October Surprise, Part Duhhhh

By Loudoun Insider

Is John Kerry really this stupid? I’m sure everyone’s heard his uncalled for comment in regard to US servicemen – I really don’t buy the “I was making a reference to Bush” excuse. If he was referring to Bush, wouldn’t this make him just as stupid since they basically shared educational histories?Â

Regardless of what he meant by his comment, upon learning of the uproar he should have apologized immediately. Instead he has gone even more off the wall. The GOP could hardly ask for more! I am no great fan of either the Iraq conflict or Bush and the recent performance of the GOP Congress, but this will positively fire up the disillusioned GOP base. Unbelievable!


  • NoVA Scout says:

    Considering that some of our very best and brightest are in our volunteer Armed Forces in Iraq, it’s hard to imagine what Kerry was thinking about with that remark. Maybe he was having a Viet Nam-era flashback to the days when an inequitable draft was vacuuming up minorities and university wash-outs. I’ll wager that some young man or woman now serving in Iraq or Afghanistan will occupy the Junior Senator from Massachusetts’ seat in the Senate within 15 years (and that’s a fairly long horizon for that prediction. It could be well toward the short end of that timespan).

  • Trent A. Barton says:

    I served in the United States Army as Enlisted solider. Am I stupid??? I am a combat decorated veteran and I studied hard in school and I went into the Army voluntary. I don’t regret my time in the Army and resent Kerry’s statement. Just shows that the fringe democrats will use all the scare tactics to confuse the American public. Kerry should issue an apology immediately.

    Just my Thoughts-

  • Powell at the UN persuaded me and I supported the move into Iraq, but voted for Kerry. You’re right, it was a stupid statment for which a quick apology would have been appropriate. (He did, however, serve in combat, in contrast to most neocons and Bush, Cheney et al.) But read “Fiasco” to understand the strategic and tactical incompetence of this war. It would be helpful if we kept our heads clear and focused not on stupid statements — from Kerry or Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld et al.– but on how we ought to respond to the morass that we’re now in. Since Americans simply won’t plow in vastly more troops into Iraq that might still help, I believe it requires heroic international diplomacy that won’t be quick or simple. I’m not sanguine. Malcolm F. Baldwin, Lovettville.

  • A Moderate Voice says:


    I do think he was talking about Bush (I heard the speech in its entirety) However, that may not really matter.

    In other words, no matter what he was trying to say, it came out wrong thus he should apologize. The fact is that sometimes we all have foot in mouth disease.

    I don’t for one minute believe John Kerry thinks those who wear the uniform are un-intelligent. He tried to make a joke, it came out wrong, apologize and move on.

  • anon says:

    It’s obvious Kerry was talking about Bush. Everyone knows Bush is not that bright. Why would Kerry ever insult fellow servicemen and women?

    Everyone on this blog knows as well as I do that this is an attempt by Bush to portray Kerry as slamming our servicemen and it is not working. Kerry was going after Bush.

    When I was younger, the Republicans were the party of ideas: term limits, welfare reform, balanced budgets, ethics reform…those were IDEAS. The party has run out of gas and we all know it. They will do anything to stay in power and that is why Americans are rejecting them now.

    Iraq…failure, controlling spending according to a true economic conservative like Dick Armey…a failure, ethics and lobbying reform…complete failure. On social issues…nothing.

    The Republicans were given the reigns of power for a reason in 1994. The Republicans in office now are the heirs to the Reagan legacy and they have squandared that like some rich kid’s inheritance.

  • NoVA Scout says:

    AMV: you may be right, I only saw a snip of the thing. I applaud Kerry for his service, particularly since someone of his pedigree probably could have avoided it, but I also suspect that there is a certain elitism that seeps into his worldview and it leapt out in that forum.

    We ought to thank Trent for his service, while were at it.

  • anon says:

    Americans are going to reject the Republican party because the leaders have not held true to the core principles. Why defend a party for party’s sake? It was the beliefs behind the party that mattered, not the letter behind the name.

  • Bush not bright is a recurring theme. He had higher SATs than Gore or Kerry. He got better grades than Kerry at Yale. He didn’t flunk out of grad school (he passed Harvard Business) while Gore flunked out (Harvard Divinity School).

    He isn’t the most articulate guy. Neither was Eisenhower.

    I agree with the Republican’s squandered opportunity in power.

  • Lo Scrivano says:

    If Bush is so stupid, how did he convince Kerry to vote for the war?
    Also if he was talking about the administration why not say so, and not talk to students of what will happen to them if they don’t study? nothing about you will end up like bush, plenty of you will end up in iraq.
    Kerry’s response was even stupider, he needs to apologize!
    Sorry but Kerry has a habbit of attacking american troops, remember his comments after vietnam?? yeah, i fully believe he could be a vet, and say that about men and women in the army, he has done it before.
    I saw a good take on it from Va federalist, http://vafederalist.blogspot.com/2006/10/what-does-webb-think-of-kerry-now.html

  • Citizen Tom says:

    If this was the first time that Senator John Kerry had attacked our troops in Iraq, I would happily give him the benefit of the doubt. However, this is not the first time Kerry has attacked our troops in Iraq. Kerry has in fact said worse about our troops in both Iraq and in a prior military engagement in Vietnam.

    In this latest case, his excuse, that he intended to insult President Bush instead – even if true – is disgusting. For a US Senator to insult our president in such a way is merely a lesser indiscretion. When Kerry insults our president, he insults the People of the United States who selected President Bush. Kerry insults the office that he himself sought.

    That Kerry and the rest of the Democratic Party leadership have repeatedly chosen to call President Bush a liar, buffoon and stupid is disgraceful. Such childish and crude name-calling says far more about their character than it does about Bush’s qualities. Note that President Bush has had the dignity to not respond in kind.

  • Citizen Bob says:

    If Kerry was taking a jab at President Bush in his remarks, as he claims, he’s guilty of hypocrisy and arrogance when he has nothing to be arrogant about. Check out the link to the “Boston Globe” article below comparing Kerry’s academic performance with the President’s.


  • Dean Settle says:

    So, if you think that Bush is actually pretty bright IQ-wise, but not especially well-spoken (even I cringe when he says “nucular”), you toss me over into the not-so-bright camp?
    I, for one, am actually relieved that Bush was in office on September 11th. He didn’t falter when we’d decided who had attacked us. John-boy Kerry would have had to conduct a poll to see what to do next, and that kind of indecision has and will have absolutely no place in an administration.

    I fully support the War, and if many would put aside their hate of the man, you’d see a fellow who is stepping up to the plate to deal with something that landed in his lap because the past three terms did nothing to address it as it festered.

    My nephew gave his life in the same belief. He was more mature, resolute and grounded at the age of 23 than many of those on the other side of the proverbial aisle will ever be for the rest of their lives.

    Every generation of my family has served, and I was a marine in the thick of Lebanon, so Kerry’s remarks are uncalled for. My family has “earned” several Purple Hearts and many “valor” Stars thru the generations….and we’ve never “issued” the first one to ourselves in all those years.

    My point is this. If you need to complain about a war that you do not agree with, put on a uniform and pull your service….then when you badmouth it, it’ll have a viable ring to it.

  • Dean Settle says:

    Mr. Bowden, thank you for pointing out what I was about to. Kerry ain’t all that. After reviewing a number of democratic BB’s, it doesn’t look like the dems are still in love with him either. 🙂

  • Pat Tillman's Ghost says:

    John Kerry is an idiot. But, there are those of us who are not surprised anymore by what comes out of his mouth.

  • NoVa Scout says:

    I doubt that Kerry has any huge currency in any quarter. After looking at the tape, it’s pretty clear to me that this was a lame way of denigrating the president and his advisors, not the troops, but he could not have served up a fatter pitch to an agile White House crew that includes Tony Snow and Karl Rove. Still Not Ready for Prime Time is the continuing verdict on this politico. Fortunately for the Dems, very few voters extrapolate from Kerry to the Democratic Party as a whole, and, almost comically, the Dems got their counterweight from Boehner this evening. It’s all nonsense.

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