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  • anon says:

    yes he did

  • Anon says:

    Did George Allen spit on his ex-wife?


  • Fart Chester says:

    Did I just fart?

    Yes. Yes, I did.


  • Scooter says:

    He did plagiarize! I have proof positive! He stole scenes from both Lynn Cheney and Scooter Libby. It’s intensely hot and involves a bear and two sisters in Cambodia. John Kerry’s penis is involved somehow.

  • Paul says:

    If he did, he’ll have something in common with George Allen. Didn’t Allen plagiarize a whole entire bill earlier this year?

    Well, what say you?

  • thegools says:

    Did I just fart?

    Yes. Yes, I did.


    Did I just plagiarize?

    Why yes I just did that too…(along with the fart).

  • Allen Blows Bush says:

    Yes, Allen took legislative language verbatim from Richard Durbin… it saves him from reading if he can copy.

  • Scooter says:

    I’m going to put thegools and Fart Chester into the cage with the bear to teach you humility, and how to be careful when you clench. Now, we all know Webb plagiarized Ann Coulter’s plagiarisms. It was a setup by her to get him to plagiarize. She is an expert on Scots-Irish plagiarizing plagiaristic plagiarizers.

  • TCO says:

    You better have something. This kind of innuendo tease sucks. And the NLS crap about Allen’s divorce sucks also.

    Webb was the chair of the honor court at USNA. I really doubt that you have anything substantial. I bet you have some snippet or such. Webb would not knowingly plagiarize.

    Webb is not perfect, ASOH is a bit of a tough read, if you are a plebe when you read it. And he has this wierd thing of overdramatizing the warrior mythos (that I find in English major type Marines). All that said, he is a truthful guy.

    P.s. I am voting for Allen (holding my nose as I do) so ditch the crap about me being some evil Democrat.

  • Susan says:

    First Joe Biden, and now Webb?!

  • Doug says:

    Hey- Susam is Jane Oldham! Or, a plagiarist!

  • Dannyboy says:

    Don’t pull a Ben, dude. Post what you got.

  • DisappointedRepublican says:

    How low can George Allen go? It gets worse by the day.

  • Jayne says:

    Did George Allen sleep with the sheep? Does Susan Allen eat flies? If you’re going to throw out wild, unsubstantiated claims, make it worth someone’s time to read, ok?

  • Bwana says:


    TC has chosen to deploy the NLS model of blogging…and how many toupees is this one?

  • Citizen Tom says:

    Webb plagiarized? For some reason, that strikes me as unlikely. It also is getting too late in the campaign season for any self-respecting Republican to bring up such a charge. There is too little time to prove or refute such an accusation.

    Anyway, stop trying to imitate Drudge. There are better role models. If you actually have credible evidence, just get it together and post it.

  • Not Not Larry Sabato says:

    Its interesting that you’re willing to start spreading a rumor that Webb plagarized, but you won’t even give us a general idea of where we could find this apparent plagarism. As it stands now, it appears as though you are simply trying to spread rumors because Allen’s campaign has nothing left. They probably figure that by making baseless charges, some fool might actually believe you.

    If you ever come up with any shred of evidence, then I’ll be interested in hearing what you have to say. Until then, find a candidate who is actually worth supporting.

  • Republican for Webb says:

    C’mon – plagiarism is cut and dry, there is no “question mark.” Either the language you’re questioning is a verbatim copy of another work, or it’s not and you’re full of it.

    You allegation has been made, so post the evidence and stop the NLS-style teasing. Let us judge Webb … and you.

  • NotHarrisMiller says:

    I don’t know what Vince is talking about or where he’s getting his information but I can guarantee you it’s not from the Allen camp. The Allen camp has no love for TC and TC’s complete lack of coverage of the Senate race shows they have no internal sources.

  • Doug in Mount V ernon says:


    Did GEORGE ALLEN stuff a DEER HEAD into a BLACK family’s mailbox!!????

  • Southern Democrat says:

    Come on, be a little more professional than this.
    Take this crap down until something founded and actually factual is up (highly unlikely if you are getting this from the Allen camp).

  • Catzmaw says:

    I have some questions: a) when did George Allen stop spitting on his first wife? b) does George Allen really think no one noticed that he STOLE Senator Durbin’s brain injury bill? c) does George Allen believe for a minute that a guy with the nickname “Neck”, short for Redneck, in college WOULDN’T use racist language? d) didn’t George Allen once shoot a deer on school grounds during a UVA law school kegger? (I got this one from a colleague who heard it from a friend who was in law school with Allen; by Allen’s rules the source is unimpeachable … come to think of it, it’s also unimpeachable according to the new law suspending habeas and providing for the prosecution of detainees).

  • Another Repubican for Webb says:

    Knock off this standard Republican crap (come up with unfounded allegations at the 11th hour so the opponent won’t have the chance to respond) I’ve seen it over and over in other elections and it is sickening. What about the GOP’s promise to return honor and integrity to Washington? At this point, nothing the Allen camp can say will cause me to change my mind. I’m voting for Webb.

  • Deltaville says:

    Allen can’t seem to run on real political issue-based substance, so we get grabbag, hail Mary, shot in the dark smear. I don’t think it works.

    – Deltaville

  • Paul Smith says:

    George Allen is accusing James Webb of plagiarizing. Unless you cite your sources, this is another lie and desperate attempt to smear James Webb, a war hero, author, a real Virginian, an honest man of substance and integrity.

  • Bubby says:

    Anyone that decorates their web site with a rogues gallery that includes:
    Corrupt, indicted, ousted Majority Leader Tom DeLay,
    Censured, drunken Senator Joseph (redscare) McCarthy,
    Philandering, corrupt,indicted, ousted Newt Gingrich,
    Corrupt, ousted, indicted, President Richard Nixon,
    Corrupt, bribe-taking, soon-to-be indicted, Katherine Harris,
    And the Prince of Darkness himself – Jerry Falwell…

    Has a significant credibility gap regarding charges of “plagiarizm” – but go ahead, make your case.

  • I also farted says:

    This is crap. And boring. New internals have Webb up. Is that why we have to deal with yet another baseless attack on Jim Webb?


  • Scooter says:

    Bubby- who fought tooth and nail to keep interracial marriage illegal in Virginia? Mr. Falwell.. what a shining example of Virginia. Loving v. Virginia was decided by activist judges, that’s all you need to know.

  • AWCheney says:

    “Knock off this standard Republican crap (come up with unfounded allegations at the 11th hour so the opponent won’t have the chance to respond) I’ve seen it over and over in other elections and it is sickening.”

    I’ve seen this committed “over and over” by the Democrats through the years…it doesn’t matter who commits it, its wrong. But it is unfair to say that it’s purely “Republican crap.” We’ve seen far more of it coming from the Democrats during this election season. Republicans, generally, primarily perpetrate it on each other.

  • AWCheney says:

    “Allen can’t seem to run on real political issue-based substance, so we get grabbag, hail Mary, shot in the dark smear. I don’t think it works.”

    You mean like Jim Webb’s people have been doing on a daily basis for months now?

  • plunge says:

    Anyone remember the breathless announcement that a rock-solid source in the Warner campaign had said that Warner was going to cut ties with Tim Kaine?

    Anyone remember how this ridiculous story never came true, and yet the people that posted it never apologized, never explained, and tried to completely ignore it from then on.

    That’s the stock you can put in last-minute rumors.

    Unfortunately, George Allen has done what very well may be his “hitler ad” by his ridiculous and goofy attempt to misrepresent Webb’s writings. 51% of Virginia voters seem to have decided that that was, at long last, over the line.

  • Towanda says:

    I’ve been watching all day to see the “breaking news”….seems like it was all just “breaking wind”. Doesn’t surprise me. Allen’s voting record speaks for itself and he’s got to go. Evidence: http://www.senate.gov Take a look, if you’re unafraid.

  • Not George Allen's Sister says:

    When did George Allen stop beating his wife? When he divorced her or just when they were separated? More coming soon…maybe…

  • Not George Allen's Sister says:

    Help me out here. What sort of negative campaigning has Webb been doing? The worst I’ve seen is that he has an ad going that says that Allen is Bush’s rubber stamp and that Webb is independent.

    The whole Macaca thing has been run by the press, not the Webb Campaign. The Webb Campaign hasn’t done anything official on the “N” word scandals. They haven’t done anything official on the arrest warrants (although Sen. Schumer is getting into that game with the DSCC). Point being, the Webb Campaign hasn’t been out there smearing Allen. All Allen’s Campaign has been doing is running ads that mischaracterize Webb and trashing him. Does Allen not have a record to run on? There is smear iin the Virginia Campaign, but it is largely one-sided.

  • dick cheney says:

    The latest Rasmussen Reports election poll shows Webb with 48% of the vote to 46% for Allen. When leaners are included, it’s Webb 51% Allen 46%. All these cheap tactics by the Allen campaign have backfired.

  • AWCheney says:

    Excuse me NGAS, but I did note that it was the Webb people…you obviously haven’t read any of the Democrat’s blogs in the past few months, most notably Raising Kane and Not Larry Sebato. As a Democrat, you’d thoroughly enjoy them, but will notice just how wrong you are in your assessment. I’ve never seen the likes in 37 years of political activism (at least not this petty and infantile).

  • Towanda says:

    AW Cheney–the author of “Go F— yourself?”…this is not petty….we’re still waiting. Face it. There’s no news. And even if there was, George Allen has no defense after plagarizing Dick Durbin’s “PRINTED AT THE GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE” amendment. Allen said he “hadn’t read Durbin’s amendment”. Funny how it was the same…word for word…except the word “shall” for “will”. And this excuse for a Senator has the nerve to site Jim Webb for “supposed” plagarism. You don’t have an f—ing leg to stand on. PS–If you want to see Allen’s red-faced reply to the Senate about Durbin’s amendment….we’ve got the YouTube address for you. Don’t be afraid.


  • Norman Hedrick, Jr. says:

    For george allen who claimed he was going to start campaigning on the issues, this is pathetic. The republican party once claimed that it represented higher moral values. To descend into this sick mud slinging is just pathetic. These people are acting like some caged rabid animals. If allen keeps this up Webb will easily win by 10-20 points. As a Virginian I am personally fed up with this pathetic crap by george allen.

  • Not George Allen's Sister says:

    AWC – There is a big difference between what is going on in blog’s trolling in trash an innuendo and the actual public campaigns that are being run. I suppose you could say that Webb’s campaign has a whisper campaign going in the blogosphere, but really, what impact does the blogosphere have? Very little. Compare that with the public campaign being run on the airwaves by George Allen – it is pure character assassination. Not so on Webb’s part. One of these guys has a nice, clean campaign and the other is obviously in the gutter.

    Maybe Webb is running something under the table, but it is just low-key self-indulged blogs where that is happening. Allen is doing his in the mainstream media – at best he is using Drudge as a surrogate..

    If this is the worst you’ve seen, then you didn’t see what George Bush did to John McCain in South Carolina. Almost all Allen’s wounds have been self-inflicted. Stop blaming Webb for Allen’s lack of message control. You wonder why Allen’s campaign won’t let him near a microphone now?

  • Aw c’mon Vince, you’re better than nonsense like this. If there’s a legitimate charge of plagarism with proof to back it up, then go with it. But if there’s not, this is childish. And you’re not a 17 year old high school kid anymore either. You’re in college and should have matured a bit by now.

    Actual plagarism, by the way, is very hard to prove even in the courts. But this innuendo without basis does more to discredit you than Webb.

    And this one, I don’t think, even came from the official Allen camp. So, please clean it up Vince and stay honest.

  • AWCheney says:

    Actually NGAS (and thank you for maintaining a vocabulary and not descending into numerous suggestive expletives the way Towanda apparently felt the need to do), if you hadn’t noticed, the WaPost and most of the other media have been delighting in the negative blogs, which have provided them with a large proportion of their local election coverage. It frankly amazes me that someone who seems relatively intelligent hasn’t noticed that there has been nothing low key about that “innuendo and whisper campaign.” If Webb did not support it, do you not think that he would publicly disavow it and demand that his people stop? I’m just surprised that it took George Allen this long to get riled enough to try to fight back.

  • AWCheney says:

    And Mr. Hedrick, perhaps you have noticed that everytime in the past few months that Allen has tried to address the issues, he has been hit with more of that “crap” which effectively changes the subject. Do you really know exactly where Jim Webb stands on any issue, other than Iraq?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve long been fed up with the negativism of this Senate race as well…it’s just not Virginian. Isn’t it surprising, however, that the first we see of it to this degree is the first time Jim Webb decides to run for office?

  • NotHarrisMiller says:

    The Politics of Literary Attribution
    Did Jim Webb commit plagiarism?
    National Review Online
    By Ramesh Ponnuru

    Everywhere he goes, James Webb, the Democratic candidate for the Senate in Virginia, touts his literary credentials. When the Washington Post profiled him last week, staff writer Fredrick Kunkle opened thus: “James Webb will tell you that he is first a writer, with several best-selling novels to his name.”

    So it’s not surprising that the Allen camp has taken a close look at Webb’s oeuvre. Last week, Allen publicized passages from Webb’s novels that seemed, at least out of context, lurid, smutty, disrespectful to women, or disturbing.

    Now Allen supporters have found several instances of what appears to be plagiarism, or at least near-plagiarism, in one of Webb’s successful novels: The Emperor’s General. The 1999 novel, a work of historical fiction, earned Webb a $1 million advance and $2 million for the film rights (according to Variety). Running the novel through a plagiarism detector available online makes it clear that it cribs dialogue and information from the late David Bergamini’s Japan’s Imperial Conspiracy, a popular history released in 1971. But Webb doesn’t credit Bergamini. You wouldn’t expect footnotes in a novel, but you would expect a reference to source material in an author’s note, in acknowledgments, or in suggestions for further reading. Bergamini doesn’t get a mention anywhere, in either the hardback or paperback versions of Webb’s book.

    Bergamini translated Japanese documents for his book; many bits of dialogue taken from those documents would have been unavailable to Webb without Bergamini’s work.

    Sometimes it’s phrases that were lifted. So, for example, Bergamini refers (paperback, p. 200) to “a buccaneers’ enclave called Karak at the tip of the Korean peninsula.” Webb (paperback, p. 346) refers to “a pirate’s enclave called Karak at the tip of the Korean peninsula.”

    Sometimes the lifting is more extensive.

    Here’s Bergamini (paperback, pp. 362-63):

    . . . Crown Prince Hirohito was rushed on through parks along malls to the entrance of the Imperial Family Shrine in the palace forest. Leaving his retinue at their limousines, he walked on with two princes of the blood and two witnesses from the nobility across the frosty white pebbles of the shrine courtyard. . . . He touched first the fragile brocade bag which was supposed to hold the sacred green jewels, representing the verdant isles of Japan. . . . Next he lifted a replica of the sacred sword of power, the Excalibur plucked from the tail of a dragon by the son of the sun goddess.

    Finally he held aloft a replica of the most mighty of the regalia, the bronze mirror of knowledge. . . . If one could gaze into the mirror, one could see the face of the sun goddess . . .

    And here’s Webb (paperback, pp. 345-46):

    Just behind the Inner Palace, in a little clearing in the palace forest next to the Fukia Gardens, was the holy of holies, the imperial family shrine. It was at this spot that Hirohito, nearly twenty years before, had stepped away from a retinue of two princes of the blood and two mere noblemen and undergone the sacred, private ritual that had made him emperor.

    He had placed his hands around the brocade bag that contained the green, tear-shaped jewels that represented the verdant islands of Japan.

    He had formally hefted a replica of the ancient sword of power, which the first emperor, the son of the Sun Goddess, was reputed to have pulled, Excalibur-like, from the tail of a dragon. And most solemnly, he had peered into an exact replica of the bronze mirror of knowledge, through which he reputedly was able to see the face of the Sun Goddess herself . . .

    Here’s another bit from Bergamini (p. 22):

    As the bloodthirsty troops closed in, General Matsui lay bedridden with a tubercular fever at his field headquarters in Suchow in the Yangtze delta. On December 2, five days earlier, Emperor Hirohito had relieved him of personal supervision of the men in the field and had moved him up to over-all command of the Central China theater.

    Webb (p. 256):

    The lawyer’s wooden pointer slapped the tablet at a place near Shanghai. “While his troops marched up the Yangtze, Matsui was lying in bed with a tubercular fever at his field headquarters in Suchow. . . . [O]n November twenty-seventh, the emperor relieved General Matsui of direct responsibility for combat operations, supposedly promoting him by giving him another title — command of the so-called central Chinese theater.”

    Oddly enough, this is not the first time an author has been accused of ripping off Bergamini. Tim Kelly accused the late Iris Chang of plagiarizing from Japan’s Imperial Conspiracy.

    Larry Sabato, the University of Virginia professor of politics, has seen 17 passages from Bergamini that resemble passages from Webb. “There are some passages that were lifted, that’s just obvious,” he says, while noting that perhaps Webb has some explanation for the similarity that hasn’t occurred to him. “It could have been taken care of with one line in the author’s note. Even in fiction you have to acknowledge an intellectual debt.”

    How heavily should voters weigh this lapse on Webb’s part? Not very, I should think: It would be exceedingly odd for someone to base his vote on it. It is only a bit more relevant to the race than, say, the Jewishness of Allen’s mother or his reaction to questions about it, topics to which the press devoted a good deal of attention. But still, it is interesting. And Webb should have given Bergamini credit.

  • beowulf says:

    Guys, this is exactly what the Da Vinci Code / Holy Blood, Holy Grail law suit was about.

    HBGB was (or was purported to be) a history book, not a work of fiction. Since no one owns history, Dan Brown was free to “steal” plot details because historical events belong to no one.

    Likewise, Bergamini’s history (no doubt better sourced than HBHG)is just a collection of details that actually happened in the real world, so Webb is free to use those details in his fiction without attribution (though a thank you in the acknowledgments would have been polite).

  • charles says:

    You are free to steal “plot details” (and remember Webb says his books are not really fiction, but are about his cultural influences).

    You are not allowed to copy people’s words without acknowledging that you are using THEIR sentences. That would get you an “F” and an honor code violation at school. IN a book that earned you millions, you have an obligation to acknowledge where you stole your words from.

  • TCOisbanned? says:

    No…that is not how it works…

  • Not Shakespeare says:

    OK, so Webb’s gonna come out and say “hey, I should have put the guy in the acknowledgements, sorry, I’ll fix it in the next edition. Oh, and I just want to know how the Allen Campaign thinks they are campaiging on the issues when they seem to be spending all their time reading my books.”

    Aren’t you guys embarassed to be Republicans at this point?

  • AC says:

    Hey, at least someone in the Allen camp is reading books. George Allen and George Bush have in common that the only time they read is for the dirty bits.

    Anyway, the Excaliber-story is Japanese legend; Hirohito did say he was God for years. The story is told with the same basic vocabulary every time. To say Webb stole that story is like saying he steals “Goldilocks and the 3 bears” when he tells his kids a nighttime story. The other passage is not from a legend as far as I know; it seems more historical fact. In those cases it’s awfully hard to describe the same facts in different words, but I suppose it’s arguable that a writer should try. Perhaps we should prioritize this #5, RIGHT after War, budget deficit, global warming, and marriage amendments.

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