Draft Jackson Miller

By Too Conservative

With news that Chuck Colgan is retiring in Prince William County, the state needs Jackson Miller to get in the race.

He represents much of the district, and is conservative on the issues. As a policeman, realtor, and Delegate Jackson is incredibly ties to the district.

I for one, hope Jackson jumps in. The Commonwealth needs his leadership.


  • Linda B says:

    I’ll second that motion!

  • G.Stone says:

    I second Linda B’s second. Jackson Miller is a terrific.

  • Rip Van Winkle says:

    This website is a sleeper. It used to be pretty good. What happened?

  • “He used to tell his story to every stranger that arrived at Mr. Doolittle’s hotel. He was observed, at first, to vary on some points every time he told it, which was, doubtless, owing to his having so recently awaked. It at last settled down precisely to the tale I have related, and not a man, woman, or child in the neighborhood, but knew it by heart.”

    (with a little help from Stevens Miller)

  • Robin Crabtree says:

    DPVA Chairman Brian Moran released the following statement today congratulating Senator Chuck Colgan on his decision to seek a 10th term in the Virginia Senate:

  • NoVA Scout says:

    I’ve long had the feeling that Senator Colgan keeps running not because he really wants to (what does he gain from one more term at this stage in his life?) but because he is afraid to cede the seat to some of the truly substandard candidates that we have a tendency to allow to run against him. My surmise is that if a respectable, competent candidate were put up, Senator Colgan might just as soon go fishing.

  • anon says:

    Now that Fitzsimmonds is out of the 29th, there is no need for Jackson to run to protect Colgan’s seat. So there isn’t going to be anyone running against Colgan this time around.

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