Davis Is Not Deserving of Attack

By Too Conservative

Sometimes Raising Kaine goes over the edge….

a contributor named pitin has a post up bashing Congressman Tom Davis, who spoke at the Log Cabin Republican meeting last night.

About 1/2 hour later, Tom Davis and Jean-Marie show up, Tom Refuses to shake my hand (though Jean-Marie smiled and said hello), then Tom just freaks out and yells “I RAISED $50,000 DOLLARS TODAY AND WAS ON THREE CHANNELS (I assume he means his ads)”. I responded by saying “you must be really proud of yourself brother”, at this point Tom’s face starts to turn red (literally), and Jean-Marie sensing an on coming confrontation, grabs Tom’s arm and pulls him into the fundraiser.

My point here is, if you can get under the skin of a 12 year incumbent that easily, is he really fit for office? If a grown man, who should be a statesman yells at 20-somethings, is he really fit for office?

I am not sure who this contributor believes they are…but I’ve been around people SCREAMING at Congressman Davis, and he does not get flustered.

The liberals are fighting the wrong man here…..Davis was speaking to the group, when many GOPers wouldn’t be caught dead being associated with them.

Come on guys….


  • Joe says:


    And on another note … i hope this person is working to remove Rep. Moran for office if he’s concerned with Congressmen yelling at people.

  • tomdavisfan says:

    I think its quite obvious now the RK folks and Webb team are committed to outright lies. This would not be the first made up story on the site and I am sure it won’t be the last.

  • t says:

    When is the last time Davis spoke to a pro-life group?

  • teacherken says:

    let’s see — have you spent 168 hours a week for even one week with Davis so that you can assure us that he never during that week got flustered? People have different buttons, and sometimes those buttons are more sensitive than at other times. That you at no times saw DAvis get flustered may make you less likely to believe that he got flustered with pitin (the poster does have both a screen name and included his real name in the post) but does not offer conclusive or even persuasive evidence that the incident did not occur as described.

    I have watched Davis since before he held public office in Fairfax County, and I have several times seen him flustered, red in the face, on the edge. I find the incident described quite believable given the circumstances. I also have based on my experience found pitin to be a reliable witness of events he describes at which I was also present.

  • James Young says:

    I agree with this analysis. It’s silly to suggest that Tom would behave this way, but lies are the stock in trade of the far Left. I was with Tom shortly after his first victory, when John Warner was shouted down (over his despicable behavior toward GOP nominee Oliver North) at an Eleventh Congressional District victory party. Imagining Tom Davis reacting like this to virtually ANYONE is simply silly.

  • anonymous says:

    I find it hard to believe that Tom Davis would just shout out the following out the blue:


    I mean if pitin is going to write something critical of Davis could he at least stick to the realm of the believable?

  • t says:

    Is that guy’s real name “pitin”?

    If so, then that boy has issues.

  • t says:

    “The liberals are fighting the wrong man here…”

    Yes, I agree. And that makes him the wrong man for conservatives, too.

  • Living4Christ says:

    “When is the last time Davis spoke to a pro-life group? ”

    Good point brother. If he did stand up for the unborn that would make him a conservative.

  • republitarian says:

    Piss on Davis….

  • AWCheney says:

    Not very Christian of you, Republitarian.

  • t says:

    Davis has been in office for seemingly forever, and has not one worthy achievement on behalf of protecting the unborn of which I am aware. He is the King of Nothing.

  • Tom Davis for dogcatcher says:

    T, you ridicule a person’s name and then claim to protect unborn? I guess you only need to extend basic civility to people as long as they’re only the responsibility of others, and once they come out, it’s open season?

    I respect your opinion on unborn, but extend your concern to the born, and stick to the issue. Name calling is childish, especially for those many years past being “unborn.”

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