Janet Clarke-Jim Burton Open Thread

By Loudoun Insider

One of our previous post’s comment thread has been hijacked on the topic of growth as it applies to this race.  Please move all relevant commentary, and any other news on this race, to this comment thread.  Thank you!


  • LloydTheIdiot says:

    Deep thought: Janet Clarke does take a good picture. That’s about all I have to add on this race

  • Fear & Loathing says:

    Janet Clarke has a great chance to unseat Jim Burton. She is personable and friendly which is the polar opposite of Burton. However, as Far as Republicans go, no where does Mrs. Clarke talk about taxes being too high. This is definitively a cause of concern. Burton, for all his faults, has been fiscally conservative. So does this boil down to nice smile versus grouchy old man or is this the nice liberal leaning woman versus a green loving fiscal conservative. Mrs. Clarke needs to step up her game in this area IMO.

  • FedUp says:

    F&L, I have to disagree with you about Burton being a fiscal conservative. He nearly always votes for higher taxes and more spending. Check his voting record over the years in the BOS meeting minutes on the county web site, which go back to 1998. While you are at it, also check York’s record.

    Burton has just been on the board too long. I think this will be his fifth term he is running for. Loudoun desperately needs some fresh faces on the board. Janet would be a refreshing change!

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    IMO (and he used to be my supervisor when there was a Mercer district), he has a fairly well-deserved reputation for being on top of debt and debt service. However (again IMO) one of the reasons he so diligently watches the money is so it can be spent on the hairbrained things dearest to his heart, which often have not much to do with the service provision for which local government exists.

  • Eric the 1/2 troll says:

    Jim was one of the voices in the wilderness for a long time tieing the issue of unbridled development to higher taxes and debt. The people of western Loudoun understand where he stands on this issue and trust him to represent them against the forces trying to continue the development of the west on the backs of the taxpayers. Janet does not have a track record on this issue and, in fact, appears to side with the development community. Regardless of what Barb says, this issue is still very, very important and present in western Loudoun. It will be closer than previous elections but Jim will likely win based on this same issue this time around. They might not love him but they trust him.

  • Ryan Cool says:

    I have sent Candidate Clarke three particular messages three times and received nothing in return on either message.

    One that absent regarding debt was as follows:

    On July 19th, the BOS voted 7-2 in support of an agreement (Dulles Rail) to pay at least $135 million for garages. Supervisor Burton stated that “we don’t have the debt capacity to take on $135 million for these garages…we’re right up against the limits trying to keep up with building schools and to take on any more debt is to me a risky thing to do.” How would you have voted and why? Do you believe that taking on more debt is a wise approach? Are you of the belief that we have reached a debt limit issue and how would you address that?

    No response provided. Would be nice to be aware of a candidates stance in issues is, right? Either she doesn’t have a stance, is told to be quiet and not respond, or doesn’t have a clue.

  • Barbara Munsey says:

    Eric, interesting how your relentless huckstering is going over in both Purcellville and Brambleton–P-ville displaying some “anyone but Burton” sentiment, and a DEMOCRAT in Brambleton saying they’d vote for some Rs they know in a heartbeat, and how tired they are of you insinuating that anyone you disagree with is bought and paid for. How’s the Catoctin race going?

  • Kelli Grim says:

    “Loudoun desperately needs some fresh faces on the board. Janet would be a refreshing change!” Really? We want a group of the last Board? Seriously

    That quote is the exact statement made by Janet Clarke at the Loudoun Wine Association meeting she spoke to.

    Went over like a lead balloon. And if you catch her answers from the Chamber of Commerce…still no substance and solutions.

    But, if you want to really see what is going on then take a look at campaign donations cash and in-kind (compare both candidates) And thank goodness she has promised to refrain from voting on any project brought to the BOS from any of her Daddy War Bucks donors and undercover PACS. That sure makes me feel so much better just to have her make that promise. But the record reflects what she says and what she has done are just so far apart.

    I think that the country had the same idea about a new fresh face, when they blindly decided on wanting change in a President…look what we got.

    Do your own homework, vote your conscience, and check out the following link and tell me AFTER you read the whole book, who has integrity!


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