Wadhams Rumor May Have Umph

By Too Conservative

After reading on RK about a possible demotion of Dick Wadhams, I made a few calls, and found the story to have some roots.

I’ve heard from sources in Richmond that more will be released soon.

This would be bad news for our incumbent Senator.


  • tomdavisfan says:

    A pro-Allen blog is saying this rumor is not true. I think they are probably right. The Webb spokesman over at RK have faced plenty of heat lately and they are probably using this as an excuse to change the subject. This is just my two cents on the matter.

  • Ward Smythe says:

    I don’t konw who you talked to, but it wasn’t the Allen campaign. I’ve got it directly from them that it’s just another one of Lowell’s lies.

  • Lowell says:

    Ward: This isn’t coming from me, it’s coming from sources who gave it to me. So, if it’s not true that Wadhams was demoted, you can blame my sources. Personally, I hope Wadhams has NOT been demoted, because he’s doing a horrible job and should stay right where he is!!

    P.S. Oh, can you point to one example – just ONE – of a “lie” told by me on Raising Kaine or anywhere else? Right, I didn’t think so.

  • this is glad says:

    Lowell, your whole blog is trash. Complete trash.

  • tomdavisfan says:

    The only reason RK (Webb Campaign Spokesman) is pushing this story is to keep the spotlight off themselves.

  • Another distraction tactic, brought to you by the Webb campaign. You’ve been duped, Vince.

  • t says:

    Someone in the Allen camp should be canned for their failure to articulate a coherent pro-life vision.

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