Spam Sucks!!!

By Loudoun Insider

I know what a lot of you are saying – no s**t Sherlock! I just cleaned out our spam file for the umpteenth time and am absolutely amazed that this stuff continues seemingly unabated. Has anyone been temporarily stupid or bored enough to fall for any of this crap?


  • anonymous says:

    You know what REALLY sucks – spam TEXT messages. You have to pay for those words!

    I wonder if anyone ever falls for those messages too – very sad indeed. Perhaps it’s more along the lines of somebody falling for the possibility that they too can make millions by sending out free email messages.

    But there should be a law against spam text messages. Maybe there is… anyone know?

  • jackieh says:

    You are right. I closed down one e-mail address, at great inconvenience, and established another. Guess what! In a matter of days, I’m being spammed again–even with spam blockers, firewalls, and so forth. I report them all as spam and the senders supposedly go on a blacklist. I fear any method used to stop spam will be as effective as putting one’s name on the Do Not Call list. I’m not plagued by text messages–my cell is only on when I’m making a call.

  • Not only are email spams annoying, I was referring specifically in my post to blog spam. This is even more annoying! We get all sorts of comments here that go into a spam cache saying things like “I love your site, check out my home pages” followed by 20 different web addresses, and the inevitable porn and male enhancement references. Where do people think this stuff up? They certainly aren’t doing it manually, but must have some sort of program that goes to the blog page and enters in the required info and the “comment”. Anyone with any computer know-how that knows how this is done, please explain.

  • Fides says:

    You know, I used to hate moderated comments sections, because it slows down the flow of conversation and one sometimes worries that the moderators are filtering for political viewpoint as well as spam.

    But on balance, I am quite happy this site does so – Thanks for your work, Loudoun Insider.

    If it’s anything like my email box, it’s got to be a job.

    Apparently, I need to meet more hot teenage girls, but even if I did, my sexual performance would be inadequate without supplementation. And I couldn’t even bring them back home, because I should be embarrassed about my high mortgage payments and lack of additional University degrees.

    Seriously, I’m not sure why I should buy a drug from someone that has to spell it wrong to get past my spam filters.

  • Maureen says:


    You need to find out how these people got your cell number to begin with. I would think that the same laws apply to text messaging as they do for calls to your cell. Telemarketers are not allowed to call the cell phones. I wouls call your cell phone company and complain. They might take the charges off your bill.

  • Fides, I can assure you that we do not filter comments for political or personal perspectives, only for filth or extreme personal insults. Comments that are overall acceptable but have a few bad words can and have been edited.

    In addition to the spam filter, we have an “Awaiting Moderation” cache that usually has no rhyme or reason as to why some comments are flagged. I approve nearly all comments in moderation as is, but it sometimes takes some time to get the comment up. When comments are approved they are inserted into the comments as they came in, not when it is approved, so sometimes there will be comments seemingly out of sequence. I usually do the housekeeping 3-4 times a day.

  • The latest batch of deleted spam comments deal with chimichanga recipes and herpes medications. What a thought provoking combo!

  • lurker says:

    Some of the spam is generated from crawlers that pull from the email addresses on your left nav bar. You might try not hyperlinking to these emails on your site (or disabling them by putting a space after the @ sign or replacing the @ with the word AT).

    Another spam-avoider – use the bcc: option when sending out mass emails.

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