Drudge Piling on Webb

By Loudoun Insider

For whatever reason (I should) I seldom check out the Drudge Report. An astute reader suggested I highlight his latest reporting on Jim Webb dealing with his literary past. I find it difficult to bash people for writing fiction, but some of this stuff is pretty far-out and you have to wonder where the ideas come from.Â

There was a lot of hay made about Webb’s recent appearance with Bill Clinton since Webb had criticized him in the past, but Webb’s sexually charged writing and his three marriages may suggest that they have a bit more in common than we all realize!


  • Eric the 1/2 a troll says:

    Um, what about Allen’s past marriage and sealed divorce papers? Will Allen agree to go to that part of HIS past? I think he would do better staying above the seedy fray.

    I read the website and it is bizarre but it will not get me to vote for Allen (especially when he has actual distasteful ACTIONS in his past – known and apparently unknown.) From what I see Webb is an upstanding citizen and deserves more respect.

  • Paul Remarche says:

    This guy Webb is pretty twisted. In his books, he relishes telling his readers about underage sex acts, sodomy, incest, prostitution, and other graphic sophomoric scenes. Plus, he wrote his latest such trash novel in 2001.

    Check out: http://www.drudgereport.com/flashaw.htm

    He is not fit to be in the United States Senate.

    I wonder if the Democratic spinmeisters will chalk these recent Webb writings up to “youthful indiscretions”?

  • Andrew Phelps says:

    Heck, I think that Slick Willie mended fences with Jim Webb because he liked Webb’s writing style.

  • Another Moderate Republican says:

    Sex sells books. Violence sells video games and movies. That’s a sad comment on our times.

  • So my book won’t sell, Huh? It’s in the final stages of editing. Darn. Sexual tension but no sex.

    I didn’t know it was 3 marriages for Webb.

    The stuff from this books is a stretch, but given the timing (last two weeks) it might be an effective stretch at the polls. The inquisition will be peaking at poll time before the mockery of the accusation gains wave strength.

    So, it goes.

    Webb writes what he knows. I’ve read several of his books, but not his latest fiction. I read his book about the Scot-Irish (one of my several People!) after I read the main source book he used “The Social History of the Scot-Irish.” He made the cultural anthropology much more readable – like a polemic does to dry political science.

  • rtwng extrmst says:

    AMR is correct. It’s clear why Webb wrote these graphic scenes into his books. IT SELLS!

    Anyone (and I do mean anyone) who would write such fiction into a book when there are clearly less graphic ways to bring up such topics if they need to be addressed, is simply playing to our basest qualities in order to make money. Subsequently, someone like this does not deserve our votes to represent us in the Senate. I defend his right to write such smut, but I shouldn’t be expected to respect him for it. This is why I think this issue is an important one, whether or not Allen’s campaign intended it that way.

    What’s clear is many people in VA were not aware of this aspect of Webb’s books (myself included) and it will make a difference to many. This was not a text on the cultural aspects of life in Thailand. It was a novel, and that makes it even worse for Webb to be so salatious.

    I also find it ironic if not hypocritical that the Dems and the press are up in arms for weeks over Allen mis-speaking a word that he didn’t even know the meaning of but some claim is a racial slur in a culture half-way around the world, but they defend to the death the appropriateness of Mr. Webb describing in detail in his novel what he claims is an accepted cultural act in a land halfway around the world, but is a crime, a depraved sex act, and in fact rape in this culture where he is running for Senate, HIS OWN CULTURE by the way. All this to make a few extra bucks in book sales.

    He should be shouting these passages from the housetops if he thinks they are good writing. Instead he tries to hide behind “propriety”.

  • Paul Remarche says:

    So, you want some reasons to vote for someone other than Jim Webb? Here’s some Webb writing nuggets for you:

    1)”Fogarty . . . watch[ed] a naked young stripper do the splits over a banana. She stood back up, her face smiling proudly and her round breasts glistening from a spotlight in the dim bar, and left the banana on the bar, cut in four equal sections by the muscles of her vagina.”
    Jim Webb, Something to Die For

    2)”[Fogarty] has been thinking of the firm, springy skin and the sweet smells of a young Filipina woman named Maria in whose bed he had spent three nights almost twenty years ago. . . . She was a deliciously bad young woman. . . . On the second night, he had brought her a box of Godiva chocolates . . . . he had awakened to find her in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet with her knees underneath her chin, eating chocolates and counting her rosary beads as she prayed.”
    Jim Webb, Something to Die For

    Jim Webb, Something to Die For

    4)“You wouldn’t have believed it, Swede. She just dropped her britches and lifted up her skirt and pissed like a man. Didn’t lose a drop, either. Not a drop.”
    Jim Webb, A Sense of Honor

    One does not need to be a psychologist to see a clear pattern here. Combine this with Mr. Webb’s reference to the the United States Naval Academy as being a “Horny Woman’s Dream” and you have the complete picture of the man who holds the Democratic Party’s nomination for the United States Senate from Virginia.

  • AFF says:

    I wonder if the Marine Corp will take these books off their required reading list for officers?

  • Eric the 1/2 a troll says:


    That is decidely some soft core stuff. Wouldn’t want my kid reading it (of course some of the scenes in say 1984 – required school reading – are just as bad) but it is not hardcore porn either. Looks like Webb’s stuff is well respected (Marine Corp recommended list apparently) and these quotes are taken out of the context of his books. I see no reason here to not vote for the man. Keep trying though.

  • Paul Remarche says:

    Dear Eric,

    Mr. Webb has the First Amendment right to inject salacious sex, incest, and sodomy into his books in order to sell them.

    But, the plain facts remain that this is some really twisted writing by Mr. Webb and, combined with his prior comments about women, i.e.: “Thunder Thighs”, “The Horny Woman’s Dream”, etc., one has to reach the conclusion that this man is not the kind of person we should want in the United States Senate.

  • TCOisbanned? says:

    Oh chill. When you were in the service, didn’t every single think recieve a non-descriptive modifier of “motherfucking”? As in “pass the motherfucking butter”? Webb is just showing that. BTW, I think it’s trite to put it in the book and that other things are more interesting. But so what. Ever been on WESTPAC?

  • Eric the 1/2 a troll says:


    That is ALL it takes for you to determine someone is unfit to be Senator? Yet you ar (assuming here) voting for ALLEN? Now that’s REAL consistent. I am not EVEN going to regurgitate all the Allen issues – just shaking my head as I head toward the voting booth to place my temporary vote on the paperless voting machine.

  • pvogel says:

    webb is the one, neo. the matrix is here.

  • Daniel says:

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding Drudge Piling on Webb, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong 🙂

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