Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman Endorses Mike Chapman

By Lloyd the Idiot

Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman, himself a candidate for re-eletion, has endorsed Mike Chapman is his bid to become Loudoun County sheriff.  The endorsement is big (perhaps as big as it gets) given that it comes from the other of the “two separate but equally important groups,” to steal  a line from Law & Order.

When you consider that the endorsment is effectively a rebuke of the sitting sheriff by a fellow constitutional officer, it’s huge.

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UPDATED:  Text of endorsement below the fold

Dear Friends,


Over the past few months, there has been much debate and discussion with respect to the three candidates currently vying for the Republican nomination for Sheriff of Loudoun County.

I reserved my endorsement because I believed it was important to allow our candidates the opportunity to distinguish themselves with potential supporters and party followers.  It is their opportunity to explain why they are the best candidate to secure this Office and lead the Department in 2012 and beyond.

Many people have asked me which of the candidates I prefer, both within this Committee and within the Law Enforcement community.  I can only conclude that it is important to some in their personal evaluation. In response to these inquiries, I offer the following opinion.  It is our responsibility, as a Committee, to get Republican candidates elected.  It is also our responsibility to present the best possible candidate that we can on the November ballot to the voters and to give them the best option possible.

A commitment to core Republican beliefs of limited government, individual responsibility, fiscal responsibility, free enterprise, strong national defense, defense of the U.S. Constitution, and faith in God is critical, but a candidate cannot succeed at the polls without also having the necessary experience it takes to effectively run this type of agency.  It has become clear to me that Mike Chapman stands in the best possible position of our three candidates to be victorious in November.

On September 11, 2001, our world changed forever, and with that, the duties and obligations of federal and local law enforcement changed forever as well.  This is a critical part to remember when assessing these candidates.  Only one, Mike Chapman, has served full-time in a post 9-11 law enforcement role.  This is not the only reason that Mike Chapman is the best candidate, but it’s the most significant.

I believe each of our three candidates present some unique qualifications and has the best of intentions when it comes to the overall safety of Loudoun County. I commend them and thank them all for their willingness to lead.

I do not make this endorsement lightly and I do not do this in an effort to alienate supporters of the other candidates. Promoting the best candidate is key to a healthy party.  I am in the position that I’m in, because people like Randy Minchew, Roger Zurn, Dick Black and Bill Mims stood for what was right and for what they believed was for the betterment of the Republican ticket in 2003.  I make this endorsement, not because it supports a personal goal of mine, but because it is what I believe is best for Loudoun County. I ask all of you, including the elected officials and candidates for office, to provide Loudoun County with the best leadership our party has to offer, and support Mike Chapman.  Let’s start working together toward November right now.

Thank you.

Jim Plowman
Commonwealth’s Attorney
Loudoun County


  • ACJ says:

    A Republican candidate endorsing another Republican candidate is hardly what I would call “huge”. It does offer Chapman an advantage over the other R’s running for sheriff though, and that will certainly help him get the nomination.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    ACJ, it isn’t a huge deal for the general, but it is a huge deal for a three-way contested party nomination. It’s common knowledge that I am no fan of Jim Plowman, but this is a big deal for this campaign. Plowman remains popular in the LCRC, and the endorsement of a Sheriff candidate by the sitting Commonwealth’s Attorney is big. Speakman and Dickerson don’t have anything near this big of a local endorsement. More are on the way for Chapman – his momentum is too strong and everyone sees it except for those who are getting paid, have promises of jobs, or are carrying huge grudges because they weren’t listened to or hired.

  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    I think it IS huge for both the convention and the general election. Sure, most of us who follow this stuff would not be surprised to see a R endorse a fellow R, but for those who would otherwise vote for the sheriff just because he’s the sheriff, it’s a game changer. The CA’s rebuke will go a long, long way with those people.

  • DC Beltway Bandit says:

    Yup – I’d say this is big or Plowman finally considers his opponent Jennifer Wexton a worthy adversary.

  • The sheriff race for the Republican nomination is the only countywide contest that seems to fit the “hotly” contested description, so that’s why this is significant right now. I am sure other endorsements will be coming to all three of the candidates as the Convention approaches, but arguably Jim Plowman represents the biggest possible, short of getting Joe Arpaio or Gunny R Lee Ermey on your side. If I was running for any office I would list a Plowman endorsement near the top of the list.

  • Loudoun Outsider says:

    Sorry DCBB but I predict Mr. Plowman’s opponent will not be a significant factor in the race.

  • Greg Ahlemann says:

    Agree with Joe. This is big. Plowman is the CA and it is very important for the sheriff and the CA to believe in one another. Anyone remember how bad it was when the former CA (Anderson) didn’t like the sheriff? It was bad for all of us. What has not been addressed here is the fact that Plowman’s endorsement, mine and others show that Chapman is bigger than the small party differences and can attract voters that might not be exactly the same in their ideology. That bodes well for November. To me that is the factor that makes this endorsement a game changer. Watch the scrambling that follows. Congrats to Chapman on putting his platform ahead of the bickering. He will enforce the law not create it. That said even Dems will see he is a candidate they can support.

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