I am Sick Of Dirty Laundry

By Too Conservative

Not sure about the rest of the regular readers of the blogosphere…but I am getting sick of the negative dirt  coming from both parties this election cycle, not just in Virginia but across the Country.

Bearing Drift has now “dug up” information that Democratic challenger nPhil Kellam was convicted of assult.As a blogger, I know how these things go….this was likely a calcuated leaking of information about a month out from the election to seal Kellam’s fate.

While I understand this is politics, and don’t believe people should enter the arena with dirty laundry…..these races have become anything BUT about the people. Issues are pushed aside for “racist” , “adultering”, and “assault” charges, and the people are left out of the equation.

I commend leaders like Frank Wolf, and Tom Davis for always staying above the fray. Candidates should win with dignity. For me…it’s all about character.


  • Craig says:

    Vince, to say the Davis is “above the fray” is ludicrous in the exteme. Just look at the incident that happened in Occoquan this weekend in which he publicly berated the Mayor for giving money to Hurst and supposedly trashing him on the Hurst web site. If you missed this gem you can check out the story at: http://www.vitter.com/craigsmusings/Entry.aspx?entry=471

  • GOPHokie says:

    Vince, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

  • anon says:

    Craig –

    Get the facts straight. From Raising Kaine – From the Mayor of Occoquan.

    “In Fairness (4.00 / 3)
    Someone just brought this entry to my attention. While I don’t normally participate in blogs and was not thrilled by my conversation with Tom Davis on Sunday, I do believe in fairness and so want to set the record straight on a few points.
    First, Tom did not call to me on my porch; we were no where near my house. The whole conversation took place by the Republican booth as I was walking home with some items I had bought at the fair. In fairness to Tom, he seemed less angry about my monetary contribution to Andy Hurst than other things. After all, in a much friendlier conversation at the Dale City July 4th parade I had disclosed to him that Andy Hurst was a personal friend of mine and that I thus felt compelled to support him. At that time Tom indicated he understood and gave me an example of his having had to do the same thing in the past. He responded that as elected officials we still shouldn’t “go after” each other, which I thought was reasonable, and reflective of the Tom Davis that I will admit (which will score me no points with Democrats) I have often voted for since my days living in Fairfax.

    What really seemed to have set him off at the fair was not my giving money to a personal friend, but his belief that I had been “trashing” him on the Hurst web site. I’ve no idea where he got his information, but it was absolutely false. Not only have I not trashed Tom, but to my knowledge I’ve never been quoted, paraphrased, or even mentioned on the Hurst web site save for a photo shaking the hand of a Hurst volunteer from a period before I was an elected official. Also in fairness, in terms of bad temper it was not all one-sided. I admit to having been both surprised and angry at him for his accusation for a whole host of reasons, only one of which was that it wasn’t true. After repeatedly arguing about the inaccuracy of his assertion–my guess is that a staffer just gave him bad information–we both calmed down and that was the end of it.

    Earnie Porta


    by: eporta @ Wed Sep 27, 2006 at 15:40:25 PM EDT

  • Jean-Charles says:

    You say Davis do ze “public berating” but zen I go to your site for ze story et Msr. Porta say zat “Incidentally, it’s a small point, but also to be fair to Tom, he did not approach me and start ranting as some have implied. We said hello to each other as I was passing the Republican booth at the fair and that started the conversation.” Zat do not sound like “public berating,” n’est-ce pas? Sound more like you have ze personal agenda…

  • Craig says:

    JC, reread the post and Porta’s comments. I said Davis berated him, I did not say Davis was ranting. Porta wrote that Davis was not ranting. He did not say that Davis hadn’t berated him. There is an important distinction. Davis was mad at Porta and he attempted to bully him with threats of pulling support for the town. That fact has not been disputed by anyone. It happened and it is inexcusable behavior from an elected official especially considering that Davis did not have the common sense to do it in private.

  • How does Kellam’s 78 conviction relate to today? Does he, like Dem Cong. Moran, have a history of temper ‘incidents’? If he doesn’t have a recent record – indicating a character flaw that continues – then this is a cheap political dirty trick.

    It may be effective.

    But, frankly, it is very shabby of Cong.Thelma Drake’s staff to do this if there is no indication of other assaults on women.

  • GOPHokie says:

    Do you all think this kinda thing wouldn’t be used against us if a GOPer did it.

  • plunge says:

    Pretty amusing that all the same people who are SCREAMING based on no concrete evidence, that Webb is slime because he is supposedly behind all the stuff on Allen seem completely placid about Drake’s campaign being directly involved (they even went to the HOUSE OF THE VICTIM to interview her) in this.

    You really, really can’t have it both ways.

    Personally: I think all of this stuff is fair game, and what matters is less that there is dirty laundry, but in seeing how the candidates deal with it as well as how their opponents deal with it. Allen has been treading water against the inevitable mea culpa, which is stupid. He could have deflated all of this by saying that he’s changed since college and is a better man for it. Now the longer he waits to do that, the stupider and more meanspritied he looks for attacking the people who came forward.

    Webb has been muddled about his own accusation. Like everything he’s done, it’s a mediocre, confused effort. We’ll see how Kellam handles himself. My bet? He’ll probably be really frank, if he’s smart, and come out better for it. Drake will just look stupid.

  • GopHokie: This sort of thing was used two election cycles in a row against Del. Tom Gear for former financial troubles. Tom whipped each Dem lackey 2:1. But, it was still wrong for the Dems to do it.

    Dems can play the race card, engage in class warfare, religious bigotry against orthodox Christians, and aid and abet foreign enemies with their weakness, but that doesn’t mean Republicans should.

    Of course you have to understand principles to defend them. As we can see, many Republicans in the GA and the US Congress are clueless on principles but devoted to power. Doesn’t mean grassroots Bubbas should encourage them.

  • Living4Christ says:

    I could care less about character. These liberals have none, I mean they kill babies for crying out load. The left must be takin out of office. If it means running dirty then do it. Amercian was not built on smiles and hugs.

    How can you win playing fair, win the other side lets you kill your baby so you can keep partying in college.

  • NotLarrySabato'sLawnboy says:

    Thank You for that TC

  • What If? says:

    What ifI think we have gone way to far in denigrating violence. There are cases when someone ought to be allowed to slug somone and not be charged with assault.

    I was standing on the subway platform one day when two young men, who appeared to be black and appeared to be dressed in gang costumes stood inches from the subway door when it opened. Apparently they were intending to barge in, aggressively, before the onboard passengers could exit. Betweem them they wer blocking the entire exit.

    When the door opened a Navy Commander in dress unifrom was waiting to exit. Without a second’s hesitation, he assessed the situation, and proceeded to slug one of the young men hard enough to send him sliding half way across the platform.

    He got a standing ovation from the the other people waiting on the platform.

    What the Commander did was wrong, by some standards. Maybe he should hav stood his gound and called the police, by which time the train might have move, the Commnader misssed his stop, and conditions changed in general. Instead, he assessed the situation as (minor) terrorism and dealt with the situation.

    Was he wrong?

    I saw a similar situation at Natinal airport, again involving a Navy Commnader. In this case a religious groupie in a long flowing robe apprached him to put a flower in his lapel. He clearly told her not to touch him. When she pesisted and did touch hinm he cold cocked her and sent sr sliding across the aisle.

    For all I now it was the same Commander.

    For some, hitting a woman is always wrong, but this man also got an ovation from bystanders.

    Was he wrong? If he ran for office today, what would happen?

    Would you vote for him?

  • Another Moderate Republican says:


    “If it means running dirty then do it….” This sure doesn’t sound very Christian to me. And the notion that character doesn’t matter….

    The Far Right can’t have it both ways. What happened to the Golden Rule, Do unto others…? What happened to Love they neighbor?

  • t says:

    Living4Christ is my kind ‘o dude. Right on brother man!

  • XX says:

    Living for Christ and “t”, why not just kill liberals. If all they do is kill babies, you should just kill a liberal everytime you see one. Isn’t that what god wants. As for George Bush, screwing up Iraq and getting thousands killed there doesn’t seem to bother you in the least. But what the heck, they are Muslims who have not accepted Jesus and, therefore, are not worthy to live either.

  • Living4Christ says:

    T you are da man.

    XX we dont need to kill liberals becasue they kill babies. Liberals are the ones having abortions, so they are really killing themselfs.

    We will just out breed them.

    Another Moderate Republican, just go back to the 11th vote for Davis and wonder why Va is going down the tubes.

    You all know i just kid. Take care and have a great day.
    Except when it come to neocons, i just plain dont like you. =)

  • Living4Christ says:

    why did u delete my comment?

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  • “I am sick of dirty laundry” – Too Conservative

    Apparently Mark Foley isn’t! See above post.

  • t says:

    t nominates Living4Christ as Blogger of the Year. That brother knows what time it is.

  • Living4Christ says:

    yes its time to kick ou the baby killing neocons

  • Dean Settle says:

    You two are nuts.
    Kill liberals because they excercise population control in a world where materials are running low, and where we add 2.5 Million people to the country every year, and yet you still want everybody to drive a vehicle and put up a house on 3 acres. Sad, just sad…that you endorse murder to end murder, and have such a short-sighted view of the world.

  • t says:

    [1] And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.
    [7] And you, be fruitful and multiply, bring forth abundantly on the earth and multiply in it.”

  • t says:

    Living4Christ is the most impressive blogger to come around these parts since… well, Shaun Kenney

    t Speaks

  • Dara Leyden says:

    Tom Davis is no friend to the unborn.

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