¿Quien es Mas Macho: Tito Munoz o Jo-Ann Chase?

By Lloyd the Idiot


Saturday Night Live fans of a certain age will recall a skit where two Spanish speaking contestants play ¿Quien es Mas Macho? (who is more macho)

It seems we have  a similar contest with two local candidates, albeit in different races:  Tito Munoz in the 36th  Senate district race and Jo-Ann Chase in the 87th House of Delegates district race.  Both proudly tout their Hispanic heritage at virtually ever opportunity – whether relevant to the discussion or not.  But I’m going to have to say Tito wins it.  His challenge to Jeff Frederick (who also professes a Hispanic heritage) to debate in Spanish “es muy macho,” even if questionable  from a political standpoint.


  • Loudoun Insider says:

    Hilarious! I don’t get this whole “I’m more Hispanic than you” thing at all.

  • ACJ says:

    Kind of like that whole “I’m more republican / conservative / American than you”. Rarely does any of that kind of talk make sense.

  • Loudoun Lady says:

    As long as the ¿Quien es Mas Macho? debate does not degrade into this documented atrocity:


  • Newbie says:

    Really? I’ve seen some of the printed material from the Chase campaign and it didin’t mention her heritage. Given the growing hispanic community I think the Republicans would be smart to have the first Hispanic woman elected to the House.

  • Newbie, obviously, you’ve overlooked her website and her speeches

  • Phil C. says:

    This is yet another example of the failure of the Desumo Strategies team of Matt Williams, Greg Capelli, Ben Marchi, and Tim Murtaugh.

  • Scout says:

    I’m not sure why there would be a problem of addressing voters or having a debate in Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, etc., if both candidates are comfortable in that language, particularly if there is a large group of voters for whom that language is their first language.

  • To be fair about it, I do think it makes sense to reach out to Spanish speaking voters in their own tongue. As much as the xenophobes may hate to admit it, there are a lot of voters in that segment.

  • Ravi Oli says:

    Mr. Newbie, Ravi must ask you this question: Are you especially attracted to vibrant, intelligent, articulate, hispanic women? If you answered yes to this question, Ravi cannot comprehend why you would find Joanne Chase to be appealing. At all. Perhaps it is that you are….a newbie?

    Ravi has no problemo with these candidates promoting their hispanicness, much as Ravi has no problemo touting his own mutt-like heritage. In other words, Aviray ouldntcay ivegay a itshay outbay itotay or oannejay atinolay ootsray.

    Until either candidate announces that English, not Spanglish should be the official language of Virginia, and of these United States of America, Ravi will advocate that neither Tito or Joanne should grace the halls of our house of delegates. Ravi is not xenophobic or homophobic for that matter, but does believe that English should be the official language of this nation.

  • I think theyll agree that English should be the OFFICIAL.language. The unofficial languages are the real issue. Get the votes wherever you can.

  • JFcorrupto says:

    Mr. Frederick is the Juan Valdez of PW es el MAS MACHO POR QUE EL used his political office to draft his wife to run for delegate in 2009 and help her campaign with a video, but later she declined to run. He only used politics (political candidates), public policy lobbyists (60-plus and others) and government contracts (under social and economic disadvantaged SBA 8a minority status) to make his money and does not seek work from the private sector. He used his political connections to get contracts for his company. He used his RPV Chairmanship to get funds channeled through his company to make a profit. He used his heritage and takes advantage of the corporate welfare disadvantaged system to make a PROFIT. After all this, I have to say he is a MACHO CORRUPT COLOMBIAN 100%– the Juan Valdez of PWC corruption. There is no question that he is the CORRUPTO MACHO typical Colombian politician. Frederick pretends not to speak Spanish but he speaks Minority Disadvantaged.

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