Mike Chapman Blows Up Loudoun Politics

By Loudoun Insider


Mike Chapman, now the Republican nominee for Sheriff of Loudoun County, was very much an unknown quantity when he entered the Sheriff race.  Mike who? was usually the first comment people got when asking about him.  But all you had to do was meet the guy and look at his All American Hero resume and family to see that this guy had what it takes to make a mark in Loudoun County.

Chapman soon found himself in a four way race for the nomination.  He ignored the self designated political elite and forged ahead to run his own campaign with a bare bones non-paid staff, who had nothing more than a strong belief in Mike Chapman to motivate them.  Chapman ran from the head of the pack from day one while some of the political class tried to sink him at every opportunity. 

Chapman’s mailers were always a thing of beauty and paved the way for his crushing victory.  Two candidates quickly teamed up to try to sink him because of perceived slights on the first mailer.  Both candidates soon dropped out as their “strategy” proved to be self defeating.  The remaining candidate threw tens of thousands of dollars at Chapman, largely on paid campaign staff and consultants, only to be vaporized at the convention.

The big lessons here, folks – it’s the quality of the candidate that always matters most, and you don’t need fancy political consultants to win.  Don’t let them fool you, and when they threaten you becuase you didn’t listen to them – just keep on plugging away.  Their bark is much worse than their bite.  Some of those same people are already saying now that Chapman won’t be able to repeat his success against Steve Simpson.  Once again – ignore the trolls, they have been proven to know not what they speak of. 

There’s a new Sheriff in town, people.  Mike Chapman will be the next Sheriff of Loudoun County, Virginia.  You can take that to the bank.


  • No doubt,Chapman has both momentum and strategy. Simpson seems to have the money with $24K cash on hand and Chapman has $5K as of the 7/15 filing. Again, not particularly surprising given Chapman’s early campaign push. I’d expect now with the nominaton locked up Chapman’s contributions will skyrocket.

  • BlackOut says:

    With the efficient way Chapman runs his campaign, that 5K is worth five times as much. Compound this by the fact Simpson seems to think spending his cash on golf stuff is more effective at winning an election, and I think they are even on cash resources.

    This also is insightful into how both can run a budget.

  • Observer says:

    Not to over-intellectualize, but I’m wondering if there is something specific about Sheriff’s races (or maybe about elections for inherently non-political offices such as Sheriff and Commonwealth’s Attorney) that produces outcomes like that. You may know that something very similar just happened in the Republican Canvass for Sheriff in Harrisonburg/Rockingham. The entire Republican establishment was lined up behind Kurt Boshart, but he lost 60-40 to Bryan Hutcheson. Kurt and Bryan are both very well-qualified to serve as Sheriff, but part of the reason for the outcome seemed to be a backlash against being “told” who to vote for.

  • cop4ever says:

    The Green Machine will start getting into high gear and then it will be light s out for the bum we currently have in office. Question-will old man Simpson debate Mike Chapman?

  • BlackOut says:

    Good question cop4ever. Simpson showed up last time and held his own against lesser competition. I’d love to see a Chapman – Simpson debate.

  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    I question whether Simpson’s heart is in this race – it certainly isn’t in his job performance, from what has been written’

  • BlackOut says:

    Has Simpson even officially announced? I’ve seen nothing.

  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Good point, Observor, I think it is good to have a Sheriff (or Commonwealth’s Attorney) that is not annointed by the local power brokers.

    Who knows about Simpson – he should just retire and save himself the embarassment.

    And I must say one of the highlights of convention day for me was getting to hang out with cop4ever for awhile! To those idiots who doubted his credentials – he’s all that and more!

  • Crime is really bad in Sterling right now, so I imagine Chapman will be able to make a good case for change providing he has answers. It is a great opportunity for someone who wants to be sheriff to come in and say, here is what needs to be done.

    But Simpson is going to be tough to beat in the rest of the county, even in a 2-person race.

  • Tom says:

    As someone who came into things just as Mark Davis dropped out, I could tell right away that Chapman was the best candidate. I could tell in how they handle themselves and reading the various campaign sites and literature. I feel the right choice was made on Saturday and look forward to supporting Chapman during the General Election.

  • Fred says:

    Even if Simpson hasn’t officially announce, he sure is raising money as if he’s running. He’s raised $123K this cycle and has spent $97K and has $26K in the bank as of the last report. Chapman’s fundraising will only get better but he’s already proven that money is not going to get him elected, it’s his broad range of experience, credentials and the fact that he’s not ethically compromised like Simpson.

  • Wolverine says:

    Joe — The 5 July 2011 crime stats furnished to the BOS for the first six months of this year showed a 14-15% decrease in crime in that part of Eastern Loudoun served by the new substation. My own observations on the street confirm that. On almost all nights now, our Neighborhood Watch patrols return to base with nothing of real significance on the incident reporting sheets. It has been quite a long time since we have had to summon the LCSO for immediate response. Crimereports.com and the LCSO Daily Crime Report also reflect the downtick. Yeah, we still have the nasties from time to time; but this is nowhere near what it was like five-six years ago, when we were seeing responding patrol cars in our bailiwick sometimes two-three times a night and NW was up against a whorehouse at one end of the block and a document forgery operation at the other end, not to mention the cruising gangbangers. We ran ’em all out. Pretty darned quiet now.

  • I guess it’s how close it hits; that rape last week was less than a mile from here on E. Holly (somehow never made it into the papers that I saw, but it happened), and there is a new MS13 tagging spot right in the back corner of our neighborhood (you can’t go through our neighborhood to get anywhere, so this is new people coming in to make a statement.) Both McDonalds’ robbed last week also.

  • Fred says:

    What’s even more ominous is the MS13 tag was X’d out; possibly a sign of a rival gang fighting for turf.

  • Wolverine says:

    Joe — That rape or attempted rape on E. Holly was in the papers — Leesburg Today, I think. Don’t know about the LTM. From Jan 1, 2011 to 31 May, 2011, there were 5 rapes in the Eastern Loudoun Sector (ELS), none in Sterling Park itself. Offhand I would say this is the first one for us this year. In 2009 during the comparative period, there were 9; and, in 2009, there were 10 in the ELS. Looks like a downward trend to me.

    Yeah, we still lead in the total number of crimes compared to other parts of Loudoun, but we also have more of the negative conditions with which to contend. Total ELS crimes for the first six months in 2009: 771; in 2010: 595; in 2011: 509. Going down. Homicides were zero in 2009 and 2010 and one in 2011. Aggravated assaults were 25 in 2009; 27 in 2010, and 17 in 2011. Robberies, however, did rise from 6 in 2009 to 7 in 2010 and 11 in 2009.

    Note that the LCSO caught three of the perps from those McDonalds robberies, although a couple may have escaped thus far. One came from Leesburg and two from Falls Church. Imported perps. You may recall that shooting during a home invasion some time ago. The perps came all the way from Manassas, and they knew the victims. I don’t know what Chapman or anyone else can do about that unless they want to build a version of the Iron Curtain around the Park or put roadblocks at all ingress roads or flood every corner of the community with patrols. We live in a large metro area with a great deal of crime potential not suject to border controls; and, let’s face it, the possibility of regaining some sort of Loudoun County version of Shangri La just isn’t in the cards.

  • Wolverine says:

    Oops — Make that 10 rapes in 2010 and 11 robberies in 2011.

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