

    Gilmore stood by Hugh Finn. This is the type of leadership pro-lifers demand in our standard-bearer. Brownback and Huckabee are the other acceptable pro-lifers. McCain need not apply.

    t SPEAKS.

  • t says:

    Hugh Finn was the victim cowardly doctors put to death. Very similar to the Terri Schiavo case. Gilmore stood tall. Good for him.

  • Yeah I just looked it up. I vaguely remember hearing about that.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    Gilmore finds himself kind of boxed in. It’s no coincidence that this chatter is starting as soon as Allen seems to be having problems. Gilmore has had less than resounding success at everything he’s done since being governor. It’s now beginining to look like John Warner may not retire, so the Gilmore/Davis (T) match-up may not happen. The symbiotic/parasitic Marcus/Gilmore relationship is clouded by the symbiotic/parasitic Bolling/Marcus relationship. What’s a poor ex-governor with a record of fiscal ineptitude to do? You got it. Float your name out for President of the U. S. of A. who knows, something might just shake loose. Timing is typically gilmore. Even assuming that there were some merit in such a candidacy, this is a horrible time to start making these moves. It would be far better to get November 2006 behind us. Then if he wants to do a bug on the windshield imitation for President in 2008, let him.

  • Gilmore is a real conservative, that delivered a real and lasting tax cut to Virginians.

    The mere mention of his name reveals the “squimish” in our ranks…

    Ronald Reagan, and GWB delivered the same kind of tax cuts, but thanks to deficit spending and not having to stick to a balanced budget, and having a Federal Reserve system it doesn’t matter on the National Level.

    Jim Gilmore wouldn’t have gotten into fiscal trouble, if the Pubs in the GA, had not spent every dime that was projected to come in…. like recessions don’t happen…

    His car tax cut, helped bring VA out of the shallow recession we had quicker than other states, why? Because the GA had to budget for the PPTRA (car tax cut), and the citizens kept in their pockets anywhere from $100 to $600 per family!

    Pooh, pooh that all you want, the PPTRA has kept Billions in the citizens pockets! Where it belongs!

  • Bwana says:

    The Gilmore challenge is he has perhaps too high opinion. To paraphrase H.C. Lodge, I wish I was as sure of anything as Jim Gilmore is of everything. This inability to even admit there is another side of an issue undermined him in the second half of his term as governor, and would likely do the same on the road to washington.

    A more practical Gilmore issue is that Warner won the governor’s mansion and the GOP losing streak in NJ continued while Gilmore was head of the RNC. Whatever chits Gilmore had for getting Virginia into the Bush column in the 2000 GOP primary are gone. His reputation for being less than deft in fiscal is-deserved or not-part of the public discussion, and likely difficult to dismiss.

    He is not going to get anywhere blaming members of his own party for budgetary issues…especially when Gilmore himself did not veto any of the budgets that came to him.

    Gilmore has no natural well of supporters outside of Virginia to go to…or at least that he has first claim on their affections. I cannot think of a single area where he can realistically claim to be THE MAN. National Security/Preparedness? loses on that issue to McCain and Guiliani. Social Issues? Loses to Brownback and Huckabee. Experience? Loses to Allen and McCain and a raft of others. Friendly, endearing, schmoozing ability to make friends and win influence? He loses to a list that is to long it would absorb this blogs bandwidth.

    More to the point, if Gilmore runs for the GOP nod and loses, he will likely undermine his chances for other offices by taking on a quixotic challenge and by appearing a poor sport who is jealous of George Allen.

    I suggest that the real Gilmore options in 2008 are to run for the Senate if John Warner steps down or spend the time preparing for another run at the Governorship in 2009.

  • JOTB says:

    Gilmore is NOT a real conservative- just look at how much sending increased during his administration. There has long been animosity between Gilmore and Allen and this is just Gilmore sticking it to Allen. Furthermore, his only real taste at the national scene was as RNC chairman and Karl Rove had to fire him.

    So why does anyone think he should run for President?

    And oh yeah – I’m still paying my car tax.

  • Had to Say says:

    Gilmore almost ruined Va. during his term as Governor. How soon people forget. He was also caught cheating on his wife during this time. A real great guy t, go vote for him.

    No one has heard from or about him in years and now he want’s to run for President? Give me a break!

  • NotPaulNardo says:

    The thought is laughable…He probably set up the website himself…

  • AWCheney says:

    I’ve known Jim Gilmore for 36 years and always had the highest respect for him. Then, he endorsed Steve Chapman…people change, I guess.

  • anon says:

    Lord knows he did a great job as RNC Chair. I mean he and Boyd were there for two years before they were run out of town by Rove and W. Thats a good run isn’t it?

  • -$ says:

    Gilmore was one of a very few Governors who actually cared about the taxpayer. Had he been able to control the out of control spending by the state legislature he would have been one of the most successful governors.

    Gilmore is a friend of taxpayer and $ likes that!

  • Are you serious??? I mean, this is a joke, right? You’ve gotta be kidding me! Look, if Gilmore actually comes in the top three in the Iowa caucuses or New Hampshire primary, I will run across my neighborhood buck naked (and that’s a scary sight).
    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but this isn’t happening. Dennis Kucinich has a better shot of winning the Dem nomination than Gilmore has of even finishing in the top five for the GOP nomination.
    Yes, outsiders often come from nowhere to become the nominee. But there is a difference between being an outsider and being someone who NOBODY (and I mean nobody) outside of VA has heard of.
    I doubt that Gilmore could win a Virginia primary, much less a nationwide primary. This guy is a one trick pony (“car tax”) who used a single issue to win the Governor’s mansion.
    All of this talk is pure inside baseball that no one in “the real America” cares about. The Road to the White House in 2008 is hundreds of miles long. The bet here is that the Gilmore car doesn’t even get out of its own garage.

  • Bwana says:

    btw, according to the late Lewis Grizzard, Terpsfan4life would be “running nekkid” through his neighborhood.

    It’s an intent sort of thing… 😉

  • I think this discussion represents something more symbolic, in that the current GOP presidential field is so insider, and so weak. I go back and forth all the time, but right now I’m in a Giuliani place, but Gingrich is good too. I think conservatives are trying to find someone new and different. Kind of a diamond in the rough. It might not Gilmore, though the idea is slowing renting space in my mind, but it might be someone else, like Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina?

  • James Young says:

    STD (15) has it exactly right … which is, of course, why some later commenters demonstrate how the “mere mention of his name reveals the ‘squimish’ in our ranks…” Indeed, it is quite clear that it is not Gilmore who has changed, but some of the “squimish.”

    At the same time, while I think Jim Gilmore would make a great President, I have to agree with most of what TF4L said (23). Jim Gilmore simply doesn’t have the national exposure to mount a successful race.

  • t says:

    t would like to see Mark Earley make a run. Mark has all of the conservative gravitas of a Gilmore without the baggage. Don’t underestimate Earley.

  • Bwana says:

    Golly, haven’t we covered this before?

    t refuses to believe that Earley is content with his Prison Ministries job. Unless you have some facts to offer, it is silly to think he will leave that work to reenter the turbulent political waters…Especially when faith based initiatives are under assault in the courts? Remember it was a Prison Ministries program that was that a judge said broached the wall between church and state. Mark Earley is not a man to cut and run, and I cannot imagine him leaving the PM while it faces such challenges.

  • GOPHokie says:

    I was only 7 in 1992, but how many people had ever heard the name Bill Clinton before late 1991, early 1992?
    I am not convinced you need super big time national name ID.
    I just think Gilmore would have as good a shot as anyone, b/c there are so many potential contenders and so many different issues each of them brings to the table.
    We could see someone get 3rd in every primary and win as wide open as this thing is.

  • jaqui says:

    Even in the unlikely event that he aspired to return to political life, Early is way too far right. The worm has turned and moderates now rule in both parties. The GOP needs to run electable candidates if it doesn’t want to give up the farm to the Dems.

  • James Young says:

    Hokie, as someone who was somewhat older than 7 in 1992 (that makes you the same age as my daughter, damnit!), I think you underestimate Clinton’s name ID at the time. He was notorious for delivering a snoozer of a keynoter at the 1988 Dem convention.

    On the other hand, you may be correct in your conclusion. I vividly remember traveling to Little Rock in early 1991 to investigate a case, coincidentally meeting his last GOP opponent for Governor and being warned that “this guy is going to run for President, and is dangerous.” Turned out, he was right.

  • -Disappointed LCRCer says:

    My guess is that we may end up nominating a smallish state governor people are not talking too much about at the moment – either Romney or Huckabee.

    Farfetched? Maybe.

  • t says:

    Huckabee would be the best choice under that analysis.

  • Hows ’bout Mark Sanford of South Carolina?

  • Allen is the only one of the conservative or so Senators to not vote for Bush’s Illegal Alien Shamnesty bill. The only other guy, untouched by that taint, who is a conservative is Gov Huckabee of Arkansas. So, Gilmore could run on the issue that will win – ending illegal immigration with no excuses and no apologies. The so-called moderates, actually Liberals on key social issues, like Giuliani, Pataki and Romney won’t get the nomination. If, by some miracle, they did, then they run the risk of losing the Conservative base of the Party – like me.

    None of our candidates are Great Men. Very few Presidents are. So, it’s up to someone with fire in the belly to make coulda, woulda, shoulda the best whatever they can.

  • James Young says:

    Romney? Isn’t he the “Republican” who signed into law a state socialized medicine bill? He may have other qualities (he gave a pretty good speech at last year’s Federalist Society Convention), but I would consider this action disqualifying.

  • Bwana says:

    Besides, Romney will sooner or later have some trouble with his “tar baby” comment. While it may be on the level of the “niggardly” conflagration in DC a few years back, it will not be helpful in a general election.

  • Bwana says:

    As far as Clinton/small state government goes (as per comments 29-32 above), let’s not forget that he had also been in statewide office in Arkansas for many years. Elected AG in 1976, Governor in 1978, 1982,84,86,88,90…so that is a lot of time out there with the imprimatur of holding elected office, making contacts, building a network. Jim is far removed from that…

  • Independent Republican says:

    Gilmore is an ultra conservative in bed with the like of Delgaudio and Black.

    If Black and Delgaudio like someone then we all know not to support that person.

  • Another moderate Republican says:

    Clinton won because he ran a campaign on an issue close to the voters’ hearts: “It’s the economy, stupid!” Gilmore won the VA governor’s because because of his “eliminate the car tax” campaign. Clinton may still have won because (and we didn’t know his character then) he had charisma, intelligence, personality, and a commanding presence on the TV screen. Absent the car tax issue, Gilmore would have lost. Today, I doubt he could win the GOP nomination even if he had the desire to run in ’08. With all the relentless media scrutiny, candidates need to be rock stars in terms of looks, personality, and charisma. There are those who say that if Clinton were able to make another run for the White House in ’08, he could win.

  • John Welch says:

    I honestly cannot believe you people are dumb enough to believe that Gov. Gilmore caused Virginia any ruin at all.

    If i had to guess… Yeah it would be that you are liberals attacking a conservative, who, shockingly, is popular among conservatives.

    If you honestly believe there was a budget crisis, please stop following politics now. You bought a cheap lie put forth by Mark Warner so he could steal the taxpayers of Virignia’s money. He wanted to raise taxes his entire administration. He claimed there was a deficit, and he gets his tax increase. Nevermind that there was a SURPLUS before a tax increase was ever necessary.

    Get your facts straight, stop believing people like Jeff Shapiro and especially Mark Warner.

    Jim Gilmore would make a great President. He is a true Conservative. Maybe that’s the reason Democrats hate him so much.

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