Anti-Wolf Republicans Making Waves

By Loudoun Insider

Two comments in the PEC thread refer to this so I thought we should make a topical post. A letter has been sent out blasting Frank Wolf from some unknown guy claiming that Judy Feder is not much different from Frank Wolf. Mike McHugh, the Hiedi Stirrup “campaign manager”, has also been making waves, along with Richard Falkenor, husband of LCRC official Susan Falkenor.

Ric James at the Hooda Thunk blog (love that name! now added to the blogroll) put up a good post about this here. No, this is not the ghost of the former funk singer as he explains his unfortunate moniker in an earlier post.

Frank Wolf is by far a much better alternative for 10th District Republicans, and he should be getting all of our support at this time.


  • Greg Letiecq says:

    It would have been more credible if the conservative detractors of Frank Wolf had offered up their own candidate to challenge Wolf in a primary. Instead, these folks seem to think that effectively helping Judy Feder is going to somehow improve their ability to get their agenda advanced. It’s foolishness. Fortunately the audience that is receptive to these arguments is vanishingly small.

    Notice how little apparent headway they’re making in getting someone to challenge John Warner, who is arguably even less interested in conservative hot-button issues than Frank Wolf. I imagine that the whining will commence only after Warner becomes the official nominee, if he decides to run for re-election, just as it has this time.

    I’m all for solidly conservative candidates, but burning down Republican nominees right now isn’t going to advance any conservative causes. The conservatives win when Republicans win, even when the Republican candidates who win in districts like the 10th and 11th CDs are “moderates”. Wolf is the right candidate for the 10th District right now, and ideological purists should recognize that.

    The reality is that if the 10th or 11th Districts went Dem, given current trends the Republicans wouldn’t regain those seats for at least 5 terms, if not many more. That situation wouldn’t serve conservatives at all.

  • Sibyl Says says:

    Protic clearly needs to get control of the LCRC, members of his own executive committee are spewing this junk about Wolf without being questioned.

    They send out emails to the volunteers asking them to put out yard signs and work the polls for Wolf/Allen, then sit comfortably at their desk typing this anti-Wolf nonsense for the masses to read. Does this make sense?

    No wonder everyone thinks the LCRC is really being run from Cuccinelli’s office in Fairfax. Gee, its all starting to make sense.

  • I’ve received one version of this letter, but it seems a bit different from the one discussed here and elsewhere. If anyone could scan a copy, please email it to me.

  • Loudoun Conservative says:

    Mike McHugh’s views are his own. He does not speak for those who supported the challenger in the 10th district’s intra-party race earlier this year. He certainly does not speak for me.

    Frank Wolf is the Republican nominee. Frank Wolf is a man of integrity and consistent principles. Look at Judy Feder’s attack adds and try telling me that a conservative like me should support anyone but my congressman.

    I haven’t heard of anyone on the LCRC exec. committee opposing Wolf. In fact, I don’t know of anyone in Loudoun spending more volunteer hours to re-elect Frank Wolf than the LCRC’s leadership. Our district chairs, including Susan Freis are working hard and not sleeping much on Frank’s behalf. Instead of sniping, Loudoun Insider, maybe you should see how you can help your district chairman.

  • I beg to differ, Loudoun Conservative on the LCRC/Wolf issue. I’m not saying that a clear majority don’t support Wolf, but there are rumblings from several. I’m helping Wolf on several fronts, thank you very much. We need to get these extremists under control.

  • t says:

    Wolf is pro-life; that is all that matters. We need to harness the raw energy of a Mike McHugh, and unleash him against our common enemy – the pro-abortionists. With the right training, Mike McHugh could be a potent weapon for us.

  • AWCheney says:

    Be care what you wish for, t. Sometimes that kind of help will serve to do nothing more than lose you far more than you could gain.

    By way of an example, when I coordinated Dick Obenshain’s nomination campaign in PWC in 1978, I had a delegate on the floor of the convention who was badly misbehaving, striking the Warner delegates seated in front of him with his signs and generally being as rude and vulgar as he could possibly be. When I found out about it, I had him surrounded by some of my floor volunteers and told him that his behavior was losing us some hard-won goodwill among the other campaigns and, as much as we needed his vote, and those of his family members that were with him (we were into multiple ballots), I would have him removed if he continued what he was doing. He settled down, we picked up more votes, and Dick won. Frankly, however, I would have preferred that he had never come to begin with.

  • 10th district republican says:

    Mr. Wolf is probably the greatest friend a pro-lifer can have in Northern Virginia. Remember: most of the people who hate Frank Wolf also did not support our GOP candidate for governor either. These guys are purists who will not be happy until every single republican who disagrees with them on even 1 issue is gone. Some staunch conservatives are never happy unless they are fighting. It would also be prudent to remember those republicans who opposed Mr. Wolf and even Jerry Kilgore have their own agendas. (fundraising for their gun groups and growth groups)

  • Earl says:

    “Mike McHugh’s views are his own. He does not speak for those who supported the challenger in the 10th district’s intra-party race earlier this year. He certainly does not speak for me.”

    Mike McHugh is an idiot, and should be kicked out of whatever local GOP committee he belongs to. He actively campagined AGAINST Jerry Kilgore in ’05, and now he’s doing it again.

  • Fed-up! says:

    The LCRC is once again not practicing what it tells its flock and talking out of both sides of their mouth. 10th District Republican hit the nail on the head! What happened to the pledge to support all nominees? These right wingers hand pick Protic as Chairman, he does not have the backbone to stand up against those in control of his fate and the destruction of the LCRC. The party elite should be voted out for not supporting all Republicans! Come on Chairman Protic, stand-up and say something! Delgaudio and Black got your puppet strings?

  • White Trash Observer says:

    Oh Snap, Fed-up….
    Oh, Snap…

  • Bwana says:

    AWCheney…is that Mr. Sandburg you are describing? I seem to remember this incident…or at least one very similar to it!

  • AWCheney says:

    I won’t confirm or deny…I intentionally didn’t mention any names.

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