Loudoun Democrats, Here’s an Excuse You May Want to Use

By Lloyd the Idiot

With things already looking really bad for the local Democratic party this fall, let me pass along one excuse (courtesy of the North Korean women’s soccer team) they may wish to use  once the Republicans clean their clock in November:  “Our team was stuck by lightning!”


  • DC Beltway Bandit says:

    You know the LCRC and Mark Sell look like complete geniuses compared to the elite-Mike Turner crew.

    The level of dysfunction and inept leadership skills within the LCDC is no longer a dirty little secret, it’s on full public display.

    Apparently failure is an option for the LCDC and Mike Turner.

  • Isophorone says:

    Apparently, studying “Juche” wasn’t enough help for the Nork women or the LCDC.

  • Greg says:

    Speaking of the dems….does anyone else think Tom Bellanca is over-reacting to Scott York’s ad


    York asked a question and stated a fact. Considering the tone of many political ads, I don’t find this ad repulsive.

    In fact, if you read Mr Bellanca’s blog, his seems to do a good job attacking Scott York, our Attorney General, etc – anyone who stands in the way of Mr Bellanca’s vision for an underground rail station at Dulles that would help his local business by bringing additional development to the Dulles Corridor and Eastern Loudoun.

    If you want to take the high road, I would suggest Mr Bellanca stick to the issues and stop attacking specific candidates or politicans.

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