Rishell Goes Bonkers

By Too Conservative

Rishell Announces Overcrowding Policy
           Manassas Park, Virginia (August 29, 2006) – Jeanette Rishell today officially announced her position on overcrowding highlighting the fact that lives are put at risk by the behavior of those who operate illegal boarding houses in our community.
           Over the past several years we have seen a decline in the enforcement of laws established to limit the number of occupants allowed to reside in homes in our community.
           “People operating unlawful boarding houses are not only taking advantage of the poorest among us, they are putting lives at risk. Local government needs new tools to fight this problem, and as Delegate, I’ll get legislation passed that criminalizes the operation of illegal boarding houses. It’s time to hold landlords accountable for putting people’s lives at risk,” Rishell stated.
           I believe that the following represent the starting points for discussion:
1.      Currently, those who run illegal boarding houses can be charge with no more than a misdemeanor. I propose that we this offense be changed to a felony with associated penalties applied. This would include increasing the current fines from a minimum of $10 to $2500; and an increase in the maximum from $1000 to $10000.
1.       I propose the establishment of a Livability Court, created as a division of Municipal Court. It would convene several days a month or more depending upon the demand. Community maintenance problems need to be taken out of the regular docket and be viewed in a context other than that of being sandwiched in between drug cases etc. It would focus on cases of non-compliance with codes and standards about housing, garbage, noise, traffic etc. It would handle quality of life issues and enhance enforcement of existing ordinances. We already have codes that prohibit occupancy beyond safe limits, that prohibit homes being subdivided, that prohibit sleeping in bathrooms, closets and so on. We need implementation that is legal.
2.      I propose complaints should be in writing and accompanied by as much documentation as possible. In this way we would take responsibility for our complaints. All written complaints will be held confidential and subject only to FOIA requests.
3.      At the same time we do this, we should study the impact of illegal immigration on our overcrowding problem to determine associated costs. This information must be given to our Congressional representatives who can then secure financial support for localities who deal with the impacts of illegal immigration on a daily basis.
Rishell has stated and will continue to stress that solutions to the overcrowding problem must be respectful of, and maintain, the integrity of the family. Â
Jeanette Rishell is a dedicated mother, grandmother and community leader who, with her husband Ed, has lived in this region for over 27 years, 11 of those in Manassas Park. Jeanette has served as Vice-Chair of the Manassas Park Electoral Board, Manassas Park director for the Committee of 100, as a member of the League of Women Voters, Unity in the Community, and as an active member of her church congregation.
The 50th House district includes Manassas City, Manassas Park, and 4 precincts in Prince William County (Parkside, Sinclair, Stonewall, and Westgate).


This is a very poorly written press release, which should not have been sent out to numerous newspapers. Rishell creates courts not found in Virginia, and comes up with crazy new ideas worthy of George Orwell…



  • anonymous says:

    What if the person running the rooming house is one of those illegal aliens she wants to protect?

    I guess it will just be ignored.

  • Had to Say says:

    I guess this is why they call her moonfruit. She was very vocal in her opposition at the Manassas city council meeting, when they tried to implement an ordinance to take care of this exact problem. A LIVABILITY COURT is beyond laughable!
    The limits on how many people that can live in a house are not working! That is why cities and counties all over the USA are coming up with other ordinances to take care of the illegal immigration issue.

    Wake up Ms. Rishell

    I find it hard to believe her words when her actions say the total opposite.

    When are the debates to start?

  • Not Jack Herrity says:

    This will never get through the General Assembly, and if Rishell did her homework she’d see a long list of legislation less ambitious than hers that the GA has kicked to the curb in recent years.


  • The Voice says:

    I support the idea of putting limits on the number in one house…
    Mostly because the word has passed from one illegal to another as far away as Republik of Kalifornia that Virginia has no such laws in place, and therefore is THE place to come to.
    Stopping the overcrowding with worthy laws and stiffer penalties is one way to stem the flow of these illegals to our communities. I cannot address whether she is sincere or not, because I do not know her or have ever followed her, but I agree with the sentiment.

  • Earl says:

    What cracks me up is now she wants to do something about illegals and overcrowding, when last January she’s organizing protests and speaking out agianst the Manassas City Council’s initiative to do just that. She advocated on behalf of illegals for years, but as she’s door-knocking, getting to know the real people outside of the BRUU Colective/Cult, she knows she needs to talk tough on this issue. Based on her past actions, not only do I think this is pure talk, I believe it’s pure CRAP. Greg L. has been all over this for months.

  • anon says:

    This reads like the excellent work of her campaign manager Matt Harrison. This is the same guy who a campaign for the House of Delegates that got 30% in Stafford County last year.

  • NLS is now calling the race for Jackson Miller. Did anyone ever doubt this outcome?

  • PWC DEM says:

    Check your facts ANON!

    Actually Matt got his candidate 37.5% in the 88th against Mark Cole….an improvement of 9% from 2003 and his candidate won 2 precincts that had never gone Democratic before. This is in a district that has a 70% Republican performance.

    And he did this on a budget of $17K.

    What experience do you have running against entrenched incumbants who are fully funded?

  • I don’t know about a court, but using a livability standard (based on square footage of living space per person, adequate bathrooms, etc) is a no-brainer, isn’t it? There have been some proposals based on irrelevent standards like the relationships between people in a household.

    There’s a legitimate public policy interest in health and safety – but not in who people choose to live with and the composition of households. One constitutes a legitimate function of government. The other constitutes Nanny State. I guess it depends on the “problem” you are purporting to solve.

  • anon says:

    Dear Matt Harrison – I mean PWC Dem. It’s amazing anyone would have those numbers right off the top of their head. Congrats on the 37.5% I don’t want to forget that .5%. Now that it’s established you are so good with numbers, perhaps you can proofread the press releases Matt Harrison’s campaign puts out and make sure they are numbered correctly.

  • Earl says:

    Rishell is toast. Is there any doubt, beyond that of Kool-Aid drinking Bruce Rommelt!

  • that’s bruce roemmelt

  • t says:

    All liberals have gone bonkers. Pro-abortion liberals.

  • He's called "W" so he can spell it says:

    Matt Harrison got a 40% showing in Stafford…..idiot. The blame for any performance problems can be put right on the shoulders of the DPVA and their refusal to get the Dems in that district off their usual lazy butts.

    And he managed to get Ms. Rishell a whopping 47% of the vote, better than most Dems did in the state in 2006. What’s your record like, anonymous?

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