Please Vote In Two Tuesdays

By Too Conservative

Hope everyone has been doing well. I have been busy with Baylor Homecoming, Student Government, Homework, and outside activities.

Just wanted to drop in and give my two-sense on some races in Virginia, as well as discuss alittle more about the gubernatorial race in Texas.

Northern Virginian’s must re-elect Congressmen Tom Davis, and Frank Wolf. My Congressman, Mr. Wolf, has consistently served the citizens of the Tenth Congressional District as a fiscal and social conservative in Congress. He has helped the traffic problem, and has spoken out against attrocities around the world. His opponent has shown her vision is not in line with residents spanning Winchester to McLean. Those in Virginia’s 10th Congressional, vote Wolf.

Congressman Tom Davis represents the Republican party in Northern Virginia. It is imperative that he wins with a hefty margin to continue holding the line in Fairfax County. We can not afford Davis to be within a 5% margin. While I have nothing against opponent Andy Hurst, Davis is often times a lone voice fighting for the views of all those living in NOVA. Conservatives, and moderates need to unite behind him to ensure a victory. Those in Virginia’s 11th Congressional, vote Davis.

Virginia’s Senate race is being talked about all across Texas. While I am not the largest fan of Senator Allen, his record of serving Virginia is without comparison. He must be re-elected to the Senate to ensure a Republican majority. James Webb left his “moderate” label months ago, and continues pressing negative pointless attacks on Mr.Allen. Those across Virginia, vote Allen.

In the Texas governor’s race, only one person stands a chance on beating incumbent Republican Rick Perry(he’s also an Aggie). Current Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn has shown she is fiscally conservative while understanding Texas schools need funding. She stands in opposition to the Trans-Texas Corridor, and wishes to reform many of the broken policies in Austin. She has the money, and name recognition necessary to win. For those in Texas, vote Strayhorn.

In my new Congressional District, incumbent Congressman Chet “Cheat” Edwards has shown he can not be trusted. Having personally heard him speak the “moderate line” in this 67%-Bush district, then vote with Pelosi in D.C., it is time for a change. Only conservative Iraq war veteran Van Taylor can provide that change. For those in Texas’ 17th Congressional, vote Taylor.

I hope everyone remembers to vote in two tuesdays.


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