Speakman Slings Shit

By Loudoun Insider

The common perception around the LCRC is that Ron Speakman is full of shit.  Seriously – the guy is wacked.  He’s been sending out daily emails lately full of BS.  I don’t have time to dissect all of them right now, but believe me, we do not need a guy who was basically forced to resign from Leesburg PD and then went into the mortgage business for almost twenty years as Sheriff of a growing important county. 

While many LCSO employees are ready for a change, the feeling there now is that they would rather stick with the devil they know in Simpson (who is never really there anyway) than deal with Speakman as their boss.  Please don’t buy what this snake oil salesman is selling.  I’ve got some more stuff coming soon on this guy.  He is so unfit to be Sheriff of any backwater jurisdiction, let alone Loudoun County.


  • cop4ever says:

    Very obvious to me LI that the Speakster is a real good BS artist and will say anything to get elected. What concerns me is the money he is throwing around that stirs interest !! I don’t know how smart people with some common sense can believe his BS

  • Byd'ing My Time says:

    I can confirm with 100% that members of LCSO want nothing to do with Speakman. He has many skeletons in his closet from his short tenure with Leesburg PD. Sounds to me that you are already well aware of some of those LI….

  • Oracle says:

    It’s a shame that selecting the leadership of local law enforcement is so political. Who can raise the most cash, and who is the most loyal conservative Republican seem to be eclipsing the key question of who is qualified to lead a law enforcement agency of over 500 employees. Speakman has way too many weaknesses in is game to have my support. Bring it on LI.

  • edmundburkenator says:

    It is a shame. The state of politics in this county is really disconcerting…

  • Janice says:

    Nice language. I was just going to check out your site, and noticed your post on Mr. Speakman. Do you really need to use that word? You just lost a potential follower. Are you sure you are a conservative?

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    I am quite conservative in many aspects, Janice, although many in the LCRC will tell you I’m a flaming liberal. Yeah – conservatives NEVER use bad words! They’re all as clean as the driven snow! If you want to be really shocked at someone calling themselves a conservative, do some asking around about Speakman’s extracurricular activities.

  • Joe says:

    Pathetic argument, LI. First, you fire a broadside with a promise to dig up examples. Lame. Second, you confess to Janice that you are a part-time conservative. Lame, again.

    Do us and yourself a favor. Before spewing venom, just bring some facts in your volley. We would rather be informed than entertained by your sophomoric rants.

    Please post specific issues that call Speakman’s capabilities into question so we can make informed decisions. Otherwise, enjoy your semester at the Keith Olberman School of Profane Slander.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    This wasn’t a big argument post, Joe, it was a statement of my feelings and those of many others on Speakman – that he is full of shit. Others have sent me specifics on the various Speakman emails and were to provide examples in comments. They didn’t do it – I’ll get to it eventually, I’ve been busy. I am only a part time conservative to the party line sheeple who believe “conservative” is whatever Glen Beck tells them it is. And oh my are you people so offended by the word “shit”. Holy cow, get a grip.

    Do yourself a favor and ask the old timers at LCSO and Leesburg PD about what they folks think of Ron Speakman. Don’t take my word for anything – talk to the people that know him and his actions. There will be more to come.

  • Rizzo says:

    Speakman has been out of law enforcement for 20 years – who is he kidding that he has the knowledge and expertise to be the Sheriff in the fastest growing county in America?

  • Dan says:

    LI, I’m sorry but you are out of the club. The single use of a mild profanity “proves” that you are not a “real” conservative.

    You are right about folks asking those who were around way back when Speakman was a police officer. Some may have the impression that this is just mudslinging. It isn’t. It is more like doing due diligence before you choose a candidate. When a potential candidate has a checkered past it is always wise to find out about it BEFORE you give him your nomination. When the candidate and the party are being thumped with it during the general election campaign it is a little late.

    Has the guy even attempted to adequately address the questions about his residency? Has anyone looked into his voter registration? Has he been registered to vote in Virginia while living in Maryland? Or was he registered in Maryland? Or in neither? To which state has he been paying state income taxes. Why the subterfuge with the trailer parked at his buddy’s house?

    That in itself is enough to give one pause before choosing the guy as a nominee. Then you get to Rizzo’s very valid point about qualifications. Saying that quarter century old small town law enforcement experience is ample qualification to run the Sheriff’s office in a county like Loudoun is more than a bit of a stretch. It is ludicrous.

    The guy seems to be throwing a lot of money around. He is spouting the currently popular line that if you have run a business you can effectively run a government agency (Others can decide how well or ethically he ran his mortgage business and whether that somehow translates to an ability to run LCSO). He latches onto the hot button issue of immigration which is only tangentially relevant to local law enforcement (LCSO is NOT the venue for establishing immigration policy) because it inflames passions and is a great place for an unqualified opportunist to troll for votes.

    This guy proves that Lincoln was right. You can fool some of the people all of the time.

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