“Very Interesting And Unique Opportunities”

By Loudoun Insider

The comment thread in the Verne Dickerson thread has largely been sidelined onto the subject of the new two-headed Sheriff candidate, Verne Davis, or alternatively, Mark Dickerson.  At every event I have been to Mark Davis follows Verne Dickerson around like a faithful servant.  Which is what I guess he is now that he sublimated himself to Dickerson.  More than one person has now told me that Davis seems to regret his decision to drop out and become Verne’s right hand man.  Oh well, too late now.

At the last LCRC meeting, Dickerson finally came right out and said what everyone following this campaign thought was going to happen.  That he would be giving Davis a high ranking position in LCSO should he get elected.  In what appears to be nothing more than old fashioned machine politics, Verne “I’m a better Christian than you” Dickerson (that name coined by a Patrick Henry College activist, not me) promised Davis a job if he dropped out and backed him.

Davis still has his website up, with an absolutely ridiculous statement present as the only information.  That statement is provided below with my commentary.  This Sheriff/Vice-Sheriff gambit is truly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen.  It will be dead and gone soon enough.

UPDATE:  Just as the Davis campaign itself vanished shortly after we put out his past and present Democratic connections, the Davis website with his “very interesting and unique opportunities” statement is now gone.  The above link will take you straight to the Dickerson website now.  I did save a copy of that Davis website page before it vanished, however, just in case anyone doesn’t believe what I have printed below.  Unfortunately it’s all too true.



Davis website statement verbiage in bold

[my comentary in brackets]

Dear Friends,

Recently I have had some very interesting and unique opportunities presented to my campaign and I.  [“very interesting and unique” – what an interesting choice of words.  We now know what the payoff was for Davis, as blurted out by Verne at the last LCRC meeting, but just what are the “very interesting and unique opportunities” presented to Verne’s campaign???]  After careful consideration and deliberation I have decided to withdraw as a candidate for Sheriff.  [hey, I got in way too late and never had any momentum building anyway, so why not drop out in exchange for a nice high paying desk job]

Sometimes in our lives, while we are following a path, we come to a fork in the road and we must choose which path to take.  [like when waiting too long to enter a race and being so totally underwhleming in my performance that my departue from said campaign caused barely a ripple]  I have chosen the path which I feel will help lead our Grand Old Party and Loudoun County to great success.  [yeah, Mr. GOP, who left the party to run as an Independent in 2003, supported the Democrat in 2007, and held his first big fundraiser with huge Obama donor Sheila Johnson, shortly before dropping out in 2011]

We have too many Sheriff candidates running in this election and I strongly believe that we must be spending our time and money towards our goal of defeating Steve Simpson.  [No shit Sherlock!  Then why did you get in the race in the first place???]  Some of us are trying so hard to find faults with other candidates that we are forgetting what we are here for: to win an election and return integrity to the Sheriff’s Office.  [Davis is still smarting from Mike Chapman’s very effective mailer that pointed out Davis’ lack of qualifications for the top job.  That mailer remains the prime shaping factor in this race (causing Uncle Verne to rush to Davis’ defense) and points out clearly why Chapman is the only candidate capable of taking out Simpson]

I am endorsing Verne Dickerson for Sheriff and have thrown my full support behind him. [not sure what his full support means to anyone in the LCRC given Davis’ past party jumping]  Verne is an honest, sincere gentleman and we share the same values and goals.  [including landing highly paid desk jobs at LCSO, not sure where Davis stands on the faith-based Sheriff’s Department, but I guess he’s on board now]  Thank you so much for your support, it means so much to me and I hope you will understand my reasons for making this change.  [you know my reasons – six figures worth, and hey, sorry if you gave me money at that Sheila Johnson event only to see me drop out days later]  I feel that this is the best move to unseat the incumbent. [yeah, a guy who has been out of law enforcmeent for over a decade and has been seeling real estate is the answer]  I will continue to work hard for Mr. Dickerson to see that this goal is achieved.  [of course you’ll keep working hard for Dickerson – you have a big money job riding on the outcome!!!]  I hope you will join with me to help get Verne Dickerson elected.  [hey, hardly any of you have the “very interesting and unique opportunities” that I have with Verne, but support him anyway!  For me!]

Once again the Sheriff/Vice-Sheriff team underwhelms.  Too many gimmicks, not enough gravitas.


  • edmundburkenator says:

    Davis’ website now redirects to Dickerson’s.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Why am I not surprised.

  • cop4ever says:

    At least the pay off to Davis has finally been admitted by Verne. Does anyone know what he has done with his campaign funds? Have they been transferred to Verne? It is quite evident that Verne has admitted to himself and the LCRC that he can’t handle the job by himself because he has been out of LE for about 11 years. But why pick Davis who is another “has been” in LE cirles. I am quite shocked that a proclaimed devout Christian would bring a DEM to his team-what a disgrace.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I don’t necessarily think Davis is a Dem, but he certainly appears to be a political opportunist. I don’t think his support gives Verne any big bump other than the few Middleburg convention delegates. I think part of the “very interesting and unique opportunitites” also involves setting Davis up to run next time since Dickerson is so old. This is the kind of stuff we should all be trying to get rid of, not promote, especially within the Sheriff’s office. Enough politics in law enforcement, let the dedicated professionals do their job.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    We all know that all DEMs are godless and lawless, right cop?

  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    Given that it’s certainly a convention, delegates will be key. However, the unified Dickerson/Davis “ticket” won’t deliver any more delegates. Even in a general election, it’s not likely to give any lift and could well backfire. No doubt it will be used by the Dem nominee to show (a) improper politicking; (b) Dickerson’s lack of confidence in his own abilities/experience; or (c) both of the above.

  • RWN says:

    Lloyd – Is there a Dem candidate yet?

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    rwn, I haven’t heard of one, which is why I guess the more progressive blogs are “focusing” on the Sheriff’s race to talk about…Eugene?

    Re Mr. Speakman, I just brought in the mail and received THREE identical mailers. Wondered if the postman had somehow simply nested them together, then if they were anticipating that my oldest votes for the first time this fall, but…no.

    One addressed to my husband, and TWO addressed to me.

    I’d be happy to feel a bit less special, and it would save them some money too! lol

  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    I don’t know about a Dem. I should have included Simpson as among those who would have a field day with the two-headed candidate for sheriff.

  • RWN says:

    I got the Speakman piece in the mail today as well – and two of them just like you. Must be nice to be a mail house this campaign season. Postmarked from Harrisonburg, VA.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Speakman has apparently hired a new campaign manager. Maybe the dual mailings are breaking the bank.

    I have heard nothing of a Dem Sheriff candidate, but who knows what will happen. From the looks of it, I would say they want Simpson gone and know that a three-way race strongly favors Simpson. That is true, and it’s why I still see Speakman running as a wacky third party candidate after he loses.

  • Loudoun Hunter says:

    First let me say I think we all understand that elected officials always bring people with them into office to fill numerous positions. They do that for many valid reasons but they normally wait until after they are elected to announce who those people are and what position they will fill. The way the Dickerson campaign is doing it makes him look weak and highlights his absence from law enforcement for over 10 years. I guess they must be counting on the theory that Davis can bring him supporters. There are some basic flaws with that theory. Is Mr. Davis really that strong? His track record with helping his own campaign and that of others is weak at best. Doses he have more detractors than supporters? Since the Dickerson campaign is putting Mr. Davis out in front they might be alienating supporters who dislike Mr. Davis’s abilities. I think that is a risky gamble. I have heard numerous people comment on this as to why they will not support Dickerson – and I have heard this from the rank and file deputies.

    Mr. Dickerson and Mr. Davis talk about their commons beliefs and that is why I question their ability to LEAD the Sheriff’s Office into the future. I have heard them both speak and they always taut how long they have lived in Loudoun County and that makes them better qualified. I guess they have not looked at the statics on the number of people that moved into the county during the period after them. I guess they forgot that those people are the one that have driven the new firms, jobs, and pushed this county to being one of the premier counties in America. They repeatedly say that this makes them know more of what Loudoun needs and that they are better conservatives. Again I think this strategy is highly insulting to the citizens of Loudoun County and it highlights the shallow thinking of Mr. Dickerson’s campaign. I realize they want to attack Mr. Chapman for only living in Loudoun County for several years. They imply that if someone lives in Loudoun County for only several years, they not are qualified to run for office. I guess they sure want those unqualified people to vote for them in the fall. Mr. Dickerson, as a federal retiree himself for more than 10 years has forgotten how the federal system works on promotions. To get promoted you often get transferred to different field offices or duty stations across the United States and the world. Since he didn’t obtain the same high level executive positions as Mr. Chapman did, he didn’t get transferred as often.

    Since we just celebrated Memorial Day, it reminds me of how hypocritical the Dickerson campaign staff really must be. I am sure they thanked those who have served and are serving this country in the military. They should see how many military people who are on their last tour at the Pentagon, Military District of Washington, Quantico, etc. retire and make this area their home. According to Dickerson and Davis these people aren’t good conservatives, and are not qualified to run for office because they have lived here only a short time. These people moved around because of their career, serving this nation just like Mr. Chapman. This is an insult to all citizens of Loudoun County because it is about finding the best and the brightest to run for office, not about how long have you lived here. This just shows the continued pattern of narrow thinking by the Dickerson’s campaign – like running his office based on faith.

    I am good conservative republican and believe in faith and God but I am concerned when someone thinks he is a better Christian and repeatedly advertises it. It is by works not through their own words that make him a Christian. We all have our own crosses to bear so no true Christian is any better than other Christian.

    Mr. Dickerson needs to stand on his own two feet and demonstrate leadership and command presence and run on his own merits. He looks weak, like he is being propped up by Mr. Davis. I read all the hype about Mr. Davis being the vice- sheriff if Mr. Dickerson wins. I think that the analysis is wrong as to the role Mr. Davis would be hired to fill. I have heard Mr. Dickerson speak about Mr. Davis’s 20 plus years of experience with the Sheriffs office and how he has filled every role. I have not heard him talk about Mr. Davis’s leadership ability to move the Sheriff’s Office into the future. If Mr. Dickerson wins, he should hire Mr. Davis as the Sheriff’s Office historian since he has such past knowledge of the Office.

  • Newbie says:

    I thought the constant mention of being a long time Loudoun resident was a swipe at Ron Speakman. One of these blogs had a post from someone who had looked up real estate records and was charging that Speakman has been living in Montgomery County, MD. for some time until recently. I have to wonder how true his mailer is claiming he has been a resident since 1986!!

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