PWC GOP Votes Against Davis, Then Takes His Money

By Too Conservative


The Prince William County GOP Committee Continues to rip itself apart.

At the recent meeting, the committee voted for a resolution condemning Congressman Davis’ D.C. proposal, before voting on how to use the 10K he gave the committee.

I have heard Operations Chairman Steve Jiminez spoke out against the resolution.

It has also been reported that the committee had to re-vote on a moderate Democrat who wanted to join with the party, and uphold republican values.

Bert Buscher also aparently fired one of his precinct captains for not “towing the party line”.

I hope Congressman Davis learns from this, and doesn’t give the committee more money.

Message to PWCGOP: Dont bite the hand that feeds you.


  • James Young says:

    You know, Vince, for someone a thousand miles away, who when he lived in closer proximity was in a different jurisdiction, and who really knows virtually nothing about how the GOP became ascendant in PWC (perhaps less than nothing, since the sole source of your information appears to be Chairman Sean and/or his sycophants), you really seem to just want to cause mischief. How did that scoop on Dick Wadhams work out for you? Or that prediction on how Chairman Sean was going to serve out his term.

    First, Tom’s a big boy, and can take people disagreeing with him.

    Second, Tom is dead wrong on this bill. If he wants to retrocede the District to Maryland, then he has my support. But suggesting that the District should have congressional representation absent that is plainly unconstitutional.

    Third, Tom gave that money to the County Committee years ago, and we haven’t heretofore been able to find a lawful way to spend it.

    Fourth, though I was there, I left early. Who was the “moderate Democrat,” and who are you to judge whether he wanted to “uphold republican values”? I presume that, if the occasion arises when I want to criticize someone for opposing “republican values,” you will leap to my defense, Vince. Unless, of course, it is only you who is qualified to assess someone’s commitment to “republican values.”

  • Not Tom Stanley says:

    also, “towing” refers to something being pulled. I think you meant “toeing the line”

  • Greg L says:

    I believe the resolution was carefully crafted to be a statement of policy and not an attack on Tom Davis. The committee is working very hard for his re-election and has been canvassing and phone banking for Congressman Davis every weekend for months now. I have no doubt that the committee is solidly behind his candidacy and confident that he is the right candidate for the 11th District.

    As far as the new member, there was a little confusion around what was going on that Denny Daugherty cleared up, and once the facts of the matter were known the committee overwhelmingly approved his membership.

  • So Republican Party unit committees should agree with whoever gives them money? Or the most money? Or the last money?

  • Richard T. Salmon says:

    I seriously doubt Congressman Tom Davis expects to buy the loyalty of the PWC GOP with a donation. With mere suggestion of such a thing, you insult both Davis and the PWC GOP.

    Instead of bribery, you would have done better to consider the merits of the PWC GOP’s resolution. To allow the citizens of DC to exercise their right to vote, Davis proposes to make DC a congressional district and to create a statewide congressional district in Utah. The Constitution gives Congress no such authority. Congress can only create states. States have congressional representation by virtue of the fact that they are states. Thus Davis’s bill, The District of Columbia Fair and Equal House Voting Rights Act of 2006, is unconstitutional.

    Nonetheless, the PWC GOP’s resolution does not criticize Davis. Many PWC GOP members sympathize with Davis’ effort to allow the citizens of DC to exercise their right to vote. So we crafted a resolution to oppose the passage of an unconstitutional bill.

    We elect men and women to public office, not saints. That is why all of us need feedback, even Congressman Tom Davis. Even our best congressmen need to be reminded that the Constitution protects the rights of all Americans. When they err, we must demand that our leaders follow this document scrupulously.

    Below is the resolution PWC GOP passed. The resolution does not even mention Davis by name. However, should it begin to look like Congress might pass Davis’s bill, I suspect Davis’s role in this bill will receive considerably more publicity, particularly from conservative pundits. Hopefully, before that happens, Congressman Davis will consider the PWC GOP’s objections and allow his bill to die gracefully.

    H.R. 5388, The District of Columbia Fair and Equal House Voting Rights Act of 2006

    Whereas H.R 5388, “The District of Columbia Fair and Equal House Voting Rights Act of 2006,” creates two new congressional districts without the concurrent addition of any new states to the United States; and

    Whereas the U.S. Constitution provides unambiguous direction in the selection of representatives and senators and allows only the citizens of states representation in the U.S. Congress; and

    Whereas H.R. 5388 provides Utah an additional congressional representative for the sole purpose of providing a Republican to balance a new Democratic representative from the District of Columbia; and

    Whereas to ensure the independence of the Federal Government from the influence of any state government, the U.S. Constitution grants the Federal Government exclusive jurisdiction in the District of Columbia; and

    Whereas the U.S. Constitution provides lawful alternatives to achieve popular goals, and the principle of the Rule of Law requires that our leaders not exceed the authority granted them by the U.S. Constitution;

    Therefore, Be it Resolved that the Prince William County Republican Committee opposes the passage of H.R. 5388.

  • t says:

    Denny D. is a hero to our movement and a personal friend.

    The only money bandied about by Davis is money he raised from others. Davis should keep giving money – lots of it, to pro-lifers.

  • James Young says:

    Thanks for posting that, Greg. It is, of course, all true as to Tom and his campaign; notwithstanding this disagreement (one among a few, I fear), I still strongly support Tom Davis. I have a suspicion about who it is; drop me an e-mail on it if you would.

    And JAB, if that were the standard, the Democrat fictions about campaign finance would be justified.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    As happens frequently on a wide array of subjects (as opposed to our widely divergent views on personal behavior, human nature, language and demeanor), I am in complete agreement with James Young on the merits of retrocession of the District to Maryland to resolve the “D.C. representation” issue. Tom Davis is a masterful builder of consensus and compromise and is extremely valuable to his district and the nation for that reason. On this particular issue, however, the Davis compromise works too much injury to the constitutional rationale for establishing the federal district. The stated objection from residents of the District could be dealt with easily by returning them to Maryland for purposes of protecting their voice in the Congress (and it would put an end to this ridiculous notion of a governor, 2 Senators and a congressman – and the silly license plates while were at it). Arlington County (the missing piece of the original District) has fared reasonably well for nearly two centuries under such an arrangement. That Davis believes otherwise doesn’t bother me a bit. He may have more information than I on why this is good for the Republic and, in any event, I feel rather fortunate to have someone with his intelligence and outlook as my Congressman.

    To me, an interesting question is why the PW Committee felt it should opine on this particular issue at this particular time. Is H.R. 5388 quivering on the brink of passage? If so, that might explain it. I can’t imagine that anything different would have happened if the Committee had chosen not to address the issue. It would be more immediate if the GOP committees (if there are such things) in Montgomery or Prince George’s Counties in Maryland expressed a view (they would really have something tangible to lose or gain in the Davis proposal – retrocession is a political non-starter, but think how proportionally more rare a Republican would be in either County if suddenly the population of the District came wandering in. I suppose they could just create a new Maryland County to help protect endangered species).

    Another interesting, more general subject (not raised by the District legislation or the PW Committee’s reaction to it) is Davis’s relationship with certain Republican elements in the district and the state. This might be a better subject for a separate post. Davis has enough resources that his chronic generosity is perhaps less dramatic than it might be for someone with a smaller purse, but it is worth noting that he has frequently supported persons and groups who have little private use for him and who do not hesitate to trash him once he is out of sight and earshot. I’ve seen and heard it happen more than once. I suspect he knows this and has just decided that GOP solidarity is a very high value that demands high-minded tolerance for people considerably less gracious and far-sighted than he. But there do seem to be people who do not hesitate to ask for and take support and money from Davis (and at least one other prominent Republican in the region), but who are particularly unsupportive in return. On balance, I guess I’m glad that there are a few Republicans left like Davis in terms of his support for a wide range of Republicans, but I’m also sure that some of the people who have benefitted from his generosity would not reciprocate if circumstances were reversed.

  • James Young says:

    I would only take issue with Richard’s comment to this extent: Tom Davis has the “loyalty” of the PWC Committee by virtue of his status as the GOP nominee; he has the personal loyalty of many of its members for a wide variety of reasons, but mainly because he’s a nice guy who unfailingly refuses to make political disagreements personal, in my experience. He couldn’t “buy” the Committee’s loyalty if he wanted to, and wouldn’t even try, but he gets it as a matter of honor. That having been said, it is rather foolish to suggest, and I’m sure that he doesn’t expect, absolute agreement all of the time.

    As for whom the post-in-chief intends to “insult,” I seriously doubt that Vince intended to insult Tom Davis. This post is merely an effort to insult and belittle the PWC GOP.

  • Denny Daugherty says:


    It’s time you took a lesson from your hero Tom Davis as well as the Prince William County GOP about the ingredients of party unity. He gives very tangible support to the party leaders in each county in Northern Virginia as well as Republican nominees like Corey Stewart. The Prince Wm. GOP is running a unified campaign between all of the GOP nominees.

    He has never allowed disagreement over one or two pieces of legislation to keep him from supporting other Republicans at election time.

    The positive nature of the relationship between most elected officials and the county party is one reason that a former Democratic candidate (who received 44% of the vote in a 2001 race against a sitting Republican delegate) has chosen to join the Prince William GOP and join our efforts to elect Corey Stewart to chair the county board of supervisors. Some in the committee were suspicious of Davon Gray’s motives, but were pleased to welcome him when reminded of his strong low tax credentials. Readers of your blog surely recognize that 2006 is not the year that opportunists are signing up with the GOP. That an African-American who has shown his electoral potential within another political party would choose to join the Prince William GOP this year speaks volumes about both Davon Gray and the Prince William GOP. And about elected officials like Tom Davis who shows an interest in the success of other Republican candidates, not just his own race.

    As several other commenters have said, Tom Davis is a guy who tolerates differences of opinion within our party. Surely you must see the contradiction in suggesting that Tom retaliate against the Prince Wm. GOP for disapproving of one of his bills and Tom’s holding a committee chairmanship in the House while voting to override President Bush’s veto of the stem cell research bill. Tom didn’t get where he is in national politics by shunning or seeking to muzzle every Republican who disagrees with him on some issue or another.

  • Too Conservative says:

    Congressman Davis is out spending his money on working to pass legislation that the committee passed a resolution against.

    Why even pass the resolution? The committee is powerless in the situation. It only makes the party look disunified.

    Then to turn around in the same meeting and vote on how to use his money, is ridiculous.

    If you continually worked against your boss, would you stay on his payroll?

  • Jean-Charles says:

    Tres bien dit, mon ami! Le PWCGOP n’est pas d’accord avec tous les idees de Mrs. Davis, mais ils toujours sont d’accord avec la majorite. Ca c’est seulement un diference d’opinion. Comme on dit en France, Vive la diference!!!

  • Cornelius says:

    Mom’s back! Yeehah!

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